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How did he do it? How did he elevate fantasy genre from children's shit to whatever the monster asoiaf is?
>but muh new sun
Boring schizo shit

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>How did he do it?
He wrote his book instead of posting here.

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By including sex and murder.

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Honestly keeping his world building lazy and simple with names that are barely different than irl names and intuitive place names etc really helped the mass appeal. And starting the conflict out as simple family drama while keeping the big fantasy stuff on the periphery was a good choice too.
nobody wants to open a book and be greeted with autism like this

>One cannot raise walls against what has been forgotten. The citadel of Ishuäl succumbed during the height of the Apocalypse. But no army of inhuman Sranc had scaled its ramparts. No furnace-hearted dragon had pulled down its mighty gates. Ishuäl was the secret refuge of the Kûniüric High Kings, and no one, not even the No-God, could besiege a secret. Months earlier, Anasûrimbor Ganrelka II, High King of Kûniüri, had fled to Ishuäl with the remnants of his household. From the walls, his sentries stared pensively across the dark forests below, their thoughts stricken by memories of burning cities and wailing multitudes. When the wind moaned, they gripped Ishuäl’s uncaring stone, reminded of Sranc horns. They traded breathless reassurances. Had they not eluded their pursuers? Were not the walls of Ishuäl strong? Where else might a man survive the end of the world? The plague claimed the High King first, as was perhaps fitting: Ganrelka had only wept at Ishuäl, raged the way only an Emperor of nothing could rage. The following night the members of his household carried his bier down into the forests. They glimpsed the eyes of wolves reflected in the light of his pyre. They sang no dirges, intoned only a few numb prayers. Before the morning winds could sweep his ashes skyward, the plague had struck two others: Ganrelka’s concubine and her daughter. As though pursuing his bloodline to its thinnest tincture, it assailed more and more members of his household. The sentries upon the walls became fewer, and though they still watched the mountainous horizon, they saw little. The cries of the dying crowded their thoughts with too much horror. Soon even the sentries were no more. The five Knights of Trysë who’d rescued Ganrelka after the catastrophe on the Fields of Eleneöt lay motionless in their beds. The Grand Vizier, his golden robes stained bloody by his bowel, lay sprawled across his sorcerous texts. Ganrelka’s uncle, who’d led the heartbreaking assault on Golgotterath’s gates in the early days of the Apocalypse, hung from a rope in his chambers, slowly twisting in a draft. The Queen stared endlessly across festering sheets.

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Bakker is infinitely more based though, and I think both are mid.

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He took his edgelord hat wearing fantasies and wrote them out while including many edgy things like graphic sex, violence, eunuchs and concepts such as bastards and retarded jesters. All amazing bait for nerds who number in the millions at this point in time

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The simple, boring prose also helps for people with low attention spans and poor reading comprehensions. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say he elevated it. Maybe he helped make it popular and that’s about it. Elevated texts are usually much better than what’s in his novels.

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It isn't anything to do with him. It's the overall demographic who he was writing for. Millenials are mentally children. When Tolkien was writing, make-believe stories with elves and dragons were still for children, but the adults were mentally mature, unlike millenials.

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>like graphic sex, violence
You've never read the books.
The sex thing is an instant giveaway that you're a showfag

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this, and by this i don’t mean sex and murder

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>copy events from history
>write gratuitously about bodily functions
>have a few characters for dumb modern people to identify as, like a crypto-commie who hates the rich, and a party boy who just wants to have a good time
Greatest fantasy writer ever. I kneel.

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It's not really accurate to say he elevated the genre rather than continue and deepen trends that were under way when he started. ASoIaF's real strength is the way that it combines its world-building with an undoubtedly character-driven story. This is reflected in the fact that noble houses or families are the main way the majority of PoV characters are distinguished from one another. Both this structure and the PoV structure let Martin create a background of expectation and worldbuilding and a foreground of character and story progression. The story also progresses in a way that is more compelling than the most generic of fantasy, and that is evidenced by the more skeptical way that prophecy is treated in the books.

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He had sex, incel.

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Retards like you confuse purple prose with good prose

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Whom would that be?

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Numb nuts like you get off from purple nurples

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Overly sprawling political drama and gimmicky character deaths. Aping of Tolkien language conventions in locations, phrases, lore, and even character names.

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Retards like you confuse good prose with purple prose