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Any pessimistic literature that interprets life as being tragedy but has a hint of hope or redemption underneath all the sadness

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it sounds like that's a personal issue, bro

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The Book Of Ecclesiastes, which has unfortunately been appropriated on this board by cringe anti-natalists taking individual verses out of context. You should read the whole thing some time, more than a few times

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In Memoriam AHH by Tennyson.

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Life is personal, yet also universal

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Yes, Schopenhauer of course. I don’t read him pessimistically.
And the Buddhist Pali Canon too, for the final red pill.

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lol Schopenhauer has no hope at all, existence is completely fucked and the only solution is to opt out. Literally hopeless.

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Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg.


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Notebook of a Country Priest and Sweating Blood

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>Any pessimistic literature that interprets life as being tragedy but has a hint of hope or redemption underneath all the sadness
Kierkegaard obviously, but every time you take a leap of faith you hit the ground at 10 m/s/s.

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No Country For Old Men. McCarthy in general.

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Henry Miller

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journey to the end of the night

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The Road

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Crime & Punishment

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>hope underneath the sadness
(panting; *breaths in*)

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All literature is like that

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My diary desu

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catch twenty two

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The greeks unironically

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Kierkegaard and Nietzsche lived sad lives but their final moments were peaceful.

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