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What does Socrates choose in the modern western world? Does he keep his dignity and honor? Did he acquire the proper social stature for it to matter? Does he lose hope and give in to his baseness?

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Do you mean if he was convicted to death what would he choose if he lived in the modern world in a modern city? well i think he would still choose death

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Socrates was a city slicker, somewhere in theaetetus it says something like "I'd rather be in the city because the stones and leaves have nothing to teach me." Socrates would fucking love the modern world because he could get diagnosed with a bunch of mental disorders so that he could collect disability, and live off of neetbux while pursuing the socratic method 16 hours a day on discord and 4chan

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He isn't around right now

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He would support abortion and he would kill all the autistic kids (result of elderly procreating) like he wanted in Republic Book 6.

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Would he have taken the vax

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His argument for getting executed was literally that the athenian government raised him so it had the right to kill him.

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Nah it was more that he was okay with the law since he decided to never change his citizenship to another city and that in accepting to be part of the city he choosed to accept whatever the city gives him, the good like chilling all day meeting friends etc or the bad going at war, being executed etc

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