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>nooooo you can’t be a sensitive daydreaming poet-aristocrat you have to work and start a family and socialize
How do I respond, bros?

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disregard them, go in the woods where you cant hear their squawking

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Just unmatch them.

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Frame it as them being workercels. That it is their fault for not providing a desirable enough life for you to make you want to work for it rather than it somehow being your fault that you're not innately driven to being exploited for pennies and be lorded around by retards. Like piracy, it's not a user problem, it's a service problem.

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I am not an aristocrat so alas I am forced to work for sustainance. But it's not just that, my hunger for recognition and respect stops me from leading a truly isolated life, even if I am a lonely person at heart.

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Commit suicide and blame them.

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If you’re an actual aristocrat or wealthy enough to be the equivalent of such, you can do both as much as you want, or neither.

If you don’t have the money, you won’t be living like an aristocrat in the first place.

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People get really sad when I do this. When I was younger they just got angry or laughed at me, but now they seem so disappointed it's hard to watch. I don't know whether they're feeling bad for me or for themselves.

I'm not taking any of it as seriously as them anyway, maybe I'm melancholic but I don't really mind how I feel. I'm not mad at anyone or want anything from anyone. But some of these people look like they have to keep themselves from crying when they talk to me.

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You have money? You can live the life you want without stressing your years away? Do what you want then. There are at least a few billions humans for "them" to extract some kind of labor out of. Go ahead, live and die a free, happy man.

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They keep ripping up all the forests :(

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No, I meant an aristocrat of the soul.

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>No, I meant an aristocrat of the soul.

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Respond by - neeting, reading, writing, fucking and drinking.

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>But some of these people look like they have to keep themselves from crying when they talk to me.
Do you have money? Otherwise what exactly is the long term plan? What will you do when your parents die & can no longer support you?
If you aren't rich NEETing sounds like a horrible life to me

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I wonder what he's up to nowadays

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true /lit/ answer

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If they're "Christian", tell them it's either poet-aristocrat, or liberal atheist.

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I plan on seducing a rich girl by reading her my poetry.

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Baudelaire is very based.

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He makes me want to learn French.

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And keep going on.

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>How do I respond, bros?
"Lol no you don't"

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