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For me it's this copy of "Return of the Tiger" (a great war memoirs btw)
>Bought in 2012 in Spain
>Took back to Spain next year, fell in a pool and got severely water damaged
>middle pages fell out somehow (they're still in it but not held in at all)
>Lost it for almost 5 years at home
>Find it but it's been stored badly and is all bending
>More water damage when someone spills tea on it
Remarkably, it's still standing

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I take good care of all my books

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this bible from 1832

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fake and gay

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Which monitor is that, & what are you PC specs? Do you read ebooks on your computer or prefer reading books in physical form?
I love reading ebooks exclusively on my cell (S21) as it's OLED display is a sheer joy to read ebooks on as in readera app one can set the background to complete black and here's where the goodness of OLED comes into play.

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5600X, 1080, 16Gb ram. Monitor is some 144hz asus I bought after I hit my old one with my fist. I don't do ebooks.