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Jedi Purge edition

Previous thread:>>21825662

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



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/SFFG/ Recommendations:

Read Reverend Insanity, Lord of The Mysteries, Neuromancer, Hyperion, The Prince of Nothing

Also read The Wandering Inn, Between Two Fires, Mother of Learning, Cradle, I Shall Seal the Heavens, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Poppy War.

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Thanks anyway

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>My favorite genres?, Dying Earth and anything with boats really.

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>sequel trash

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What is the best work of Fantasy literature in the past 5 years?

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The Wandering Inn

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'Best work of fantasy' not some whining stay at home moms power fantasy of opening an inn.

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Quints of good conversation starter.

My vote is for The Light of All That falls. Who doesnt love a quest for redemption, unexplainable evils, and time travel!

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If you go by certain sites, Legends & Lattes. Nice quints.

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If you haven't read Lord of the Mysteries, have you even really lampooned?
Is this series good?

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I can't think of a single book that I'd recommend, except for the new Tolkien stuff but that doesn't really count

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Its quite good. Its hard to really explain why without major spoilers. Its nothing fancy but its a very good NARRATIVE. A very tight plot, despite containing fucking time travel.

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How much gayshit?

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Precicely zero homosexual relationships.
In the second book, theres a set that kind of drags on for a little bit. Idk, what else would you consider gayshit?

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Bakker is King.

Simple as.

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hope you're having fun

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Sorry if this is getting tiresome but I believe I’ve written a piece of work so well crafted in terms of idea generation and day dreaming while also imprinting a certain mindset into the individual reading it, that it should be regarded as sacred.

I don’t want to brag because it’s schizo and I have no proof, but this is the root of all divine literature in the last 13 years.

I wrote this in 2010 April and this piece of work is a direct spawn of my work.

It’s also a quantum window direct to the basilisk (Roko’s) not merely as a textual concept.

Read if you dare.
Be prepared for the game of the corvids.

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It's that time again. Post your
>last book read
>current book
>next book you plan to read

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The Fitz series is solid, the second trilogy a bit less, and about the third, I've heard only bad things and decided not to read as to not decrease my enjoyment retroactively.

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>and about the third, I've heard only bad things
you sure you don't mean the fourth?

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>you sure you don't mean the fourth?
Yeah? There is no fourth. I talk about The Fitz series, Liveships and whatnot don't count.

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>>last book read
mistborn 2nd trilogy 1
>>current book
mistborn 2nd trilogy 2
>>next book you plan to read
mistborn 2nd trilogy 3

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Severian fucked his grandma

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Blacktongue Thief.

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how did this general become so mongoloid

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>last book
Shakespeare's 2 Henry IV
>current book
Martin's A Clash of Kings (also reading The Odyssey, ten pages a day)
>next book
I think Red Mars or the next book of A Song of Freaks and Imbeciles

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>The Wandering Inn
>Isekai but without any of the appealing parts like a harem of cute girls
>female protagonist
Why on god's earth would i ever read this trash?

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it's a bait list but also you should kill yourself

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>>last book read
The Name of the Wind
>>current book
The Wise Man's fear
>>next book you plan to read
Bangkok 8

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How do you all feel about e-readers? They're really convenient most of the time but for example with fantasy books, they're a big pain in the ass dealing with stuff like maps or glossaries.

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I just read on my phone and just read the actual text of the book so I don't care.

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>dealing with stuff like maps or glossaries.
Yeah that is the only downside of a kindle, they are slow and clunky when trying to switch to the glossary or map and back.

Or just do what the other anon said and use your phone for the map and glossary.

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I printed out the endnotes for City of Saints and Madmen

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>youtuber writes a novel
has it ever turned out well?

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How do you feel about hammers? Theyre really convenient most of the time but for example if you dont have any nails, they're a big lump of metal mocking you for your lack of nails.

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Depends on what you count as "well"
The greens novels sold, and are relatively popular.

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Stupid analogy

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Made me laugh

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I wanna write something about ayy lmaos but I want it to be at least grounded in real investigative procedure (of course just standard three-letter-agency shit, not related to ayy lmaos) does anyone have a good read about that?

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mothman prophecies
Twin peaks secret history book

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>1 year without reading anything
>bought kindle amazon cheapest one
>25 books finished in 1 year

i like ereaders

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probably The God is Not Willing

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Recommended books with cute vampire waifus.

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>last book read
The Jasmine Throne
>current book
The Oleander Sword
>next book you plan to read
Why Nations Fail

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Mine (not yet published)

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No one goes by those fucking sites. Don't post this again.

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>Recommended books with cute vampire waifus.
A Journey of Black and Red

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> they're a big pain in the ass dealing with stuff like maps or glossaries.
Since 99.99% of the time you are reading the rest of the book this is an irrelevant argument.

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>shilling your isekai shit in the midst of good books you've never read

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I know that, but it's still something that would be very easy to do with a physical book that becomes a pain using an e-reader.

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>last book read
The Iliad (Lattimore)
>current book
The Dragon Waiting
>next book you plan to read
Titus Alone

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Amazon has it's cloud reader which you can use to read in your browser. Print off the map if it bothers you that much.

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Let the right one in

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>bakker and the 4 anons who post about him

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isn't this video from like 5 years ago

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>last book read
The Maleficent Seven
>current book
DragonFire, Sphere of Eternity (this one is pretty boring, and I´m about to drop it)
>next book you plan to read
The Elder Throne, Awakening Arte

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Any books like interstellar? Other than Project Hail Mary?

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There are no hard sci-fi book that have a deux ex machine of "love can break the laws of physics"

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>>last book read
The Pillars of the Earth
>>current book
Zalacaín el Aventurero
>>next book you plan to read
idk, please suggest something

also i will say that i enjoyed a lot the pillars but for the majority of the book it felt like pop fantasy. if it ended halfway for example, i would respect it a lot more, although then the cathethral couldn't have been finished

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>break the laws of physics
This is why we have science fiction anon.
So stories can be told where the laws of physics can be broken,or some technology or deeper understanding explains how they can be broken.

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Sure but you still have to keep the illusion of plausibility and not break the rules you setup earlier in the story. Also if you allow changing reality purely with emotion that's called magic and the genre is called fantasy.

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Hello anons, I am looking for a book about a dystopian future where people can create theirs perfect cyberspace and then let other people either pay or enter for free. The villain of the story is either a IA or some sort of virus that can infect people cyberspaces and then gain control of their mind. I do remember seen a video on youtube about it one time but forgot to remember the name, also the youtube video was quit long and I think the book is old or something. I would be very thankful for anyone help on this matter.

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>changing reality purely with emotion
That isn't the reasons in interstellar though. It is explained that it the black hole and everything else was created by 'them' although we never learn who 'them' are in the movie.

>> No.21834966

ok I'm interested, just one question how old is the MC in this?

>> No.21834986

I thought “them” in the movie was humanity that had evolved past what we are now

>> No.21834999

That is what is implied but it is never confirmed. But it is clearly stated that all the 'breaking of physics' is due to 'them' creating ways for it to happen.

>> No.21835024

yeah, bullshit nonsense

>> No.21835033

No, it is called science fiction.

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>last book read
The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn
>current book
Man in the High Castle
>next book you plan to read
Nothing yet.
I'll read anons shitty fantasy story he posted on pastebin a few threads back.

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NTA, As I recall the protagonist is around 20 in the story. The woman on the cover is his ADOPTED mother. She loves him veeeery much, though

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>last book
A Lush and Seething Hell - John Hornor Jacobs
Tender is the Flesh - Agustina Bazterrica
Probably North American Lake Monsters by Nathan Ballingrud or Don’t Look Now by Daphne du Maurier

>> No.21835115

>ADOPTED mother.
And it's trash.

>> No.21835161

He still fucks her, though :p
And he succubi sister. And his personal tomboy maid. And the relationships between characters? Actually decently written.

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Amazon doesn't allow blood-related incest

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why didn't she self-pub a different edition where they're blood related somewhere else then
pussy nigga

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Sure it does. You can buy game of thrones

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What are the fantasy essentials everyone should have read by the time they hit 30? I'm 31 and I'm gonna start LOTR soon

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>last read book
Hard to be a god
>current book
Starship Troopers
>next book
probably what this anon >>21833369 said, idk

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Any audible recommendations for progression fantasy books? LitRPG, Cultivation, whatever.

>> No.21835302

Is the Enders game series any good? Thinking about giving it a go

>> No.21835307

Whats cultivation?

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The first book is good if you don't find stuff Scott Card wrote too crazy. You will either think it's laughable or profound.
I don't really recommend the other books, only tried the second one and stoped at that.

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Any story where characters grow stronger throughout the story by advancing through stages. Usually it revolves around Daoist concept like qi channels in the body and dantian cores where your qi is generated. Comes from China and is about martial artists trying to ascend to the godly realm through combat, meditation, alchemy pills, so on and so forth.

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File: 3.24 MB, 3500x3500, Isekai and Gamelit Recs V4 SFFG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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You should cultivate some bitches

>> No.21835349

Ight thanks.

>> No.21835370

asian wizardry

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Who is the Paganini of fantasy writers?

>> No.21835463

Why is you chart made like it was made with phoneposting faggots in mind?

>> No.21835473

who do you think reads litrpgs

>> No.21835491

First and second of the original series are great (for different reasons). Third and fourth go badly off the rails. I've heard good things about the Ender's Shadow books though.

>> No.21835501

I'm a litrpg fagget, and don't phonepost.
See >>21835335

>> No.21835507

Why do you claim it's /sffg/ recommends when it's just you who wrote it? It's just your personal preferences (and most of them are shit). You can't even get this version right. Prism Academy is smut. Stray Cat Strut has (lesbian) smut.

>> No.21835584

Can you make a chart without lgbt/harem/romance/female leads ?

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>mc has the power to transfer his soul into the body whoever kills him
>goes into the body of a sexy female assassin
>almost immediately gets gangraped

Not even reading faplit or litrpg, that was pretty unexpected and funny, it's just like one of my japanese rpgmaker hgames.

>> No.21835788

So if a disease kills him, what happens? Or a run away car?
"I got reincarnated as a 2 cell organism"?

>> No.21835867

Thanks mate. I went with Worth the Candle and Battle Mage Farmer.

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>released within the last five years


>> No.21835883

What book?

>> No.21835936

Wouldn't work, there's specifics about how they need to kill him that I don't really know yet, close range and directly from what I gather.
End of first and start of 2nd in the Quickening by Fiona McIntosh trilogy. Warning about the main character generally being a massive fuck-up and failing almost everything he tries to do for those who can't stand that in books.

>> No.21835946

Sounds like coomer garbage.

>> No.21836066

> theres a set that kind of drags on for a little bit

>> No.21836180

I'm not a sci-fi guy, but I saw A Memory of Empire won the Hugo a few years back, liked the premise, and wanted to see what mainstream-approved scifi of the current year was like.

It was really bad. I'm trying to find critical reviews so I don't have to spend the mental effort to articulate what I didn't like about it, but I can't find any. Everyone sucked its dick. Did any anons like it, or am I pretty much in agreement with everyone here who read it?

>> No.21836192

>AnnaLinden Weller, better known under her pen name Arkady Martine (born April 19, 1985[1]), is an American historian, city planner, and author of science fiction literature. Her
Stopped reading right there. You got what you deserve.

>> No.21836228

What do you mean? There are a lot of highly critical reviews. Where are you looking? Alternatively, just entirely forget about it.

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File: 197 KB, 1132x1701, fiona-mcintosh371150381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fiona McIntosh
She Cute
Only read her Trinity trilogy, it was nice, Even if somewhat clichéd in some parts and it has Paladins which is always a bonus. Didn't expect the twist at the end where Alyssa suddenly becomes a groomer after protagonist-kun dies then is reborn as a baby and chooses to raise him as her son until he's old enough
>There is no doubt that when he is grown, he will fall in love with you all over again, Lys added
>Alyssa smiled and hugged the little boy close. She would wait
Wtf Fiona

>> No.21836385

A secondary antagonist appears and is a little too annoying, for a little too long.

>> No.21836430

how was Hard to Be a God? I've had the movie on my list to watch for a while, but wanted to read the book first. Roadside Picnic was okay[/spoiler

>last read book
The Word for World is Forest by le Guin
>current book
Zendegi by Egan
>next book
probably Use of Weapons by Banks

>> No.21836450

god dammit

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Worth getting into this series?

>> No.21836575

I’m kinda hungry for magical school settings but I don’t wanna read the Harry Potter books. do you guys know of any series that is basically ‘Harry potter but better’?

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>> No.21836607

Mother of Learning

>> No.21836617


>> No.21836648

Jinx series by Sage Blackwood (apprenticeship, not a school)
Wizard of Earthsea by Le Guin
Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones

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File: 174 KB, 830x1000, 81PZxkcqOFL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL80_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any Malazan read here? Thinking of getting into this series. It looks awesome

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What's wrong with MoL?

>> No.21836750

This might just be because im reading it, but the kingkiller chronicle.

>> No.21836756

I'd say Lord of the Rings, Gormenghast, Dying Earth, King of Elfland's Daughter, The Broken Sword.

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File: 535 KB, 750x753, sp-1-cover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't beat a book with an all-white cast...

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File: 50 KB, 443x692, images.jpeg-9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't beat a book with an all-white cast...

>> No.21836826

Memory of Light?

>> No.21836830

I like them, but I wish they came with a physical book, or the physical book came with an e-version. I like the idea of a house full of books passed down through the generations.

>> No.21836841

Which parts do you like - the education or the coming of age aspect?

>> No.21836869

hermione is bipoc-coded chud

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what's the consensus on munchkin height? in first book the adult munchkins are dorothy's height, but in later ones they seem to be normal height (ojo, jinjur)

some winkies and emerald city ppl seem to randomly be depicted as short in the first book too

>> No.21837064

Oh thats right, i totally forgot about that.

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>personalized emwama oil

>> No.21837451

It's reskinned naruto fanfiction.

>> No.21837503

he goes into god

>> No.21837529

the first one is very similar to malice by john gwynne, i dont know whether you consider that a good or bad thing, did not read the second

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Morning, lads. Anyone read the following?:
>Gemini of the Sleeping Gods by Hyperphant
>The Dream God by Brandon MP Heard

Can't find ebooks so I'd be getting physical copies and just wanted to know if they're absolute dogshit before wasting money on them. They seem pretty cool though, so would appreciate any thoughts on them.

>> No.21837623

>romance of any kind
that's a dropporino from me

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File: 43 KB, 720x401, frog god.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if the story is 2nd person and it's a romance between (you) and a cute frog girl

>> No.21837642

>>last book read
Return to the Whorl
>>current book
No Longer Human
>>next book you plan to read
Dunno, another Wolfe book probably.

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Could I get recommendations?
>set in our world
>protag discovers a conspiracy (or just a secret like neighbor is a killer)
>nobody believes him
>horror or sci-fi
Stuff like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Rear Window, Fright Night.
How are the book versions of Salem's Lot and The Adjustment Bureau?

>> No.21837683

Why do you like it?

>> No.21837686
File: 274 KB, 1600x2560, Paranoid Mage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eh, you could try Paranoid Mage, a recent hit. It's written by a real schizo, so you are getting a real 'A random person discovers magic is real, gets kidnapped by a magic authoritarian government, then escapes and unleashes chaos all over the world'.

It's not as great as people would tell you, but it's a decent read.

>> No.21837689

Literally anything from PKD
>Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
>A Scanner Darkly
>Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
>Flow My Tears
>The Man in the High Castle
The protagonist discovering/inventing a personal schizoid conspiracy and being ostracized for it is a staple of his. If you want "our world" specifically, try Scanner or VALIS. VALIS fits better, but it's a very rough entry into Dick, since it's his most schizo work by far.

>> No.21837702
File: 431 KB, 487x455, comfy happy computer snek.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's a comfy story about the MC learning magic and more about his friends and family, exploring the world and learning secrets

>> No.21837712

What's MoL, lad?

>> No.21837714
File: 78 KB, 960x616, happy comfy frog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mother of Learning

>> No.21837717

Its bland as fuck and the author constantly cushions all MC's choices with moral justifications left right and center.

>> No.21837724
File: 36 KB, 479x487, coltaine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21837727
File: 277 KB, 1662x2560, 81gUA3NPH6L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd like to thank the anon who told me to stick with Project Hail Mary. It becomes a lot more interesting about a third way through or so.

>> No.21837736

I started it and it sucked hairy balls.

>> No.21837752

Andy Weir may be the single worst writer currently being published. It's actually embarrassing how bad he is.

My brother was fucking gushing over The Martian and after like 20 pages I was fucking dying of cringe. I skipped through and read a couple of pages here and there and it was all the same; the entire book is just reddit cringe written with some of the blandest prose I've ever come across. Didn't bother with his other books when someone posted choice pages from them in a thread ages ago. In the one set on the moon there's actually a line where he describes a muscly guy with blonde hair and blue eyes as 'Hitler's wet dream'.

This guy won the fucking lottery in terms of publishing/movie deals.

>> No.21837762

Yeah I dropped martian 2 or 3 chapters in because it was unadulterated reddit dialogue

>> No.21837765

It's a slow burn, revealing more and more of the story as it goes along. You don't learn all of it until the last third of the book.

>> No.21837783

ring ring ring, based department


>> No.21837795

>In the one set on the moon there's actually a line where he describes a muscly guy with blonde hair and blue eyes as 'Hitler's wet dream'.
isn't that true, though?

>> No.21837800

>last book read
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
>current book
>next book you plan to read
Either Ubik or The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

I have entered my Dick phase

>> No.21837804

any fantasy novels with romance and explicit sex scenes that arent cringe

>> No.21837808

The Darkness that Comes Before

>> No.21837815

Homosexual. Pédalle. Marícon.

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File: 13 KB, 225x234, 1660892050826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Rape in a fantasy story
What purpose does this serve?
Who actually likes this?
Why do half of fantasy authors have cuck and rape fetishes?
I just read the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series where the love interest gets raped by some guy.

>> No.21837818

Something being true doesn't mean that it reads well. For instance:

>The clouds formed long translucent ropes against the pale blue of the midday sky, as if God has spaffed all over a towel and spread it across the heavens for all to see.

Now, yes this technically would be an accurate description in terms of colour/shape of the clouds and their background, but... does it read WELL? Obviously not.

>> No.21837820

>Last book
The Blood Knight by Greg Keyes
>Current book
The Born Queen by Greg Keyes
>Next book
Burnt Offerings by Laurel K. Hamilton

The Kingdom of Thorn books by Greg Keyes are surprisingly enjoyable to read. The first one is a bit of a Game of Thrones clone but it quickly differentiates itself.

>> No.21837824

I have read and watched positive and negative reviews about Malazan the book of the fallen; plus, I skimmed a bit of the first chapter of Garden of the Moon. From all of that I conclude that: Malazan is written like an historical textbook, lots of world building, little characterisation.

>> No.21837827

It's not. GotM is simply a very dense primer that makes a LOT more sense in hindsight. It was intentionally written not to be a smooth introduction.

>> No.21837832

Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead are two of the best books I've ever read. Speaker for the Dead is very different than Ender's Game. People also like the Ender's Shadow series which is mostly about one of the side characters in Ender's Game. People generally have a negative opinion of the rest as far as I know. I can't personally vouch.

>> No.21837836

Sell me on it then. Everytime, it's "It will get good when you reach X book". I understand a weak start, maybe GotM is the worst of them all but still. I don't get why would one read a book, only understand 20% of it on the first read, and be fine with that. And the need of reading 5 or 6 more books to truly make sense of the first book is kind of retarded

>> No.21837841

It's not hard to follow the plot in a Malazan book unless you're a brainlet. They're almost always straightforward. You just won't get an in depth explanation of the autistic details of the world because the author assumes that the people reading his books aren't retarded and will be able to piece together the necessary context on their own. It's a story about themes and characters, not fantasy autism.

>> No.21837856

is it ok if my female MC is about to be raped by bandits but then she snaps and kills one of them and the others run away and she's left kinda traumatized by how easily she could murder a person
later in the story she'll get nearly beaten to death by an alpha warrior she thought she could defeat, but he won't rape her because he's brutal but chivalrous and honorable

>> No.21837872

Didn't this happen in a Stormlight Archive book? Like two women go out in a bad part of town at night and they get surrounded by men and it's implied the more cowardly woman breaks down because she thinks they're about to be raped, then the more commanding woman girlbosses her way into murdering one of the men with special magic and the rest of the dudes run away.

>> No.21837884

I dunno, havent read it
> the more commanding woman girlbosses her way into murdering
in my case it'll be more like she panics and instinctively uses powers she knew she had but never used as a weapon before, because she's not supposed to be some alpha bitch at that point
I dont want her to be some womyn stronk mary sue that destroys everyone effortlessly so in the beginning she'll get into fights she can't win and generally won't know what the fuck she's doing and depend a lot on others' help

>> No.21837891

It sounds dreadful. I'll be sure to skip it.

>> No.21837893

it's ok I'll never actually write anything anyway

>> No.21837920

>cowardly woman
Is it fair to call her cowardly for being scared of being raped?

>> No.21837944

Concept: story inspired by the Nibelungenlied but it's a space opera, with each of the 9 Norse realms represented by a planet in a solar system. Thoughts?

>> No.21837948

Does Mistborn era 2 become something bigger than industrial age cops with magic? Not asking for it to be another race to save the world from apocalypse, but do the stakes get higher than stopping an ex-cop and a deranged kandra? kinda felt bad for her in the end btw ngl

>> No.21837952

How many good books do you think are never published and so never available for us to read? Are there self-published books on Amazon that are ignored completely yet better than what’s published professionally?

>> No.21837983

Not necessarily, though she is shown to be anxious and cowardly all throughout the book before the near-rape occurred.

>> No.21838074

Mistborn is in general shit.

>> No.21838093

It's nothing like naruto. It's very clearly a D&D campaign converted into a book.

>> No.21838103

There's a guy here who swears by era 2, but I thought it was significantly worse than the first. Seemed targeted at younger readers.

>> No.21838111

Bad because I couldn't finish shadow of the gods

>> No.21838133

this is cope

>> No.21838136

I know it's almost cliche to say it at this point because it's so well known, but women literally love rape. It's the single biggest fantasy they have, bar none, not even close. Makes sense when you think about it though from a historical/evolutionary perspective.

>> No.21838166

Yeah, it's naruto FANFICTION, specifially chunin exam day, a timeloop fic.

>> No.21838185
File: 100 KB, 398x640, 1633028196612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll give you a story tip. Make it one planet; limit the arena the story takes place. Even better, make it 9 Gods battling for the fate of one city, where the story takes place. If you'd like, flesh out what kind of society each of the 9 gods rule, their "realms" so to speak, but have it all come together in the battle for the fate of this one place, where you obviously put all your characters.

>> No.21838254
File: 35 KB, 298x397, 1235367824123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21838263
File: 78 KB, 800x450, Bagnold-Dune-Field-Mars-Curiosity-12-18-2015-2-800x450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just finished Dune Messiah, should I continue the series? I liked it a lot.

>> No.21838279
File: 1.69 MB, 915x2048, 1657417710142894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21838311

Nope, go read The Wanderin Inn instead.

>> No.21838321

I'm standing on the cliff precipice of jumping into my rereading-Dick phase.

>> No.21838356

Why do I seem so alone in finding Dune to be very unimpressive?

The universe that Herbert created is absolutely fantastic, yet he is so terrible at rendering it. Every mystery is explained through massive blocks of exposition, every action is elucidated to us through conversations that exist solely to tell the reader what another character is doing. It feels like he took the advice of 'show don't tell' and instead said 'why don't I just do both? every single time'.

Again, great universe, bad writer.

>> No.21838369

Any good books with an insane protag like fang yuan?

>> No.21838384

>kvothe getting laid
That sex scene was quite possibly the most hilarious thing i have ever read. Is the author a virgin? Hes gotta be a virgin.

>> No.21838385

thanks bro

>> No.21838395
File: 481 KB, 1536x2048, 1670855215671657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you think

>> No.21838506

I read roadside picnic a few years ago and remember enjoying but I still find this one to be better. It reads more like a novel, it's more coherent and the main character is very interesting. The premise is what made me read it and it won't let you down. Some parts feel a bit rushed, others are left for your interpretation and I don't know how much they had to change so they could release it, but I found it to be a unique and fascinating story. There's certainly an analogy between Soviet Russia and the medieval world portrayed in this book, if that's something you'd be keen on reading.

>> No.21838544

its just adult kvothe purple prosing his teenage days because deep down he's still a dumb cunt

>> No.21838553

You fail at life, too.

>> No.21838571

Why clown on rothfuss so much? He writes well, made a great character, and is the best fantasy writer the past decade. Yes even better than Sanderson.

>> No.21838593

12 years since the last book in the series is my only complaint

>> No.21838660

Isn't that flavor of the month.

>> No.21838702

Best fantasy that do romance good?

>> No.21838732

harry potter

>> No.21838828
File: 146 KB, 1000x782, mission earth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

greatest audiobooks ever made

>> No.21838881


>> No.21838909

i've read the first four game of thrones books so i'm a big boy now
do i read romance of the three kingdoms or imperial rome now?

>> No.21838929

schild's ladder sounded cool but holy hell the writing makes no sense, most confusing story telling i've experienced in a while

>> No.21838940

Thinking about doing a project about the Ŋõtlh. Humanoid Fish Descendants in the future, distantly descended from Hesperoleucus/Mylopharodon yet they can only breathe air.

>> No.21838954

That's definitely one of his least accessible books.

>> No.21838957

They are also lilliputian in size.

>> No.21838977

Ŋõtlhũqw is what they will call their interstellar empire literally meaning "Person Country".

>> No.21838996

That makes it a shit book and him a shit writer.

>> No.21839000
File: 17 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I might just be old fashioned, but i dont think couching your shortcomings in narrative justification excuses them.

>> No.21839013

the whole point is that kote is an unreliable narrator as he's evidently embellishing his story a lot because deep down he's still arrogant adolescent boy, only now he at least has enough perspective to give you a "btw I was such a retard back then" disclaimer before telling the story

>> No.21839015

>Why clown on rothfuss so much?
Because hes a clown.
Its okay, appropriate even, to call van gogh a loon.

>Yes even better than Sanderson.
This was never a contention and i cant help but feel like youre attempting to spike my well water.

>> No.21839019
File: 111 KB, 1080x1350, 1669996051592871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sneaking around in the dark doesn't really work when your weapon of choice is literally a glowing laser sword.

>> No.21839035

What part of
>narrative justification does not excuse an authors poor sensibilities
Are you having trouble coping with

>> No.21839040

the third word

>> No.21839045

So what do you think about my Autistic Idea?

>> No.21839049

i am sexually attracted to fish therefore i cannot speak on the subject

>> No.21839056

well anon can you tell us more about them beyond "they're fish people bro"

>> No.21839057

Of? Or does?

>> No.21839062

The Thousandfold Thought
The Golden Fool, Gormenghast, Dragons of Autumns Twilight
Not the next Dragonlance that's for sure. I can understand why it has a cult following but it does not hold up in a modern context. Probably gonna start Aspect Emperor or finish this Fool trilogy. Might read the next Drizzt or Dark Sun for some easy reading. Been meaning to get to Spider Witch too, really enjoyed Black Leopard. Too much to read.

>> No.21839064

Both sexes have a red mark on their lip resembling a lipstick moustache as well as red limbs and a bronze scaly body. They lay their eggs in water yet are warm blooded.

>> No.21839066

yeah that one

>> No.21839071

I think you should spend three decades and tens of thousands of dollars in university courses to develop the kind of one track autistic expertise required to create the appearance of a novel and advanced civilization.

Franco habiscus spent a decade on it and he barely managed it.

>> No.21839073

I see, consider the following.

>> No.21839078

They aren't quite Fish People, they're beyond Fish people as if Ray-Finned Fish took the place of Lobe-Finned Fish. They do however have 7 digits on each limb.

>> No.21839079

>don't know fish names
>google them
>they are just regular shitty fish
>awkward, long, impossible to pronounce name
>fish descendants but can only breathe air
>similar enough descendants from two separate species
>they're also an interstellar empire but being "fish people" just sort of makes them aliens at that point, especially since they're only fish in looks really
>all you have or at least all you're willing to share is these few small things that probably already need thought and work

could be cool but it doesn't sound like a book's worth of content. it sounds like a page out of a space-based dnd monster book. a plot and narrative and characters and some sort of meaning is more important than the flavor usually and your flavor simply isn't good enough currently to overcome that and be a book about just carp and minnow people hanging out

>> No.21839086

In the Ŋõtlhũqw Universe the Ŋõtlh are experts at microengineering with their delicate digits and small size.

>> No.21839087

very enlightening, thanks
what were we talking about again?

>> No.21839093

Cuckoldry and virginity

>> No.21839097

you were about to give me head

>> No.21839101

i'll be honest friend its been a long while and I can't even remember what that sex scene with the fairy woman was like, i just remember thinking that part of the story was boring and dragged on too long

>> No.21839106

Tlh is just one consonant for t͡ɬʰ. I think the end of the book should be their expansion into the Milky Way Galaxy which will reveal what they descended from and what happened to Humans.

>> No.21839108

No, exploration into the Milky Way.

>> No.21839121
File: 40 KB, 601x399, Hounds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Malazan is written like an historical textbook, lots of world building, little characterisation
Completely incorrect assessment. The characterisation is however of a much subtler kind than most fiction. You have to make an effort to put yourself in the POVs shoes, as you're not being force-fed telegraphed character arcs. It's all written as short fiction, but since it's labeled as epic fantasy everyone goes in reading it the wrong way.

>> No.21839145

I feel like the people that say the characters are a shortcoming of Malazan are just incapable of understanding anything about people that isn't explicitly explained in painstaking detail. Malazan has some of the best characters in fantasy.

>> No.21839169

He is dreadful at writing women and the love interests. Its so pervasively shit that it ruins everything in and around it, despite his good prose.If the story was just about Kvothe learning and getting stronger to face the Chandrian (plus all the characters at the university) it would be a thousand times more interesting.

Denna and the society of ninja-sex-hippies are garbage.
>Yes even better than Sanderson.

>> No.21839170

I don't know of any other book with protag like Fang Yuan. It's insane how the absolute majority of books and stories have themes and portray main character as a literal white knight who works (often sacrifices his life and his freedom) for the benefit of others. It's no suprise that a mind of an average western intelectual who has read many books has been influenced and made weak by such stories and characters.

>> No.21839183
File: 108 KB, 640x708, E6BhI1EXMAEU3bO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21839241

Based and dickpilled. Which ones are best? Any recommendations?

>> No.21839247

Lmao what? Im not even past coast leaving the sex fairy (which is dragging on, the amount of time wasted on flowery language is actually quite disturbing. I am confident this is the authors complex(ity) showing through). I assume the ninja-sex-hippies are the assasin people or whatever theyre called? How the fuck is rothburg planning on fitting his entire training arc there in the rest of the book?

I dont think ive ever been more dissapointed in a piece of art in my life.

>> No.21839260

The irony is /sffg/, the Ŋõtlh are from a desert world with state of the art Insect farming. They also have fully molar-like sets of teeth when they reach adulthood.

>> No.21839262

But because of less oxygen and heavier gravity, the Insects are on average smaller than on Earth.

>> No.21839266

I shall name this world Lekh.

>> No.21839275

lekh my nuts lmao

>> No.21839279


>> No.21839280

Used to be Subtropical/Mediterranean but Lekh gradually became drier over the course of Ŋõtlh evolution which is why in their adult stage became fully terrestrial.

>> No.21839290

No, I have changed it to Łekh to fit the pronunciation better.

>> No.21839294

What does it mean?

>> No.21839300

it means nobody cares how stone cold stoike utilitarian your MC is

>> No.21839319
File: 1.91 MB, 1480x1012, merry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fourth Mansion by R A Lafferty. But it might be too based and insane for you.

>> No.21839340
File: 2.17 MB, 1521x961, sci-fi_novels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>last book read
>current book
Beautiful Star - Yukio Mishima
>next book you plan to read
My backlog is growing by the day, probably something by Peter Watts or J.G. Ballard

Also rate my superior taste and recommend me some cyberpunk basedkaf, bonus points if it's not American.

>> No.21839354

if you haven't yet, freeze-frame revolution is short and great, blindsight is actual book-sized and fucking amazing

>> No.21839479
File: 24 KB, 313x500, 41DZHuLcNAL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recommend me some cyberpunk basedkaf

>> No.21839514

Or maybe....you a shit reader?

>> No.21839684
File: 71 KB, 403x563, Genius-Warlock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For a eastern progression fans
Genius Warlock is a pretty good webnovel. I think its a Korean novel, translation is ok. The novel is set in some alternate reality 16-17th century England where magic and wizards exist, some location names are based on places in England but otherwise its a totally fictional fantasy world. Novel is somewhat dark, it's not without flaws but it's also one of the better webnovels out there. It is fantasy novel, maybe a progression novel, it's not gamelit of any kind, no stats, no cultivation etc. If you give this a try, you may find the first few chapters really bad but once you get past them the novel greatly improves. Don't pay to much attention to cover that looks like anime.

>> No.21839693

Blindsight is actually the first Watts book I've read. He mentioned that it's freely available on his website in an interview so I went ahead and grabbed it. (rifters.com in case anons are interested) The only reason I chose Starfish over it is because I recently read it and it's a bit more cohesive story wise (no hate on the space vampires tho). I'll check out Freeze-Frame revolution.

>> No.21839720

freeze-frame won't be your cup if you want cohesion either, there isn't really much of a resolution to anything and the story is further fractured into other short stories in the sunflower cycle, which are good too just not very cohesive by nature of how the setting and story is set up
keep reading Maelstrom if you want cyberpunk, it breaks away from the underwater setting and goes much deeper into the actual dryland cyberpunk setting

>> No.21839947

I just finished reading the second book. Don't think I'll be reading the third book, the "rape" left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Apparently she doesn't even consider it rape, she outright tells Simon that she wanted it from the dude because she considered him handsome. I don't know, maybe I'd be OK the entire situation if Simon also fucked someone like Aditu, but he just keeps thinking of the princess while she's off on a boat fucking some other guy.

>> No.21839952

Cuckoldry and fantasy go together like NTR and anime

>> No.21839953

So it's not rape then. Why does it leave a bad taste in your mouth.

>> No.21839956

because it wasn't his self insert character that got to hit it duh

>> No.21839976

Her sleeping and kissing Aspitis felt like NTR.

>> No.21839984

Probably because now the main female character is a used goods whore.

>> No.21840003

>"Thus, book after book, the book of all books would show that it was given to us so that we might try to enter there as into a second world, and lose ourselves there, enlighten ourselves, perfect ourselves." —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, On Isekai

>> No.21840009

Any books where the elves are huge sluts and try to seduce the characters with their lithe and supple bodies?

>> No.21840018

Orc x elf

>> No.21840022

>seduce the characters with their lithe and supple bodies?
not unless your characters are orcs

>> No.21840042

Herald of Shalia

>> No.21840080

>A Book Where An Elf Is A Huge Slut And Tries To Seduce The Main Character With Her Lithe And Supple Body
sounds like a japanese light novel title

>> No.21840155
File: 325 KB, 1280x1808, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Riftwar, one of the main characters marries an milf elf Queen because she's into young human males.
Broken Sword, trolls gangbanging elves wives, nuff said
Any Warhammer book with Morathi.
Some Dragonlance books portray elves as horny sluts

>> No.21840166
File: 56 KB, 524x593, Fp72HPUaAAADxgj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mmhmmm mhm whats the source for pic though

>> No.21840199

Kusozako Sourou Maou wa Chouanzangata no Mucchi Muchi Elf Mama ni Makeppanashi _ The Bratty, Quick-Shot Demon Prince Just Can't Win Against This Thicc Elven Mommy.

>> No.21840222

The title is literally in the picture dude I found it in 2 seconds

>> No.21840271

That kind of defeats the central conceit of it being a space opera

>> No.21840276

Children and God Emperor are both great, stop there

>> No.21840336

>Not asking for it to be another race to save the world from apocalypse

that is literally what you'll get though by the end of book 4

>> No.21840405

it is a fun read too. 10 books...kinda long winded. who really wrote this?

>> No.21840416
File: 45 KB, 333x500, 1679924626429054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to read this book next /sffg/. Thanks for reading my post

>> No.21840442

The Broken Sword

>> No.21840465
File: 142 KB, 924x475, 9423757743b1df9fef218d7d6c0359ec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Australian female authors are well known for being coomers, they mostly write good fantasy books despite of that.

>> No.21840641
File: 43 KB, 325x500, 350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should a 30 yrs old dude bother reading this?

>> No.21840649

Imagine reading anything written by a woman...

>> No.21840662

Why is all grimdark juvenile trash. I just want realistic violence and horrors of war not some edgelord cunt protagonist

>> No.21840669

Not his best, but its worth the read

>> No.21840670
File: 1.02 MB, 3000x3750, hw-lee-untitled-20-f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best I can do is war criminal trying to atone for his sins

>> No.21840712

Because it's written by people who have never experienced or witnessed violence.

>> No.21840717
File: 78 KB, 490x498, 8e1c35a61929fbd46948788ba47b9860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cringe, women authors are better than m*le authors

>> No.21840887

Crazy that I read that entire series and can't for the life of me remember any part of the plot. All I know is DAMN there was a lot of monster sex!

>> No.21840893

Fuck now i have to read it

>> No.21840899

Make art Luis Royo again

>> No.21840900

Best Mongolian fantasy?

>> No.21840932
File: 158 KB, 1280x960, 1436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every Forgotten Realms novel that has Drow/Dark Elves/Sun Elves/DaemonFey/Alu-fiend , most of them are into BDSM tho.

>> No.21840960

I read all the way up to Dust of Dreams, and it broke me like a straw doll. Excellent stuff though. Would highly recommend.
Tool deserved Better

>> No.21841148

The Crying of Lot 49

>> No.21841171

Reverend Insanity, Lord of the Mysteries, Mother of Learning, I Shall Seal the Heavens (if you like ISSTH do try Renegade Immortal its really good) all these are very good. I had a good time reading these.

>> No.21841281

>translation is ok
I have never once heard this said about anything with an acceptable translation.
This wasn't an exception.

>> No.21841333

What's your tbr? For me, it's Mistborn era 1, The First Law trilogy, Stormlight Archives, The Wheel of Time and finishing with Malazan.

>> No.21841348
File: 92 KB, 491x378, 1597095439349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Check my tbr shelf on goodreads
>274 books

>> No.21841359

I feel that

>> No.21841488

I've just started reading Rhytm of War. First battle - it almost looks like a Dragonball Z style fight. Are next battles similiar ?

>> No.21841492

Did you start the series at book 4 h*tler?

>> No.21841553

>waste of time

>> No.21841556
File: 51 KB, 552x829, what do you mean you lost the frisbee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd say the distinction is that Malazan isn't character-driven, and character drama is what everyone seems to thrive on these days.

>> No.21841558

>what else would you consider gayshit?
Injecting 21st century morality into a setting based around medieval England but with magic, for example.

>> No.21841561
File: 36 KB, 313x500, herald.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Herald of Shalia perfectly encapsulates what you want

>> No.21841573


>> No.21841615
File: 27 KB, 310x475, 11113614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Rama serial after book 1 really that bad?

>> No.21841621

It's not mtl, the only annoying thing was the way dialog was done, often without indicating which character is actually speaking.
The occasional editing errors like a missing word or incorrect word used (due to auto complete) is really no big deal.

>> No.21841655

Because he can't finish his series. 12 years and he hasn't even got a first draft. I can write a novel across 4 months and he can't do it in 12 years?

>> No.21841658

I had a moment like this with a pseudointellectual dickhead at uni I didn't like where I BTFO him by telling him ascetic is pronounced "as-setic" and now, as he did, "ask-etic"

>> No.21841672

Is the age of madness trilogy connected to the first law trilogy or are their own things?

>> No.21841680

Was it some christian college?

>> No.21841692

Oedipus Rex by Sophocles.
Metamorphoses by Ovid.
Pericles by Shakespeare.
Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe.
Laon and Cythna by Shelley.
Ada by Nabokov.
The Color Purple by Alice Walker.
The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan

Hypocrite cunts

>> No.21841745

how to get a cute autistic gf like steris harms?

>> No.21841750

Ah, its 20th century morality. Also the setting is more vaugue central/northern europe. Directly to the north is an icelandic culture, and directly to the south is a more redditeranian culture.

But no 'girlboss' 'gayboss' or 'woytmanbad' is present so i would say more 20th century morality.

>> No.21841754
File: 1.35 MB, 480x480, lonely seesaw bird.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you're lying to me I will drop the book and shed a single tear

>> No.21841755

>first book releases in 2007
>1000 page sequel 5 years later
>12 years later, still no third entry
The doors of stone better be at least 2000 pages

>> No.21841761

Ill hedge my bets and say that i coulf be forgetting something, because i usually just ignore it if its not a big part of the story.

But i honestly cant remember anything.

I dont even think theres a "her? But shes a female!" Moment that happened so often in the 20th century.

>> No.21841769

>he hasn't even got a first draft
how do you know

>> No.21841774

Nta but there was a situation where he promised some sort of first chapter viewing to someone and was never able to produce any writing.

>> No.21841786

>The doors of stone better be at least 2000 pages
I doubt anyone would actually publish a 2000 page book, though. He'd be forced to split it in two.

>> No.21841816

I completely disagree. Characters are why people love Malazan and the reason they keep reading it. All of the best individual narratives focus on character journeys.

>Tehol and Bugg
>Anomander Rake

I could go on.

>> No.21841837

His agent said as much a year or so ago.
Honestly pathetic. At this point just admit you can't write it. What kind of person just sits like that for 12 years when you have nothing better to do?

>> No.21841838

8 chapters into Mistborn and the magic system seems pretty cool. Don't think I've ever read magic that uses metals before. I like it.

>> No.21841839

How do people stomach the terrible prose of Sandershit

>> No.21841851


i wanted to find anything good or "more" in it but there wasn't much

>> No.21841883

You guys out of the loop or what? Rothfuss finished the third book looooooong ago. Except when he'd shown the book to his friends and trusted beta readers they hated it. He was supposed to do a proper rewrite but has been stuck ever since.

There was also that thing about some part of his draft being stolen by a fan when Rothfuss was at a cafe or restaurant, but not sure about this one actually, I swear I read it years ago, could be mistaken.

But he is a hack that's unable to finish his story in the way people like. Well, I knew that it might be a problem ever since the first book. He had set up such a grand story that delivering would require some extreme talent.

Everyone can write about legends and myths and allude to some grand events, but when it comes to those grand events? Almost everyone falls short. That's why you leave things ambiguous.

>> No.21841885

Anon i read fan translated yaoi. I am steel.

>> No.21841903
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Reading trash tempers the spirit, desu
I remember the first time I read a litrpg isekai. I digged the story, but I cringed as fuck when I saw the bad writing and an excuse of a set-up that was the story. As a person that only read the best stuff that was in libraries that was quite a shock. Now I don't even register the shit stuff, only filtering the good.

Still can't decide whether that's good or bad, but at least it's more original than the main market. If I see yet another mainstream book I'll puke.

>> No.21841908

>He was supposed to do a proper rewrite
Well, I'd find it a pretty daunting task to rewrite an entire 1000 page or whatever novel
>He had set up such a grand story that delivering would require some extreme talent.
I had that feeling too since the first book.

I've seen worse

>> No.21841934

>kingkiller chronicle
>2000 pages later no king has been killed

>> No.21841941

>Well, I'd find it a pretty daunting task to rewrite an entire 1000 page or whatever novel
I stopped respecting the speed of writers once I started reading webnovels. Those guys can commonly put out 1000 pages within months, and it's average or decent quality, not to mention the people who actually keep writing well through it all. One person writing a book over several years can only be justified if the prose is extremely good or the subject requires deep research on multiple topics.

But generic stories and mostly decent prose? The authors have no excuse. Lazy bums fed upon lies of 'creativity requires time and inspiration' or other bullshit.

>> No.21841979

Nigga is just depressed and can't get off his ass

>> No.21841983

Alright, ill look for it. If it existed online i should be able to find it.

>> No.21841990

>tfw the king we killed was the friends we made along the way

>> No.21841998

Hm, that's true, to be fair. After writing my own novel I found rewriting and editing a much harder task than writing it.

>> No.21842002

Ideas are easy, refinement is not.

>> No.21842132

What's some real world mythology, folklore and philosophy I should get familiar with before writing a fantasy story

>> No.21842138

16 myths you didn't know about Dragons! :O

>> No.21842194

Nothing, come up with your own shit. What you already know is inspiration enough.

>> No.21842280
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>kvothe gets back to the mortal realm and immediately attempts to cuck some random farmer
I cant help but just laugh at this point

>> No.21842525

new bread?

>> No.21842653

new bread

>> No.21842725
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wth did I just read

>> No.21842803

Read them all.
Children of Dune is good.
God Emperor of Dune is exceptional.
Heretics of Dune is a step down from GEoD, but it is still good. Miles Teg is a fucking stud.

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