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>the manic pixie dream girl will save you from nihilism

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Thanks bro.

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Isn't that the plot for Welcome to the NHK

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itt anon realises anime has never come up with an original storyline (apart from monogatari and cowboy bebop)

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sounds great, I will now buy this book

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What OP describes is maybe 30% of the novel

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If only. If only.

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I miss the AV club..

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>the spirit of lesbos

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The book is more like Fight Club

>your cool alter-ego will teach you manliness

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I'm 50 pages in,so far it has been incredibly gay and boring, when does it get good

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It doesn't.

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If you didn't enjoy the first part, you're not going to enjoy the book. It's not meant for a general audience. It's for thinking, intelligent people.

Siddhartha on the other hand....

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I would argue it’s not nihilism but rather a weird kind of solipsism. Steppenwolf is clearly anti-social, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that he has lost complete touch with the bare facticity of reality. Everything he perceives is filtered through a manic, never-ending web of thought and emotion. He has no sense of calm and serenity, nor does he ever lose his Ego. This type of incomplete, paranoiac consciousness takes place when an unhealthy self-consciousness forgets that its criterion of fuller realization lies in another self-consciousness, as explicated by Hegel. In this essay I will-

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She literally doesn't. He leaves at the end, once again.

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Isn't that the plot for Welcome to the NHK

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No. There's no negro (Pablo, I believe his name was) in NHK and Tatsuhiro sources his own drugs, he's already on them at the start.

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-discuss the character of Harry Haller, known as Steppenwolf, as described by Hermann Hesse in his novel, in light of Hegel's philosophy of self-consciousness and the solipsistic tendencies of his character, as opposed to nihilistic interpretations.

Steppenwolf is seen to exist in an almost perpetual state of introspective, self-constructed turmoil. His constant intellectual and emotional self-examination leads him to disconnect from the objective world, skewing his perception of reality to the point where he could be considered a solipsist. Rather than accepting the nihilistic view that life lacks inherent meaning, he seems instead to suffer from a unique kind of solipsism – a failure to acknowledge the reality outside his own mind.

Hegel’s philosophy of self-consciousness can help us to understand this. In his Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel posits that self-consciousness achieves realization not in isolation, but rather in its recognition by, and interaction with, another self-consciousness. The growth and development of the self thus depends on our relationships and engagements with others.

In Steppenwolf’s case, this Hegelian understanding of self-consciousness appears to be notably absent. His hermetic lifestyle and antisocial tendencies seem to restrict interaction with other selves, effectively denying him the necessary validation of his own self-consciousness. This lack of interaction, this absence of the other, is a fundamental element of his problem.

Haller's perceived reality is a dense web of introspection and emotion, not unlike a relentless internal monologue that distorts his objective perception. This is a key indicator of solipsism, wherein one's own mind is the only sure thing in existence. This does not imply that he denies the existence of other minds or realities outright, rather that he is trapped within his own, incapable of breaking free to perceive and interact with them.

This solipsistic tendency exacerbates his state of inner turmoil. Instead of achieving serenity and losing the ego, his introspective self-absorption amplifies his ego to the point where it dominates his entire perception of reality. He becomes trapped in an endless loop of self-reflection, unable to escape his mind's manic twists and turns. This perpetual state of intellectual and emotional self-examination results in a distortion of reality that isolates him from the world and from himself.

In conclusion, the struggles of Steppenwolf are not a result of nihilistic views, but rather the consequence of an unhealthy form of self-consciousness that disconnects him from the objective reality of the external world. He rejects the interaction with others that is necessary for a more balanced self-consciousness as outlined by Hegel's philosophy. The solution to his problem lies in the direction of intersubjectivity and the realization that self-fulfillment and understanding can only come through engagement with the world beyond his own mind.

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>In this essay I will-

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same is true for film generally, no? they're adaptive media for ideas that have already proven themselves.

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GPT-chan, I...

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Not at all. The point of NHK was
>the manic pixie dream girl WON'T save you from nihilism. Starvation might.

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that has to be hesse's worst book. idk how it got to be his most famous. maybe the trippy stuff at the end was real mind blowing considering it was written before lsd was discovered.

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It's sort of the plot of Fight Club too, but with a gutter slut.

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I've always thought it was more like Evangelion

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keep going until you get to the femdommy thirst trap dream girl

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Pretty sure the drugs help too

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