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What doth ye 4channers drink whilst a-reading?
I'm currently drinking Chardonnay (goon) in the wrong glass as I listen to Chopin, musing and abusing alcohol whilst I scroll 4channel dot org slash lit, as I open up Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo.

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I like red wine but I keep having intrusive thoughts about getting into gin and tonics. I don't want to be a divorcee in a modernist novel. Or do I.

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I drink basically whatever my dad brings home. Today it's been sherry and a couple beers. Currently I'm reading Finnegans Wake and learning Latin as a supplement. I feel quite intelligent.

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Water or unsweetened tea

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Ham in rye

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I would surprisingly fuck your arsehole after a casual dinner date before you had abandoned your dress and heels, pinning you to the bed with your rump in the air while eating you and then plunging into your wrong hole making you the woman of wickedness you had desired yourself to be but never imagined you would be commanded to enact.

At least that's the standard fantasy structure of modern divorcee characters.

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>gin and tonics
I like having tonic with tanqueray, particularly their seville orange variety. It's expensive though.

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What the fuck.

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Water or coffee. Alcohol is poison

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>bump order
Hello, my fellow Redditor!

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>xe doesn't bump other threads so xe can archive other ones xe doesn't like

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>not drinking absinthe
>not smoking opium
>not leaving your syphilis untreated
>not dying of consumption in your twenties

ngbl baka

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Wine or coffee or tea it doesnt matter I need something to sip though

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Hendrik's is good

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You need to understand the role played by the divorcee in the modern novel better.

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ditch the tonic. gin straight hun.

>> No.21804068

usually wa'ah or cawfee, sometimes tea, brandy/cognac rarely

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Herbal infusion. It's lent season, me brethren.

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Water, tea (Yorkshire and splash of milk, no sugar), or coffee (usually black, sometimes with milk, never with sugar).

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