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>Flex their clothes and jewelry
>Write songs about killing their ennemies
>Loot their fallen ennemies

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>is OP the modern embodiment of faggotry?

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i love black men so much it's unreal

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You can say the same thing about Vikings

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It would make sense. European civilisation was ancient when it was written, so present African culture must be getting close to that point at the very least.

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Hmm no

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>Everybody gonna respect the shooter but the one in front of the bow live forever

Akhilleus Jamal III to Alexander Dimitrius Jackson

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>walking to store to get a coke and maybe a little treaty
>nigger in ski mask and hoodie in 84F walks past me
>mean mugs me the entire time with "what the fuck u gon do whitey"
>struts like an anime pimp
>another nigger drives by with no muffler and half his car missing
It's just like in the Iliad

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Bro what that fucking line has been going through my head this entire day

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The amusing thing here is Homer literally preempted this retarded comparison with the character of Thersites. A physically hideous retard who has no respect for authority and only answers to their own selfishness and hunger, a parasitic hanger on to the whole that sustains him from which he constantly demands more share in reward and less in risk.

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>The amusing thing here is Homer literally preempted this retarded comparison
>Homer preempted niggers

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Was Homer a proto-capitalist?

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Only person itt who actually read the Iliad.

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This is actually a remarkably apt comparison considering what we know from the Aethiopis; Thersites is demonstrated to be not just a braggart but also a complete coward, of course the modern person finds him compelling and even justified when he attacks Agamemnon seeming to echo Achilles' side in the dispute, but Homer repeatedly stresses that Achilles hates him more than anyone else (and everyone who does know him hates him), and Achilles eventually kills him for being an honorless cretin and a thief. All of his braggadocio is revealed as just opportunistic posturing in the end and fundamentally divorced from the ideas of kleos or time, in the truest sense of the word he is a subhuman, this is evidenced by everything from his appearance to his low conduct, to his lack of self control. He really does serve as an excellent stand in for the average jigaboo and their so called ethos, I think Homer even describes Thersites as having wooly hair.

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That feel when Homer BTFO Nietzsche 2500 years before nietzsche

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unironically yes. Preindustrial wariors would respect and identify with hood niggers more than with emasculated working/commerce class or modern soldiers with their automated discpiline and allegiance to the state instead of their clan or tribe. Just like ghetto crew, warrior host was built around personal loyalties to the chieftains, gaining high social status through aggression and accumulation of material goods and fame (clout), that were to be flaunted. Humility or industry were traits of slaves and peasants, sedentary and weak people deriving their sustenance from plows rather than swords.

Exactly, and you are Trojan in this scenario, a thrall or helot, affraid to raise your gaze and hoping that your conquerors will be satisfy with their ransoms, leaving you be. Suddenly you are acutely aware, that all your monetary value, education, assets, work experience mean nothing to the nigger. Just like aristocratic warrior of the past, he could snuff you out on a whim and never even think of it next minute.

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What's Africa's Iliad?

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>Mista Thug Isolation
by Lil Ugly Mane

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Modern vikings are black

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Unironic answer: the Epic of Sundiata.

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They are also gay as fuck so they also have that in common with greek boyfuckers.

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this point was already made

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I took a course on African history once in college and this was assigned reading. I never read it but it's very short and I still have my copy, maybe I'll read it sometime.

Unfortunately I took the class at a point in my life when I was fucking up college and I just stopped going to classes altogether. I actually thought the class might be interesting and I think the professor was doing a fine job based on the few classes I attended. She once made a point of underlining that it is a historical fact that Africans enslaved other Africans (or some construction very similar to that, not sure the exact language about blacks/arabs (non-Africans) etc but very close to that).

The main textbook (Falola) had a neat graphic of the continent divided up into like 300-400 little tribal blobs, by way of contrast with the modern national boundaries imposed by colonialism.

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Is that Hannibal?

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>>Everybody gonna respect the shooter but the one in front of the bow live forever
kek. But that line is unironically good, man.

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Not really, the Homeric warrior has been extinct for a long time now. Such archetypes only live in books now. Like the Anabasis.
But I would pretend to believe this just to make the type of person who works at silicon valley and the U.S diplomatic service (or have future prospects oriented that way) while moonlighting as an E-barbarian mad.
They deserve it for being blind retards.

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so based this is what the founding fathers would've wanted. I am so glad to see they young black Americans demonstrating their right to bare arms.

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>Too cowardly to face down enemies directly so instead drives by in a car spraying bullets randomly at a birthday party they think their enemy is at

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The whole not knowing their lineage thing kind of ruins it
>This is Jontavius Watermelon, from the Northside Projects son of... uh... Shaniqua, and uh... some dude.

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Niggers have an honor culture. All virtuous societies historically had honor cultures, this is just an 80iq version of one set within a broader jewish/slave culture.

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There is one problem that is that rap isn't ebin poetry

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>Niggers have an honor culture
Five words into a post and you already lost it.

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Sounds like something Odysseus would do

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>drive by
>blocking only entrance to face every enemy
that really compares

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>insult a nigger
>he kills you on the spot
>insult a white
>y-yes sir haha so true
It used to be the other way around, you know. This is a remarkable change.

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>literal chad pose

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knightly honor? didn't schopenhauer take a huge dump on europeans for following this

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Nah. They don't have any cool gods they do it for. Why is there no attention in African American for the Yoruba or the African pantheons something like that? Instead they have black hebrews and the shitty Nation of Islam. Poor bastards

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50 cent’s discography

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Without a doubt, the civilizations and literature themselves reflect this, most regularly in what is called the money principle: to never care about money or honor or glory or hoes but to be solely committed to the cause of money. It is only with the printing press that we have lost this primal urge

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Yes and Schopenhauer was a coward. He denied that knowledge is power because power didn't just jump into his lap while he was sitting in his couch of its own accord due to his sheer intelligence. Which is why "intelligence" is utterly worthless without courage and discipline. If Schopenhauer was a man, he'd have gotten out of his faggot couch and home and put his intelligence to actual use. Instead, all he did was whine, showing how much of a bitch he was.

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>to never care about money
>but to be solely committed to the cause of money

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i think it had more to do with your actions being dictated by other people's insults

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Because back then being insulted and not responding would make everybody think you were a weakling, which resulted in a corresponding loss of power. If you want to change the world and actually do stuff, people have to be willing to listen to you. And they wouldn't listen to anybody without honor. (In this case, "honor" is essentially just a word for a reputation for strength, courage, skill, etc) So it's perfectly rational.

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The epics are just long strings of nigga moments desu.

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I could go for a kinky redhead gf from ireland myself

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ah facebook

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This explains so much

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>loot their fallen enemies
Are niggers RPG protagonists and we're all NPCs? How did I not realize this sooner?

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Hood niggers are stupid, incompetent and cowardly. So no.

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you suck

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the venerable elijah muhammad tried to tell you

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And Saxons.

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>We wuz aynchan greeks en shit.
Greeks were loyal to their city-states dumbass, only endogamous societies (Africa/Arabs) are loyal to tribes.

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But they do pour libations to dead heroes.

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the evidence accumulates

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>Why is there no attention in African American for the Yoruba or the African pantheons something like that?
This is a notable thing. Protestantism just wiped them out of Earth, while in other places they were gainfully syncretized.

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That social mechanism stays the same today, both in private and public spheres. This is the fastest way to lose a woman, also the surest way to lose what political freedoms and rights you have. People who want to dominate you, will test your resolve with these small jabs, masking them as jokes or innocent (((critique))), and then one day you will wake up divorce raped or disenfranchised in your own country. Politicians will do whatever they are permitted to do by the populace.

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What is a street gang if not a tribe?

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ok this is epic im reading this

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>this low IQ trannypost again

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Unfortunately this isn't the case because we live in a police state where government holds a monopoly on power. So the result is instead a class of well off dickheads who live off mommy and daddy while trying to reclaim their stifled masculinity by shit talking everyone around them, and a gaggle of chattering whores that sees this as the peak of masculinity. Bring back the duel and the public stoning and we'd see a much better and more civil society.

These days, with the sheeple being what they are, you can't even kill a cop without your own family ratting you out. It's unironically over

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>Ancient Gayreeks: have tiny dicks (look at their statues)
>Blacks: have bbc

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Homeric warriors introduce themselves as "___" son of "___"

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It is true that all these pantomimes of masculine behavior are essentially just a cope for their current state. Same for larping as a barbarian, pick-up artist, whatever.

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Total Nigger Love.
Love niggers.
Respect niggers.
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