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Can I start with Gravity's Rainbow or should I read V. and Lot 49 first?

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I started with Gravity’s Rainbow after reading Infinite Jest and got along just fine, it’s a different style of writing that you kind of need to follow by using your mind’s eye more than by using your analytical understanding, as you do with most other writing, people seem to have trouble with it’s ambiguity but i think that’s one of it’s best strengths.The writing format becomes much more conventional after the first quarter of the book anyway.

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Thanks! Almost done with the Jest myself, actually.

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I really liked Infinite Jest, it’s humour is probably one of it’s greatest strengths but compared to Pynchon’s GR it’s so obviously over compensating and ‘MFAish’, but I’ve read some great readings on /lit/ that said this itself was an intentional dimension to the work in order to reflect upon the end of authenticity in our current era where everything is dominated by this sort movement away from the romantic Dionysian spirit

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just jump into GR, i actually finished it yesterday. it's a fun time. there's plenty of resources to help you through it too

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You should read lot 49 before GR

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You can start with GR if you want but I would start with V. because characters from V return in GR and it will help you get used to his style better. Also V is great too.

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V. is okay

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This. No need to, really, but it's too short to skip over, and you'll follow GR more easily if you read it first.

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