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I want to read Philosophy books, but I'm too dumb.

If you can read Philosophy, you're lucky.

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I haven't had much trouble with it and I'm not particularly intelligent. There may be some barrier between you and philosophy but I don't believe it is that you're dumb.

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Just start with Carnap. https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/carnap/

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yes I suppose it is luck that I wasn't born a retard, cripple, asian, irish, or black.

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philosophy is just gypsy fortune telling with extra steps
it has no predictive power
its anti intellectual pseud farce
random word generators spouting nonsense, no wonder it cant be applied

philosophy is a bunch of spiritual jews scamming and parasiting sub 90 iq students with cargo cult ponzi scheme vanity degree mill

philosophy books are this century's equivalent of snake oil, its a retard bait for people who cant go into a field with predictive power because they lack mental capacity to understand semiconductors

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