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How schizo and autistic is it to read in a park?

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Why do you need to know? It's always autistic to read where other people can see you. It screams, "PLEASE NOTICE MEEEEEEEEE!"

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It's not, it's very comfy.
It depends. Reading on the bus may look tryhard but it's better than wasting that time in other ways. Reading in the middle of a crowd is retarded, but there is nothing wrong in reading isolated in a park.

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Nah. Nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy nature (that isn’t just your backyard) while reading.

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Nothing at all wrong with it in most context.

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is it normal to think like this? it never occurred to me...

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No it's not normal, OP is just autistic.

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If it's a person in their 20s or early 30s I assume theire attention seeking faggots. If it's an older person i think it's cute

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nobody cares about other people that much anon

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It's not. I just don't want to engage with whenever some really outgoing person wants to know more about the book I'm reading. This has lead to me not reading in public at all.

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i couldn’t imagine spending my entire life like >>21833494 obsessing over what other people think i want them to think, or whatever. nothing beyond the social.

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It's just an example of fatherless behaviour.

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Sitting on a bench and reading is not very convenient - the priest gradually starts to hurt if it is more than one hour. I prefer to take a rug with me and spread it on the grass. As well as an inflatable pillow, water, juice and sandwiches, apples. Put it all in a backpack and go to the park on a bicycle. In good weather, you can lie and read in nature all day and then go home for dinner. Paradise.

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so comfy....

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This has never happened to me ever, the best I got was a girl next to me in the bus visibly giggling when she saw me reading the great gatsby

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>Enjoy nature
>Pic rel literally you.

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That isn't autism. To call this autism is autism.

Exhibit A >>21833855

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>he doesn't pack a book when he goes hiking
you probably go hiking to find bugs to eat

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hi king

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I live in an apartment that's maybe a 3 minute walk from the park, why would i sit in my room reading for an hour when i could just take a 3-minute walk and read in a beautiful natural setting?

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about 1.5/10 on the schizo-autistic scale

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Not at all, i used to go read in the park by my apartment, then i noticed after about two weeks there were always other people there. Never older, always other students like me, never college materials but always reading for pleasure. Sometimes I would offer them a hit off my blunt if they were on the path to my usual comfortable tree i dat under, nothing beats reading while slightly high. And nothing beats reading under the sunlight with birds tweeting in the park.

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Ironically I do read at (right outside) a park almost every night, but that's when almost everyone is asleep.

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There’s a riverside park near me, and I like to ride my bike there to read when it’s a nice day. I usually bring a snack and a bottle of wine. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. I try to go on weekdays during the day so there aren’t any people.

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I am undiagnosed autism and I get thoughts like this as well as things like 'people will think I'm reading very slowly', 'people will think I'm skim reading', 'what a pseud', 'lol what an ugly fucking moron thinking that people want to see him reading in public' and then 'nobody gives a fuck about me' but I still get anxious
Idk if reading in public is autistic

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