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how do we prevent over-education in society?

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This. SO much this.

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>chosen one

Where was this trope anywhere in anything Tolkien wrote?

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Wendig and /lit/ have been on divergent paths for many many years
I don’t think you can ingest as much onions as this fat slob has over the years and ever have functioning testicles again.

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He writes like a faggot.

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Tolkien is an author for Christcucks and papists. As an Übermensch, I read the Eddas.

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I hope nobody here is having a wabby wozzy floggy woggy day today

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>worldbuilding is not plot
so what?
also does he suggest there isn't a strong enough plot in lotr??

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Sounds like Tolkein needed a firmware update

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fantasy is shit but Wendig is subhuman nevertheless

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Ah yes, Chuck Wendig. The man who killed the internet archive and writer of the finest Star Wars fiction.

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How did Chewbacca's face turn red if it's covered in brown fur?

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Anime blush shading

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It turned red underneath the fur.

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Did he actually write that?

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>the chosen one is a tiiiiiired narcissistic trope
He writes... Star Wars books?

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I thought farty butt humor was funny when I was a little kid, but when you're in your 40's stuff like this is just embarrassing. Also I bet he jacks off to it

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This happened to me too the first 2 times I tried to read it. It's not that the book is bad, the problem is that LOTR has a very boring prologue which explains the lore of Hobbits/Elfs/Dwarfes as if it was a history book. After the horrible prologue, the rest it's good.

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There's no way you're above 13 or from a country higher than Brazil geographically

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Adding to this, the prologue is not only dense but also fucking long. Just read The Hobbit and skip the prologue of LOTR. The prologue is only good if you are re-reading it.

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The Christcuck can't refute me and launches an ad hominem.

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Is this actually real?

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Guess it was both

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thats not his only bit of weird fart prose

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But Tolkien didn't use the Chosen One trope. He is basically the only English fantasy author I know of who never once utters the word Chosen One.
Frodo choses himself

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Tolkien is a Christcuck moralfag. Only degenerate Christcucks read Tolkien.

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Farts or not it's just so badly written

It's unbelievable to me this person can have a successful career as a writer and work on major productions

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/lit/ bros...we finally have our villain

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What up with writers who dislike Tolkien having a scat/fart fetish? It's too much of a coincidence that I keep seeing this bullshit.

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It's a reflection of their spiritual state.

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How can one man be this much of a caricature? If he was fictional I’d complain about the writing.

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did you write this? i keked

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Is it just a general fear of spiritual/ religious theme in writing? I've noticed fetishists are uncomfy when they read a religious writer

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>in a galaxy far far away
>i stop at a new planet and enter a diner
>get the exotic space chicken parm
Wow Tolkien was a terrible writer. This world building is horrendous.

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It's the same reason why cockroaches flee from the light. They fear exposure. Contact with essences of a higher nature will literally atomize everything they think and know about themselves, and they sense this intuitively. That's why they resist.

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Good way to describe it. I was rereading JRRT recently and was startled by how unashamedly kind the guy's writing seemed
His narrator doesn't moralize, which is a flaw among more shallow religious writers, but his characters always show each other friendship in little ways
There's also no explicit sexuality
I kind of wish to find more books like this

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Truly stupid people enjoy really stupid things. I was once working at a convenience store and a really stupid looking guy game in and asked to use the bathroom. After he left he had shat on the toilet seat slightly like an idiot. I think about it sometimes and I assign such people who I detect as being incredibly stupid as belonging to the category of retards who cant even use a toilet properly.

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As a brap fetishist, I take offense to that. Not all of us are tasteless smooth-brained degenerates. Just most of us (not including me)

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You aren't saying you believe your convenience store guest was a poop fetishist do you anon?
I personally just try to deny such people exist and pretend brap is just an edgy online joke

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Fantasy writers who work in the domains of others' are just a special breed of stupid. The type of person who wants to do it can't do it sufficiently. Here's some crap from an almost identical retard who writes major story points for world of warcraft. Yes it's not literature but it's still the storyline element of a game that's played by millions of people and they could at least get someone who's somewhat decent. Pic of the author to follow.

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I think its sad that they don't even get to write something original, maybe they don't feel like trying when its a franchise that will just be shat up by the next writer adding product placement for Big Corporations and gays for BlackRock perverts

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Here he is
No I don't think he was a poop fetishist I was just trying to describe how truly stupid people seem to function. See pic related? Look at his eyes. Those are the stupid eyes of someone who I now would identify as potentially too stupid to use a toilet and would categorize this individual in my mind in the same way as that convenience store customer.

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I try not to judge a book by the cover but I got to admit that he doesn't seem like a bright bulb

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Yes another issue is these franchises like Star Wars and LOTR have a lot of transformative and motivational power to enrich people's lives when they're executed well. Those who own and manage our media productions don't want that. They want to demoralize and stupidity and destroy, so they get the worst retards they can find to write the worst shit they can and feel good about doing so, because they're true morons.

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Yeah, its actually bizarre. I found out a few days ago that George Soros legitimately paid webcomic creators who got popular with kids to include transgenders in their plotlines
It actually shook me a bit. Some dudes are that rich and yet they use it only to hurt people. They could be like medieval lords and commission beautiful works of literature and art

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Aragorn I guess

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>go to a restaurant in space
>order the fucking chicken parma

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Beautiful art is the antithesis of what the kikes want for the world. They want art to be ugly, out of reach, confusing, pretentious, literal shit that degrades people and society and promotes the biggest talentless fools to believe they are artists and reward them.

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Aragorn was not the main character and he was also never called the Chosen One who was fated to be special. He was a royal who did his duty and only got his kingdom and his elvish waifu after a long and perilous journey
Its subtly subversive in a good way, the heroin addict and the working class country boy save the world and the royal bows to him in the end
The higher ranking Jews do have something against beauty. It's part of a general dislike of European culture which traditionally put a lot of emphasis on the trait. It might also be their Semitic ancestry; Semites aren't into art and think its evil in their religions.
Overall though I do not hate Jews I am starting to agree their upper class is an issue

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This is what made me think it couldn't be real. Has he ever seen how food is depicted in Star Wars?

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*loads actual shotgun*
*points it at Wendig's head*
>He onions mouths reflexively
*Put the barrel in his basedmouth and pull the trigger
> His head explodes into a thousand gory pieces

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Because they can't produce it. Good Jewish art (and I'm including literature) is actually quite rare and only really extends to comedy and a very few authors of actual merit (very very few). They claim they're the most intelligent people but they have never demonstrated this to be the case beyond being skilled at deceiving others through manipulative speech and arguments and focusing their efforts on unscrupulous loan practices and acquisition of wealth. There is no Jewish sistine chapel or great Jewish monuments/architecture and truly great authors are nearly all non-Jewish. There are Jews I don't hate but I would definitely say that I hate Jews as a people.

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I can get behind this. Look at music. They never produce a technically good singer or musician- actually they usually sound like complete ass. Yet somehow someway they get the ever loving shit marketed out of them like bob dylan or leanard cohen and then when you listen to it it's completely absurd. Their voices are worse than an open mic night. Yet somehow they get heavily, heavily publicized and praised by (((critics))). Even when talented like Benny Goodman they are famous for ripping everyone else off.

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I've noticed that Jewish people can succeed in art when they are embedded among White people. The best Jewish painters and composers have tended to be Christian coverts.
There are good Jewish artists out there but the other Jews tear them down and treat them terribly. It's like black people attacking the one dude who studies and doesn't break the law for being an uncle Tom. The culture of IDpol has just increased group think in minorities and enslaved them to the will of their own ethnic mob. "How dare you, you need to be one of us," they say to any individual who is of worth
If you look at the lives of any Jewish artfag who is not a postmodernist black triangle edgelord you will see how they ended their life horribly. Pic-related killed himself shortly after this photo, another one was kicked out by his family for practicing art and became a literal whore
Just look up "realistic Jewish painters" and do the deep dive; it has been eye-opening.

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Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan are their best examples too, and actually I like both of them, esp Cohen quite a bit. Lou Reed is another example of someone who's often professed to be one of the greatest singer songwriters ever but he still couldn't stop himself from occasionally writing the most irritating ugly Jewish Garbage.

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You could try some PG Wodehouse especially the Wooster and Jeeves stories. Essentially about a rich young fool who tries to help his friends out, gets into trouble, and has to be saved by his butler.

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Benny Goodman is up there with Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw but was notorious for stealing. I can't stand bad vocalists so bob dylan and cohen and lou reed are completely off the table.

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I'll peruse it sometime. I find they overwhelmingly are mostly doing the black Cia triangles or other crap or extremely ugly shit like Lucien Freud where the edginess of his painting his own nude daughters vaginas is what the Jewish (((intellectuals))) and (((critics))) find so compelling. It has to look disgusting and have a disgusting story and that's what interests the Jew.

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My favourite singer is Joanna Newsom ;)

Dylans vocals are pretty bad but I think Cohens are very good for some of his songs and noone else could have done them better. I am a massive antisemite but Charlie Kaufman, Leonard Cohen, Larry David, Kafka and I'm sure some others are, I think, very good.

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There is not really much worldbuilding in LotR proper. In fact, isn't one of the memes about this involving the fact that we never know anything about Gondor's tax policy or whatever?

>> No.21835969

Maybe you were meant to have the Ring or something

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Thanks for the rec. Woodhouse does sound kind. I miss literature that doesn't have asshole protagonists and where people are genuinely helpful to each other but in a non-cheesy way
Leonard tried his hand at literature and it was the dumbest shit about sexual nuns, kek. His music was quite beautiful upon occasion.
Yeah, that's the thing. Most are doing ugly things or degenerate things that repulse the mentally healthy. Maurycy was a compelling example of a Jew who studied under a Catholic painter and tried to find the beauty in his own people instead of degrading the attractiveness of the White race

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And idiots say modern literature is worth reading. You know that if this was published just 40 years ago people would ripped this thing to shreds.

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Frodo isn't a chosen one. He specifically chooses to go on the adventure and bear the burden, in fact.

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Did they serve Earth food at the 1950s diner? The only star wars food I can remember is blue milk.

>> No.21836030

Blue milk and Luke's family are cooking something bizarre in some abstract cooking device with steam. They don't go to little Italy for chicken parm

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Larry David once again proves himself to be an Edeljude.

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Why, what did he do? I remember he got a lot of flack for his snl monologue about how he noticed a disturbing trend concerning all these Hollywood predators/producers during the weinstein trial
>he says he's noticed this trend...
>lowers his voice a bit
>theyre all... Jewish
I personally really like a lot of Curb your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld

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>Lord of the Rings is so bad because blah blah blah blah blah
Honestly, I dont know what these morons are talking about. LOTR is 90% dialog and its easy as shit to read.

>> No.21836075

Tolkien is not /lit/

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I just like Curb and Seinfeld. I didn't know about the monologue thing, but it sounds in character for him to point out terrible behavior from Jews for laughs.

>> No.21836089

Rare to find a fellow antisemite who agrees with me those shows are good :)

Frankly I like that I can also prove my hatred towards Jews isn't universal intolerance but a carefully maintained mistrust based on continuous observation of their actions, words, and writings. If I see a good Jew I don't have to hate them!

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Literally nowhere
All the main characters are explicitly just people who were at the right place and the right time
Especially in Lord of the rings

>> No.21836095

I haven't read lotr but doesn't Gandalf literally force Bilbo into setting off with him which sets into motion the entire storyline when he encounters the ring? Why the fuck did he choosed Bilbo instead of anyone else? Then the ring falls to Frodo, but Gandalf is like an incarnated spiritual entity with a mission to make certain things happen in the world.

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Mahler? Mendelssohn? I'd disagree that Jews are incapable of art, just that because of the whole nepotism thing there's more lauded ones than there should be, but that doesn't mean they're all utterly talentless.

>> No.21836102

I didn't know those guys were Jewish. I was listening to this today because it's featured in an Alice Munro story. Really really good.

>> No.21836106

same but my complaint is not with the worldbuilding, it's just fucking pointless to read. I've started the books twice but stopped near the beginning of the second book both times.

>> No.21836107

Gandalf choses Bilbo out of mischief because Bilbo's mom was an adventurous lady and Bilbo is bourgeoisie and settled chubby English guy who happens to be good at sneaking into places due to his small size
It's an accident, though it is implied God is working through the coincidence

>> No.21836121

it's said Tolkien couldn't and wouldn't be published today.

>> No.21836131

That makes sense. Thanks anon

Never read LOTR but I did read The Hobbit a number of times and love it

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Hobbit is one of my favourite children's books too, it got me into reading when I was younger. If you like Dunsany and older epics like Beowulf and the Odyssey you should probably give the LotR a try; its made less like a fantasy novel and more like a fictional imitation of a reconstruction of an old epic like the ones Tolkien studied in his profession
Some of the people in the thread complain about the prologue, its basically a conceit about how an old man finds some documents left behind by the Hobbit and creates the book
It's just a very cool idea

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>Worldbuilding is not plot
>Your book shouldn't read like an RPG manual but should also make me wish someone made your book into an RPG.
The reasons why all of fantasy is absolute shit folks. Trying to read LOTR as a fantasy book is the worst way to read it. Also pl*tfags are actually stupid subhuman animals.

>> No.21836177

Ya I picked up all the books randomly and they're somewhere in my room. I should get around to reading them. For some reason I never really felt compelled to, even after loving the Hobbit since 3rd grade. I somehow felt the larger scale story and length was off-putting or something but I bet I'd enjoy them a lot.

>> No.21836203

I don't get the criticism myself. Tolkien was writing pastiche of mythology and not fantasy genre so he is a bit odd to place
Yeah, the length and more complex language almost scared me off as a kid but as an adult they are peak comfy. One of my favorite depiction of "Faery" in literature other than Yeats' Wandering of Oisin poem; the concept of a Celtic Otherworld between Heaven and Hell is one that's kind of haunted me a lot as a religious guy because of its strange flavor

>> No.21836224

Why was Tolkien so mean about Lewis Tolkienbro? :(

I'm a Narnia enjoyer and it just doesn't seem right

>> No.21836238

I am also a Narnia enjoyer but I guess Tolkien had a serious aversion to telling readers what to think and Lewis wrote the kind of allegory Tolkien was avoiding. I personally think modern Hollywood writers need to read Tolkien because the amount of times I dropped a movie due to a preachy moral message is staggerin, but for some reason I myself always give Lewis excuse
I guess its cause there is something wholesome about a depressed ex-atheist soldier finding his faith again and expressing it through really comfy kids' book

>> No.21836243

Why are people in this thread so shocked that a Star Wars fan fiction author is a terrible writer? Why are there retards acting like people think Chuck Wendig is the pinnacle of modern literature?

Maybe if you retards want to be "financially successful" authors, then you should start writing OFFICIAL fan fiction for some gay legacy sci-fi IP.

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If you have centaurs, they should rape.

>> No.21836245

That guy looks like he downs litres of onions milk and allows his girlfriend to peg him.

>> No.21836256

LOL I forgot about this what's the actual quote?
Tolkien even converted him lol.

>> No.21836259

Is it autistic that I actually like to have mythologically accurate centuars and wise dragons? I hated Game of Thrones and HP for portraying dragos as dumb animals

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>mythologically accurate centaurs
Uh explain Chiron then bro

>> No.21836276

“If Lucy had really met a faun (that is a satyr) the result would have been rape, not a tea party”

>> No.21836284

Thank you lol. This actually always makes me laugh and I forgot about it.

>> No.21836290

I think he wanted him to be Catholic like he was
Not all centaurs are rapebros but most are unruly and warlike

>> No.21836295

I wonder if it would have been better if he was explicitly a baby faun or if he was an elf or gnome. Elves and gnomes are ambiguous, they might lure you into the woods and sell you to the baddie and they might give you food and help you

>> No.21836326

Lewis also disliked Tolkien’s work

>> No.21836337

It's kind of heartwarming they managed to be friends when they could also criticize each other
I am pretty sure Lewis ended up loving the LotR though

>> No.21836342

He did? What's that other Inklings name who Lewis really liked and Tolkien called a witch doctor? lol

Anybody here read much George Macdonald? I read Lilith and it was very unique

>> No.21836350

Wasn't this mf the one that was crying saying that Internet Archive is a piracy site? Also, rest in peace Internet Archive.

>> No.21836358

I started reading his other book. I am thinking of checking out Lilith. If you think the Hobbit is comfy I would recommend Princess and the Goblin

>> No.21836382

Some of us have to work with autistic people, due to our schools pushing them into stem fields instead of monasteries.

>> No.21836409

So he’s Jewish

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Hey, I am Jewish and I only fap to feet

>> No.21836467

It's the Irish that love huffing farts.

>> No.21836468

>George Soros legitimately paid webcomic creators who got popular with kids to include transgenders in their plotlines
Is this why Tumblr took a hard turn towards the trans stuff in the mid 2010s?

>> No.21836471

>give the LotR a try; its made less like a fantasy novel and more like a fictional imitation of a reconstruction of an old epic like the ones Tolkien studied in his profession
tolkiendrones will defend this

>> No.21836473

That plus women coming out Universities were gender ideology started and sharing it with impressionable younger children

>> No.21836493

Why don't you fap to khazar milkers?

>> No.21836496

Then I inevitably look up at the face and see the nose, you have no clue how hard it is to kiss when you are Jewish

>> No.21836528

Is it like connecting a chicago-fitting?

>> No.21836536

It's just an uncomfortable bumping, and you can't fit the thing anywhere. Anyway, my sisters date Asian guys

>> No.21836550

Thats good. People should find love.

>> No.21836583

Sort of. They do it because of the lack of nose and the anime