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What should I read if I want to believe in the opposite of what Yuval Noah Harari believes?

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Start with Hitler.

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Deucalion, the first of the Greeks, namely, the first of a mixed race, a half-Semite, as it seems, was the son of Prometheus and Klymene, from the Ocean. We feel very well here the deviation from the pure source, from which Prometheus came. If Deucalion becomes the eponym of his descendants, it is because he does not have the same composition, the same ethnic significance as his father. Nothing more obvious. However, contributions of Semitic or aboriginal blood cannot constitute his originality: it is therefore in the paternal line that it must be sought, otherwise Deucalion would in no way be considered by Hellenic legend as the typical man, and, in Greek accounts of Semitic origin, he would be ranked well after the Canaanite heroes who, in fact, preceded him according to the order of time. Deucalion therefore derives all his special merit from his father, and so it is his race that is important to recognize. Now, Prometheus was a Titan, as well as his brother Epimetheus, from whom the Arians Hellenes are also descended by women. Consequently, no one, I believe, will be able to fight this conclusion: the Arians Hellenes before Deucalion, the Arians Hellenes still almost intact from all mixtures, whether Semitic or aboriginal, are the Titans.

Until then, it is irrefutably established that the Greeks are half-breed descendants of this glorious and terrible nation. Yet one could still doubt that the Titans were, themselves, these Hellenes, formerly separated from the Aryan family on the slopes of the Imaüs, and whose long peregrination in the mountains of the north was felt, rather than seen. In truth, if the ascending genealogy of the Titans were completely lost, the fact would none the less be established, with all possible certainty, by philology and physiological arguments: but, since the story here is and with too rare a precision, I will certainly not reject the help it brings me, and I will complete my demonstration.

The Titans were the direct sons of this ancient Arian god, already seen by us in India, of Vedic origins, of this Varounas, venerable expression of the piety of the authors of the white race, and of which the Hellenes did not even have disfigured the name by keeping it, after so many centuries, in the barely altered form of Ouranos. The Titans, sons of Ouranos, the original god of the Arians, were indisputably themselves, as we see, the Arians, and spoke a language whose remains, surviving within the Hellenic dialects, came close, without a doubt, in a very intimate way, and from Sanskrit, and from Zend, and from Celtic, and from the oldest Slavic.

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Any other suggestion, something that isn't retarded perhaps?

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Ok, what are some of your works?

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>doesnt like mein kampf suggestion which is in fact a great dive into the theory of mind of semitic peoples
>in response to this, insists that some other anon ought to have written pieces because you were called a retard for it

I will not grant your request

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After the time of Deucalion, dating from the sixteenth century before Christ, the tribes settled in Macedonia, Epirus, Acarnania, Aetolia, in a word, united, to a quite particular degree , the traits of the Arian character and were the first to make known the name of the Hellenes.

There especially shone the warlike spirit. The Thessalian hero, the light-footed brave, still remains the prototype of Hellenic courage. As the Iliad shows us, he is a vehement warrior, friend of danger, seeking the fight for the fight, and, in his religion of loyalty, not compromising with the duty he imposes on himself. His noble sentiments make him loved. The impetuous passions which ruin him make him pity. He is worthy of comparison with the conquerors of the Hindu epic, the Schahnameh and the chansons de geste.

I used, only a moment ago, the Iliad to characterize the genius, at once Arian and Finnic, of the Greeks of the north. I derive no less help from it when I seek to represent to myself the Arian-Semitic spirit of the Greeks of the south, and it will be enough for me, for this purpose, to oppose Achilles and Pyrrhus to the wise Odysseus. This is indeed the type of the Greek steeped in Phoenicianism; here is the man who would certainly name, in his genealogy, more Canaanite mothers than Aryan women. Courageous, but only when necessary, shrewd by preference, his tongue is golden, and any unwary who listens to his pleading are seduced. No lie frightens him, no trickery embarrasses him, no perfidy costs him. He knows everything. His ease of understanding is astonishing, and his tenacity in his projects boundless. In this double relation, he is Arian.

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Dick, Lem, Lewis, Zizek's Hegel in a Wired Brain

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if he's hyper-cartesian, then everything that's in opposition to it. is he though? perhaps he just wanna sell ai to potential clients with every persuasive method available desu

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From my understanding, Madison Grant

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So Berkeley and Locke, huh?

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>I used, only a moment ago, the Iliad

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Read Ellul.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be some kind of mystical idealism? I can't think of anything more diametrically opposed to this jew's beliefs than that.

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God bless you and glory to Hermes

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He advocates a world just like Hitler’s, except for the label of fascism and no doubt with a phony inclusiveness.

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Deucalion is Noah meaning the real Jews are being framed by the Erev Rav running western governments

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Which Lewis?

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Evolution is false. Harari is going to Gehenna when he dies

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There's nothing to read. If you don't want to like this sniveling puppet, that's fine, but you'll never trick yourself out of the nuts and bolts of vulgar materialism. I mean, you can try and grab on to some benevolent or conveniently "unknowable"
metaphysical force that refutes whatever conclusions, but if you truly "get it," that will never hold.

It might, might hold for some small percentage of the respondents to this post, bust most of them know its bullshit. They're still in denial that a line has long since been crossed.

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You clearly dont really disagree with Harari then you are still stuck in his Semitic world view

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C.S., mostly for abolition of man.

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you are a retard. Give books

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hebrew is greek by yehuda

the funniest thing is that god exists and harari is really, actually going to hell. haha

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isn't that anti-Skinnerian psychology?

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Unironically N. N. Taleb.

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Read Marx

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Is that real?

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ylylbros... we missed the first 9

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the Bible

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Perversion of normality

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he's a egghead lol

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Manga about cute japanese girls.

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I would also seriously recommend starting with Mein Kampf if you want an opposing worldview to Harari's.

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It isn’t opposing for him being jewish, you empty headed piece of shit

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yeah because harari is not jewish because judaism rejects heliocentrism and evolution which are papist masonic lies

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Its anti-anthropocentrism

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That isn't why I think the National Socialist worldview is the opposite of Hariri's materialism you braindead nonce.

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Futurism is a staple of fascism.
Ted Kaczynski is the opposite of nazis and the liberals and progressives that breed them. Yes, I know the difference between a liberal and a nazi. They’re two sides of the same coin, not the antithesis.

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the dawn of everything

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Brothers Karamazov, Zossima chapters

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Kaczynski's worldview is derivative and messy, you're better off reading his primary inspiration the Catholic anarchist Jacques Ellul. And only an idiot would conflate the small influence of Futurism on Italian fascism with German National Socialism's foundational premises.

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