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What's are the greatest works of Aboriginal literature?

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Grug also like know, seem relevant to Grug interest

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I don't think any of them learned to write did they?

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Dream time stories

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sniffing petrol >>>> literature
dumb wordcel

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Some of their myths are pretty kino


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none of the good ones are by aboriginals. xavier herbert's capricornia is a good read.

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it is not a competition

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that's just something losers say

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They have their own version of Da Jesus Book, but it's actually incomprehensible.

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winners rarely have something interesting to say

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This is why Christians' are a joke. They actually think its some important life's mission to bring some subhuman petrol sniffing hobo into their fold and get him to integrate into their community. To the point where they'll bastardize their own sacred texts for this deluded "mission"

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and what do losers have to say? gibs me dat?

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Grug is an Australian fictional character appearing in a series of children's books by the author Ted Prior. They were published between 1979 and 1992 by Hodder & Stoughton, Australia and have now been republished by Simon & Schuster, Australia from 1 June 2009. Three new books have also been published since 1992.

Grug began his life as the top of a Burrawang tree (Macrozamia communis) that looks more like a Grass tree (Xanthorrhoea). Resembling a small, striped haystack with a face, he is fascinated by the world around him and solves everyday problems creatively and without fuss. When dancing instructions are too difficult to understand, Grug invents his own dance and calls it "The Grug".

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Holy shit, it’s true. I kneel before the greatness of the Australian literary tradition

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This thread is rama rama and it needs to stop.


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Kadaitcha Sung

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