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hecking say it

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Why can't the world just be friends? Bros... I don't feel so good...

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What did Mr. Trump mean by this?

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Because the Fall brought sin and decay into the world. It will be this way until the Second Coming

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Incredibly based.

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One of the barriers to getting read is a mouse to click Get Captcha and Post.

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Falling through gaps of a horde of serpents more massive the further she falls locked in eternal tightening delighting in their power to increase power by exercise of power and to constrict each each other still tighter in a gordian knot of huge steel worms until the sea of phantasmagoric blood and beasts was left behind and became as a sky above her and she smashed against a giant hollow sphere the size of a mountain. Inside were coursing ethereal spirits of every color rushing like a thousand ocean currents meeting within the depths in a whirlpool of chaos as patterns emerge and then vanish endlessly. The Keeper landed beside her kneeling on the top of the sphere and said now watch what has been unleashed. The sphere all at once shattered and she fell through landing on a floor of darkness and the lights and colors dissipated and rushed upwards away through the world of blood to reveal that within the sphere beneath the spirits was enwombed a massive floating sleeping black fetus. It opened its terrible undeveloped eyes and stretched its limbs outward before being sucked up into its own center its mass consumed and consolidated shrinking into a still totally black adult body which reached its hand towards the blood sky and the spirits came rushing back through it until the brilliant gold, red, and prismatic colors now enmeshed and battled whirling on the surface of its body.She blinked and it was before her, it grabbed her shoulders and forced her to her knees and gazed at her without eyes. A vibrating otherwordly voice emanated from its mouthless sillhouette of a colorful vibrant pulsing body and it said Nothing can live forever but I. Then it turned and left through a rift that closed behind it and she was alone with the Keeper in the blackness lighted only by the dim red light from above. The Keeper spoke from his marble face lighted by redness: That terrible God has been awakened by your affront against nature. It desires that nothing can live forever except itself. Watch, it has gone to destroy you and your compatriots.
No one God is omnipotent and we are gods ourselves. Nothing can ever truly die.
You live to listen to the universe and God, but you listen only to your own God, who is but a weak and young striver after the impossible. If you will not worship the true gods, the ones of time, death, and space, you will be made to.

And so she stands before the people and before her is a child waiting for her blessing. She smiles and blesses the child and raises her hand to speak to the congregation revealing that she has just received a revelation that their God will prevail, that their offspring will populate the universe and have eternal life. And so the child jumps and grabs the key tied to her hand and pulls it down, grabs her right with her left, and as her body turns to dust and flies away she addresses the crowd with a final cry saying You and I shall never die. And so the people keep her by her words, thusly they are not absurd.

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If the left says "protest" and "who said a protest needed to be peaceful?" then it's just being a good persyn of the people. If the right says "Protest" it's an insurrection.

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>be me, an avid reader
>reading my favorite book for hours
>suddenly notice an unpleasant smell
>try to ignore it and keep reading
>but the smell persists
>finally, I take a closer look at the book
>realize there is poop smeared on the back cover
>panic sets in as I try to figure out how it got there
>was it the dog? the cat? a rogue child?
>start frantically cleaning the book
>realize I've been reading with poop on my hands
>feel disgusted and violated
>question everything about my life choices that led me to this moment
>resolve to be more careful about where I leave my books
>forever haunted by the memory of the poop book

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/lit/ is full of nothing but doomers now. It’s like the mire of misery. Like, nigga, if your life is so bad, why don’t you do something about it?

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I haven't finished a book since I've finished high school a few years ago. Tried a few times but at some point I lose momentum.

It's been around 2 weeks of reading almost every night and I can already feel some improvement in my comprehension. I actually felt illiterate starting up. I had to look up like 5 words per page.

Turns out all my life I've just been able to infer words and the meaning of sentences thanks to context or visuals (movies) and I actually have horrible vocabulary. I don't really know what words means, I just have a vague feeling of the tone a lot of them. Working on fixing that

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I want to write a book so bad but it's intimidating. I don't know why. I read a lot, close to a book a day, and I have unlimited freetime, it's just hard to figure out where to begin. What I want to write isn't exactly high brow anyway, kindle erotica, I don't know why I feel scared. I'll write some tonight, it's just hard to get time along because my husband works from home and is always breathing down my goddamn neck, I don't need him to see what I want to write.

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We live in a highly cooperative world thanks to capitalism.

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I'm happy with my life
Everything is just great
My wife loves me
I just won the lottery
I've got two children
They're both in college
They're getting straight A's
They're studying to be doctors
Don't worry, be happy!

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Also, if there are literally bank records showing several members of the Biden family receiving money from the Chinese Communist Party...it's just fine.
I feel like I'm living in Bizarro World.

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>I don't know why
> I don't know why I feel scared
Literally because if its not the next Romeo and Juliet, people will shit on it and nobody will even buy a book from you ever again. You get 1 shot to make a good impression, and if you dont, you may as well off yourself

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It’s really important that you find a vocation in your 20s and pursue it. If you’re not on the path, so to speak, by the time you’re 30, you’re in big trouble.

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I figure the stakes aren't even that high because if my first novel is shitty (which I expect it will be) I can just write under a new pen name.
For kindle erotica anyway, I figure I wanna get some of these out of the way before I attempt to try to publish something serious under my real name

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Big trouble with who?

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For you, buddy. Count your days, when I hit 30 you're the first one I'm coming for.

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I am extremely depressed and want to die fairly often but cannot bring myself to pull the trigger because of those around me.

If only I'd been this way before moving back with my parents and making real friends. Nobody would've cared if I did it in my early 20s. I would've been scot free.

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I really look forward to the end of my life. Not retirement, I think I will still be restless then, but hospice care and dying. Even though I fear the sickness of my body more than anything else, once that sickness comes to me and makes me powerless, I will be free to just lie down and rest, day after day. Look out the window at the birds or the rain. Be drugged out of my mind, quietly singing to myself around the feeding tubes, dissociating. I won’t have to deal with this competitiveness and perfectionism anymore. I won’t have to fear failure because it will be behind me already. All that’s left to do will be to savor each moment. I’m so tired.

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Ironically, yourself most of all.

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wwoym fail

>say it
we /qa/ now

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I desperately need an identity. I need an authentic larp, otherwise life becomes too unbearable. Is there any left? What do you larp as? How do you define yourself?

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Why do you need to larp?

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Oh captain, my captain.

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How can you live without an identity? How do you get dressed everyday? Your choices define your larp. I just don’t know how to function like this. I’m anxious all the time.

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I don't have an idea of what I want to do I just dress in what I think looks nice and do what I think is fun. Why do you need a silhouette to fill? Can't you just do what you want to do?

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I don’t know. I can’t possibly live so nonchalantly.
>Can't you just do what you want to do?
What I want to do is have an authentic larp that I feel comfortable in. Not just be some schizo smorgasbord of aesthetics.

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I larp as a NEET

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>I don't have an idea of what I want to do I just dress in what I think looks nice and do what I think is fu
This is pure nihilism. It's anathema to anyone who still possesses a soul in this day and age.

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holy shit... i keep asking chatgpt how to respond to this girl and its actually working wtf

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ironic christian faith in that old fairytale. 0/10

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How do I get over the fact that the first girl I was ever with just wanted to take my virginity for the fun of it and I never really meant much to her?

To this day she still acts like she owns me and makes me admit that I still love her when im dating someone new which then eventually leads to the end of the relationship cos it makes me feel bad. Am I permanently pair bonded to her or something?

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Why do people always revert to calling people who are genuinely Christian larpers?

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Kek what a pathetic faggot

Block that manipulative whore and move the fuck on. If you can then hook up with her and fuck her one time and then leave that bitch the next day without saying a word.

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I'm sick as a dog with maybe covid and its 100F outside, no AC in my apartment. It should be a crime to be this sick when its this hot I want to die.

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I hate the smallness of life, or at least my own. I wish I could escape into a world of delusion or pure symbolism--a world where I don't have to think about my vehicle's fluid levels or how I'm going to make a living.
The attraction of the apocalypse has always been the promise of total emancipation from all the petty, banal realities of life. A sudden climax leading to total cessation. And in that cessation there will never be lacking, never be the wanting for something which evades me. The height of egoism to be found in its own complete dissolution.
The wishful fantasy that if I like a child say no loudly enough, nothing will ever again have to be refilled or replenished.
The same desire which motivates the excesses of religious ecstasy also motivates the most moving political rhetoric--the promise of a freedom we know cannot exist, but wish to make ourselves believe. We only believe in it because we know it can't be. If it could be, it would no longer be an object of interest.
That through the fixation on a symbol, we might abolish, or at least for a time ignore reality altogether.
I still wish it could be something more than mere escapism. There is always that yearning within for something more, which never finds release.
I desire something, anything more than myself to die for, to madly devote myself to with complete irrational self-abandon. I envy the jihadist, the culture warrior, even the feminist. No matter how absurd or irrational such people can be, they let themselves be absurd, they ignore that which contradicts and exist solely for their ideas. I desire a ruling idea above my self to give myself over to, but I am too basically skeptical and uncertain. I can't commit myself to something I don't genuinely completely believe in.

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I started writing my first book
It's really the first time I've written much of anything so it's.... I didn't expect to be Hemingway out of the box anyway, so I guess it's whatever. I'm hoping when I finish I can clean it up again into something nicer, and then maybe do a second one and feel better about it. I don't know how many it takes before I'm halfway decent, I hope not too many. I have unlimited freetime so I'll put it all towards this.
For people who've written books, unpublished or published, how was it? What was the process like and how did you get better?

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literally the perfect embodiment of just how the internet age coupled with multimodal truth and skepticism has brought about a state of indecisive inertia and a crisis of meaning.

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Which book should I read next?
Count of Monte Cristo
Three musketeers
The fiuntainhead
Wuthering heights
Goodbye to Berlin

I'm coming off Don Quixote which I've been reading since like November lol and struggling with lately. 1st part picked up when they had all the sidequest characters but part 2 has been dragging a bit even though everyone says it's better. Should I start with a shorter book this time?

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Why do some people deny subjective experience? Are they so afraid of being labeled unscientific or something? I'm a skeptic atheist but denying that subjective experience exists is just absurd.

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I made it to a wizardhood, might as well go to an end and die as a pure being.

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God speed brother, keep it up

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What the fuck are you talking about
Who denies subjective experience?


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i got nothin'

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I hate it when people say "rest in power" after someone dies.

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I agree and I can't put my finger on why. Maybe because it reeks of Gen Z/Millenial decadence

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I knew there will be a way for us awkward people to make it.

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I'm just watching random videos and reading random stuff. This is not the best example but 17% of people say they could be convinced they have no consciousness.

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Good for you anon, but I'm just realizing that this will be the next step towards a dystopian future.

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What was the book anon?

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Christians also call pagans larpers

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2 days ago
I just turned 60 years old and have given up on finding any good music since 1996. My niece showed me this song 10 minutes ago, and I finally feel free from the shackles of this desolate world. I am free. I am living. I am breathing. Thank you mister and misses gec, or, if we're on a first-name basis, 100 and 100.

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I'd go with Goodbye to Berlin. It's short and its more modern more degen kind of swashbuckling attitude has some of the slog and humour of DQ with a more naive viewpoint. All the others have a thesis to prove and are aiming at a moral outcome while Isherwood's one is just "let me tell you about the holiday I took in a sex tourism enclave".

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I'm so fucking bad at taking criticism, it's always been a problem for me but I'm not really sure how to improve on it. I know that I should acknowledge what they're saying and work on it but actually doing that is like weirdly difficult.

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How do unlock schizophrenia without drugs?

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Because larp is being used for a different reason. Pagans are being called as such because such practices have been dead for over a thousand years so any desire to engage in them is going to be revivalist guesswork. Christians are accused as such because people think it's just an internet larp to be contrarian. The accusation of larp is on a different basis in either case

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just ghost her and move on with your life you cuck

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100 gecs suck so bad and this song is no exception.

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I have turned my bed into a nest, and I love it. It is very good. People need to learn the sheer joy of it. Sleeping on a flat mattress is vastly inferior to being able to just squirm into a pile of pillows and blankets.

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Just had a super tasty lunch. grilled cheese and ham sandwich, and a sweet chili/tabasco sauce to dip it in, and a beer.

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I'm imagining the smell

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why is the internet so weird

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Boring day on /lit/, later fuckers

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>retarded day on the short bus, fellow speds
he says, getting off at his stop

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Degree'Ease C. Enn. 'r' - dat'rr. - stye. - ll. AGHNIMMAGI - EN - D'VI-OU-LEN.

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I wish I had enough conversational competency for people not to want to avoid me immediately after meeting.
I wish I wasn't so scared of people that I would have to hide behind layers of manners and politeness to keep myself safe.
I wish I wasn't affected by all this even when I'm on my own, in my free time, literally destroying every portion of my life.
I wish I wasn't so averse of pain.
I wish I didn't feel like this.

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just listening megadeth

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Just finished the last ever assignment of this year of my masters. Fucking hell was that rough. After nearly 6 months of sleep deprivation I have three exams left and I can't find it in me to study now.

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have you tried not being a seething political extremist?

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The thread on /tv/ was deleted but after seeing that photo I did feel terrible for picking on them but I have my reasons.

Ken little posting and Brooke posting started because in refusing to help me press charges against this specific individual, both parties unintentionally screwed me out of thousands of dollars.

I can’t tell you enough how much I want to smash my fist through their teeth.

Basically, all you need to know about Ken and Brooke is that they screwed me out of a lot of money I could have had right this minute. That’s why you see their stupid faces every day spammed on here.

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Fake it til you make is unironically very helpful.
I also used mantras to great effect. Any thought I knew was insane, I would just repeat mantras until the thoughts stopped. It takes a while, but it works. The best thing is to learn to be affable, even if you're quiet. Learn to hang back, but not so far back that you're not part of the group, you know? Basically, it's learning to balance the fine line between being an asocial creep, and being a desperate annoying loser. Don't force it. If you notice that no one is paying attention, just shut up, and if you're unhappy with the group then leave. People respect and appreciate that more than you know.

You have to solidify your own identity. Your own likes and dislikes, hobbies, favorites, etc... people notice if you're trying to people-please, and it's almost always very annoying.

You have to learn to be satisfied with being in the background. That's not to say you have to be happy being ignored, or whatever, you really shouldn't. It's like, don't try to force anything, but always present as open and attentive. Am I making sense?

But the most important thing flat out, is that you can't chastise yourself for things that didn't happen. If, on the ride home, you think "oh god, I was so cringe!" or "I fucked that up so bad" you have to ignore that. That's what I used the mantras for. Thinking that shit makes everything a thousand times worse, and is almost always wrong.

tl;dr: be chill, and don't listen to your internal monologues

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The will exists. People who think the world can just peacefully come together (as if that is even a solution) are generally sheltered and don't know true suffering.

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Not a christian but all modern pagans are genuine larpers. They don't have any connection to the rites of the ancestors. The generational chain of tradition has been severed

>> No.21805784

This fucking feeling!
I feel like something is wrong with me, that I'm not sufficiently "good".
Both my parents have this, my sister does and so do I. I'm contemplating if I want to have kids, knowing what I'm giving them.
I feel like my parents were never able to give us honest love, they feel that worthlessness inside them that doesn't let them feel like *their* offspring could be *good*.

This impacts any and all communication and relationship with other humans, cause I have this lasting feeling like I must hide something about myself, although I never knew what it was - perhaps this feeling itself.
I've felt this all of my life as far as I remember, but only just now I consciously notice it and discuss it with my parents.

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>muh difference
There isn't one. They just think Odin is real. Most protestants groups have no continuation with early Christianity either.

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>waste past 2 days playing a new video game
>play some this morning
>realize I'm bored of it

I'm free.

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I will try to fast until Eatern. God please help me.

>> No.21805982

With it*

>> No.21805988

what kind of fasting? my grandmas cousin used to do the black fast - eating only rye bread once per day.

>> No.21806004

No sweets, no fap, no sloth, going to bed at 10pm

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How'd they scam money out of you?

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I had Enough. Enough of thots, enough of 4channel, enough of daydreaming, enough of music, enough enough enough

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last night i found an opened bag of peanut m&ms in the street and ate them. thats the kind of person i am

>> No.21806099

3 weeks of it, godspeed

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>walking past local park in the town I was born
>see tons of couples
>see tons of young families with 3+ kids
>suddenly feel overpowering desire to have a family of my own
>remember I look like the ugly bastard from an NTR doujin and can barely maintain eye contact during conversation
>have a brief moment of bottomless dread while seeing myself getting older all alone for decades to come
Feels shitty man

>> No.21806115

fucking retard, the world is 'sin' but within it are the trapped sparks of the divine and through careful cultivation of this element humanity are capable of bringing balance and to live peaceably in two natures
don't just go around telling people shit you don't understand because some faggot in a dress told you so
>oooh look he's on a stage in a big building, everything hes saying must be true

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I've reached a point at which having free time is rarely anything but a curse. Even if I've accomplished things every day for weeks, and have one day afterward with nothing to do, though there's no earthly reason I shouldn't find it a well-earned respite, dread creeps in. I typically spend that free time trying to recapture a particular nostalgic feeling from a decade before, or reinstall some frame of mind that brought me an all-is-right-with-the-world sanctity at some point, usually by watching the YouTube videos or reading the books that I did back then, but it's always in vain. I have made the decision to not only never try to recapture a past that specific again, as it's always like trying to grab a flying bird with my hands, but also to always expect a day with no work on schedule to be a bad one. I read In The Miso Soup a couple years ago, and always remember a line that linked having a passion for work with having repressed negative thoughts. I'm sure that could be true of me.

>> No.21806190

I have lost too much to feel anymore

>> No.21806207


>> No.21806212

I also use work as a form of escapism and I hate spending time with myself.

>> No.21806255

>have several birds
>make coffee
>eat breakfast
>read my favorite book
>close book
>look at hands
>look at book
>look at mug
>look at plate and utensils
>no feces ANYWHERE?

>> No.21806308

How old are you now? If <40 yo, there just might be much more coming for you than you imagine now.

>> No.21806330

This is somehow true for a lot of men nowadays, and significantly fewer women. I don't exactly know how the math works out on that, but experience tells me I'm right. Take solace in the fact that 1) you're not alone, and 2) it's largely not your fault.

>> No.21806342

I can still find actual leisure time to be pleasant, but only after I've done a considerable amount of work that same day, and the amount required seems to grow little by little. And usually if I go into leisure time really hoping to enjoy it, I never will. Enjoying leisure time seems to be a "let the bird land in your hand" situation, or something like that. Once every month or so I'll catch myself really feeling at peace with the world while I'm reading or watching something and it's glorious.

>> No.21806343

>I don't exactly know how the math works out on that
It doesn't
> it's largely not your fault.
It largely is

>> No.21806349

63% of men 18-29 are single (in America). Get ready for that stat to be thrown around a lot if you haven't already because it's basically proof that I'm right.

>> No.21806384

Was visiting this board some time ago. I clicked a random post with many interactions. It was something about people's libraries, hidden features an references to books an funny things they my experience in their library..It provided me a great and needed laugh..yet I have not seen such things since. An that makes me sad.

>> No.21806395

>much more coming
like what?

>> No.21806417

Plenty of people I know say their mindset changed a lot during their thirties. In ten years, you may be a different person.

>> No.21806429

That's not how my material constitution works. I'll still be the same person even if my cells are changed.

>> No.21806431

> significantly fewer women
>Take solace in the fact that you're not alone

Yes, and that's exactly why being a lonely woman is even more isolating. The exile is even harsher, a sense of kinship almost impossible, and most of the functioning society either don't believe you exist, or think that you must be some kind of weird demented beast.

>> No.21806442

Finding new and exciting hobbies to do by myself, traveling and seeing interesting things and having no one to share them with, progressively more detailed fantasies about driving to a large wilderness area, parking my car with the keys in the ignition, and walking into the woods to never be seen again, not noticing or caring about raises or promotions at work because there's nothing fulfilling or satisfying to do with my money, forgetting the few social skills I have and regressing to a near-hermit-like state, not pursuing or even noticing the few social opportunities that do come my way because I can no longer conceive of any possible outcome in which I form a relationship with someone else, suicide.

>> No.21806454

I am afraid that I will eventually kill myself.

>> No.21806460

I don't disagree. In my opinion, the only reason that a woman would be perpetually alone is that she's very unattractive, which seems to matter more for women than men. If that's you, you need to dedicate your entire being to looking better. It might not be possible, it might not work, but it could. The mentalcel excuse for women, I think, is no grounds for complaint. You can be a complete shut-in autist and many dudes, including me, would be willing to try to make it work if you were just a 5/10. I'm not saying that's fair or right, but it's the truth.

>> No.21806462

Alien hand syndrome?

>> No.21806481

but the time is already gone. thats like realizing that you've wanted to be an olympic athlete and but you're in your 30s. that just no going to happen.

>> No.21806522

OK, if your sole dream is to be an Olympic athlete, you are utterly fucked, brother.

>> No.21806533

I don't see things getting any better

>> No.21806548

Starting to feel like a genuine human connection is impossible. We all are individuals locked up in our own thoughts.
When I was a kid, I felt several times that I'm really on the same wavelength with some people. The very same people are now still my friends, but there's no wave aliasing.

>> No.21806550

>e mentalcel excuse for women, I think, is no grounds for complaint. You can be a complete shut-in autist and many dudes, including me, would be willing to try to make it work if you were just a 5/10
That's not really true. Men will put up with a lot of shit for pussy, including ugly. You're doing what anon said people do, which is assume such women can't exist.
There are plenty of unlovable people; anons ITT are contemplating if their parents even loved them.

>> No.21806589

I don't think you're being very fair, because we could argue that lonely men, unless exceptionally ugly as well (and poor souls, they do exist), are mentalcels too and it's just as much of an excuse, if not more, because men have more arguments to sell themselves to women than their pure physicality. I could say that those men don't try hard enough or that they expect too much, and i don't think it would be entirely wrong (just like you're probably not entirely wrong about me), but it's ignoring the very real consequences of social inadaptation, chronic anguish, and the mental prison it forms. I know those men are enduring themselves and can't shift their paradigm easily, so it's more complicated than "just do it", and it's the same for women. In my case, i'm very avoidant and afraid of men in general, and at my age (29), it feels like inertia has already won and it'll be useless to fight against my natural disposition, besides i'm aware that there is nothing appealing, for most people, to an inexperienced 29y old. It is awkward to have missed so many crucial steps in life.

>> No.21806603

I'm actually invaluable to the economy as a NEET. It's called stress testing. The economy shouldn't be so fragile.

>> No.21806621

Yeah. The solution to achieve "world peace" is an extremely bloody and gruesome affair where dozens of factions all with more or less the same aim of helping others and achieving peace slay one another in cold blood.

>> No.21806633

Dream of lover diving off cliff into highway valley, witnessed splat - distraught. wat mean Freudians?
It is rare, and especially so between men. Romance is a primal sort of instant genuine connection, easily kindled over a few bottles of wine and playful touches. That's wonderful, but it's as you say, being on same wavelength is something deeper. Too little time in this world - should be seeing such friends multiple times a week, it is something to be nurtured, not necessarily an instant pulling back of the curtain

>> No.21806638

Im done bullshitting to myself and those around me. Im not "at peace" with death for either myself or those around me. Death fucking terrifies me beyond coping and blatant distraction/escapism is all I have.

FUCK death is scary bro.

>> No.21806642

It's not that such women can't exist, I was about to write as much in that last post, it's just very very rare. In probably 99% of cases, a woman is alone because she doesn't look pretty. Again, that's why I feel worse for those women (who are few to begin with), because it must suck to be rejected for such shallow reasons. Still, at least in my case, and in the cases of most of my male friends who are perpetually alone, we'd absolutely give a psychologically frail/troubled girl a chance if we could just presume she'd say yes to us.

>> No.21806659

The fear of death is a great gift motivating people not to let their lives slip between their fingers.
I wish I was more afraid of death.

>> No.21806663 [DELETED] 

man i ate these korean noodles i got at 99ranch on sale and they were delicious but the seasoning had garlic in and now i just can't stop farting. i'm debating throwing the rest out.

>> No.21806672

Been thinking about information saturation and FOMO recently. The importance of self distance. Narrowing yourself is ultimately liberating but still very challenging.

>> No.21806675 [DELETED] 


>Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
>You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.
>Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
>Waiting for someone or something to show you the way.

>Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
>You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
>And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
>No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

>So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
>Racing around to come up behind you again.
>The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,
>Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

>Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time.
>Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
>Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
>The time is gone, the song is over,
>Thought I'd something more to say.

>Home, home again.
>I like to be here when I can.
>When I come home cold and tired
>It's good to warm my bones beside the fire.
>Far away across the field
>The tolling of the iron bell
>Calls the faithful to their knees
>To hear the softly spoken magic spells.

>> No.21806682

I think all the anguish you've experienced is as real as my own, and in general I think women and men are equally unhappy these days. Even so, I have never seen any deficiencies in a woman's personality or psychological state that would make me not want her -- excesses, sure, and by that I mean, she is very progressive, and is vocal about it, or is a proud whore -- but in terms of being uncertain, inexperienced, the kinds of things you're talking about, those conditions don't bother me at all. At least, not in theory, not to the point I wouldn't give it my all in a relationship. The only reason I would reject you before even attempting to make something work is if I don't think you look good enough (again, very unfair to women). I'm turning you, an unknown anon, into a hypothetical wife in my head already -- and I guarantee that is off-putting to you. If you told me, or most male anons the equivalent, we'd all find it endearing. Personality "deficiencies" like that don't matter for women, they do for men.

>> No.21806703

We're talking about families retard

>> No.21806730

>He sees couples
>Which include significant others
>Something he doesn't have
>And which is a prerequisite for having children i.e. a family

>> No.21806772

Contemplating dating this fat girl and try to make her fit.
She already lost 14kg (self reported) so this might be a case of buying low and then riding it to the top.
Sounds cynical but I do like her personallity.

>> No.21806784

I would do anything to get about 5 years back.

>> No.21806787

How old are you and what was so good 5 years ago? I was 18 at that time. Would have done many things differently for sure.

>> No.21806856

NTR ugly bastards don't seem unhappy

>> No.21806980

I have been autistically obsessed with succeeding and working hard in school because of my poor upbringing. I'll be graduating college soon and it just dawned on me that I have no idea what I'll use the money for. I don't have any expensive hobby because I can't afford it. I hate buying food due to how expensive it is, and I don't go out because I lost all of my friends and girlfriends tryharding college. What will I have left when all is said and done except a small, unsignificant pile of money and mounting regrets?

I think I'll just give it all to my niece when she's old enough to understand.

>> No.21807095

Cause you are insecure

>> No.21807097

a better woman will want to marry you and then you'll have money for your kids retard but yeah your stupidest move was having no ambitions or interests outside of your career

>> No.21807112

>it’s largely not your fault
Lol wut? Lots of guys can get a woman so it is most definitely his fault

>> No.21807113

was anyone else always confused as a kid when you heard people talking negatively about someone else behind their backs? it was like they were all in a secret pact of disliking X person that I wasn't in. I've never disliked anyone and I don't get why people are so obsessed with talking about what they don't like about other people.

>> No.21807125

When a literal majority of men don't have this simple thing, I think it's no longer their fault.

>> No.21807136

The first time I got into a clique in school, I was confused why people were openly talking about others behind their back. Felt like an obviously shitty thing to do. I also felt bad for teachers who everyone shit on for no good reason

>> No.21807165

Most of the world isn’t incels. Stop reading pro-incel propaganda

>> No.21807172

If you mean most men can't get laid no matter how hard they try, you're right. If you mean most men can't find or get into a committed relationship, you're dead wrong.

>> No.21807180

Like Schopenhauer, my father left the family while I was a teenager, and it was just a mother-daughter-son dynamic left. I believe this dynamic is a toxic one, because only the mother-daughter tie is really strong in it. When a son loses his father -- especially before he's properly a man -- there forms a kind of void in him and he desperately needs to fill it. He is haunted by his stunted development, but the mother cannot possibly understand why he is so troubled, and begins to blame him for his weakness, which deteriorates their relationship. The brother-sister relationship can still be good, but in all likelihood it will struggle as well due to the lack of any strong tie between mother and son. The end result is the collapse of the family unit. Families without fathers simply don't survive.

I think it's incumbent on each man in this dynamic to realize he exists in a difficult spot. Do not expect sympathy or empathy from any women, they can't possibly understand what position you're in. All you can do is be like Schopenhauer, develop an extremely headstrong personality to weather the pains of life, and become as self-sufficient as possible. No one will do it for you, almost no one will even help you. But you have to do it, for yourself if no one else. With a collapsed family, it's sink or swim. Understand that.

>> No.21807185

Probably 80% of guys I know are in a relationship at least 6 months old. I guess it depends what you mean by “committed”. If a relationship isn’t working out it is stupid to stay in it. Move on to the next one

>> No.21807193

This still happens, although less so, as a adult and it still feels weird. I just feel really bad doing it, and in the back of my mind I'm always wondering "Are people talking about me like this?"
Generally if other people are a common topic, the group is kind of shitty and closed minded anyway.

To be fair, a lot of guys are undateable and it is absolutely their fault. Im married now but back when I was dating you'd be surprised the shit guys think is acceptable to say or do, especially on a first date.

>> No.21807202

That surprises me, because I'm good friends with 8-10 dudes, and all but one of them has been single for years, if not their whole life. And the one who isn't actually just broke up with his gf three days ago, so even is single again now. Most dudes I know at church are married, but most of them are also older than me. Young men are perpetually alone and it has repeatedly amazed me how infrequently I have seen exceptions to that rule in my life.

>> No.21807208

Do these guys spend a lot of time online or only talking to other guys? It's not hard to meet women if you get out a lot or attend hobby groups

>> No.21807220

This. Women’s default setting is be in a relationship or get into a relationship. The fact a large majority of men are undateable, or never even try to date, is amazing if your a guy who can get his dick wet. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Even easier the younger they are because high school guys are lame these days

>> No.21807224

We all do spent too much time online. Some of us try to go out and do things, myself included. In terms of even just meeting single women, success has been minimal.
Just because something is technically within my power to change, doesn't mean it's entirely my fault that I haven't done it. It's just hard as fuck.
Also, I often hear people bring up such things as "hobby groups". How the hell do you go about finding them?

>> No.21807225

If you refuse to accept help, support, or love when it’s offered to you, you’re only harming yourself and denying yourself happiness. You can’t truly be intimate with anyone else unless you display a willingness to be vulnerable. Women are definitely capable of sympathy and empathy if you’re willing to accept it.

>> No.21807236

I am a person who cannot go up to someone and start a conversation with no pretext. This is what I would have to do to get my dick wet, and it's the one thing I can't do.

>> No.21807243

for me i hate touching people and i hate it when people touch me.

>> No.21807245

What do you have to have to not be undateable at this point?

>> No.21807268

someone like a week ago mentioning how moonlight was one of the only movies that represented modern alienation even if they had to use safe identities to get it on screen. i still had an old copy i torrented years ago when it came out. i rewatched some of the key parts and it's so true. if you're feeling alienated and nothing is relatable, watch it, even if you think you couldn't relate to it because of the identity of the protagonist.

>> No.21807305

Why are women such insufferable scum?

>> No.21807312

Just don't be unbearable to be around. It's not about what you have so much as not messing up, the bar is lower than you think. Back when I was dating there was a lot of reasons I wouldn't go on a second date. Some are kind of innocent, like a guy showed up and I noticed he was wearing the same sweater as in his photo. I didn't think anything of it and then he showed me some photos from a vacation he'd gone on, and he was wearing the sweater in all the photos, and they were on different days. He wasn't bad but it kind of weirded me out. others were worse, like one guy spent a significant portion of the date shittalking his ex. It varies, but if a guy came across as at least socially competent I'd go on second date.
Porn addiction is also big, I broke up with a guy after about a month because he had a porn addiction. I'd only known him for a month and I just wasn't interested in the baggage, and I know other women feel the same.
For the most part I think as long as you're socially competent its ok

>> No.21807317

This touched me. Especially the last sentence, such a simple sentiment yet it conveys so much about modern life.
I am sorry you are suffering anon and am with you in this moment.

>> No.21807334

Practice. Start with old lonely men if you have to. Say hi to people you see frequently. Don’t be afraid if someone blows you off. If you can’t deal with being rejected in small talk, you certainly won’t deal with being rejected by a woman when it matters. Something not brought up enough is how incels are very narcissistic people. The thought of rejection terrifies their ego. They don’t want a blow to their self esteem. If you want to get into the dating world you can’t be afraid of rejection. Don’t take it personally and move on. It’s funny because rejection is usually “I’m busy” or “I have a boyfriend”. Women let guys down easy who actually have balls. Brutal, embarrassing rejections are often reserved for guys who deserve it

>> No.21807356
File: 687 KB, 256x256, 1661049409543069.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21807394

my uncle died last month. at the end he was in some nursing home hospice care shit, and one of the last conversations he had with my dad was that the staff wouldn't let him get up to take a shit and just told him to let it rip in bed and they would clean it up. the guy had to spend the last two weeks of his life humiliated laying in his own shit. if i ever get that bad, i'm just going to send someone into a bad neighborhood to score heroin rather than check into some hospice shit just to get some opioids on drip. my other uncle keeled over shoveling snow one winter, way better way to go.

>> No.21807395

Fair enough, but I just want to say, if I really have to learn how to do this, in addition to all the other ways I've painstakingly improved myself over the last few years, just to have a chance of meeting one woman with whom I have a mutual attraction, that's bullshit. This is not a skill that most people have needed to have to find a mate in life. Some people talk about going up to strangers like it's the easiest thing in the world and if you can't do it, it's on you if you're alone. Fuck that.

>> No.21807413

average man: i am lonely and suffering
aggressively "normal" person: i get so much pussy. fuck you.

>> No.21807414

Drop the ego. social skills are a basic necessity and you aren't going to get handed the world just because you can't do it. You need to be able to talk to be people. There's a reason charismatic people tend to be more successful than awkward people, regardless of skill or intelligance.

>> No.21807425

You're equating basic social skills with the ability to go up to a complete stranger and start a conversation with no pretext at all. I have the former. I have plenty of friends and have had a gf before. I can hold a conversation. I can't start one with a stranger (unless I manufacture a fake reason which is very hard to do). THAT ability is what it seems I need to just meet women at this point, and I find that to be bullshit. Most people throughout history have surely not needed to do that.

>> No.21807434

this is why people pick up contrived hobbies like rock climbing to meet chicks. it gives you an excuse to get to know them over time.

>> No.21807438

How the hell do you think they used to meet people? I thought going up to a woman in a bar was the standard throughout the 90's

>> No.21807441

social networks used to exist. people used to have friends and families.

>> No.21807442

Start making acquaintances, even if it’s on a small talk level. Most people need that “in” to start talking to people. Like people are more likely to talk to someone they spoken to before. Women like playing matchmaker so keep that in mind. Learn to read body language, which guys are often retarded at. Don’t talk about taboo things. The most important thing is to try and not get discouraged

>> No.21807443

I guess so, and I've tried to do this too, albeit not too often over the years.
I highly doubt it, that was when most people met organically through mutual friend groups. Obviously some chads could do it and still can, but not most. Also, I have to think that back then before the Internet was widespread, people weren't so hyper-attuned to pick-up lines and strategies. I don't go to bars, because I want something committed.

>> No.21807457

most pickup situations i've seen in bars involve drugs. like, taking people back to your place to do drugs. the idea that you're going to pickup a gf in a bar is a weird fantasy. maybe if it's a neighborhood old man bar where it's the same sad sacks every night and you get to known them, but that's not what most people are imagining.

>> No.21807490

Humans are like a combination of the aggression of chimpanzees and the obsession with cooming that orangutans have.

>> No.21807497

Meant to say bonobos.

>> No.21807499

the west has fallen

>> No.21807500

I've come to the conclusion that a work of art does not necessarily need to be perfect for it to be enjoyed as if it were so.

>> No.21807510

all the mopey shit on /lit/ is really stoking my alienation. makes me want to do some creative shit, i guess cuz the only way for me to really commune with other people is to create art for people who vibrate on my frequency, rather than through standard means. i wonder if everyone is feeling so alienated because it's spring time. i'm going to start getting horny and lonely in a couple weeks. i have a full time job and disposable income for once in my life, so i guess i could like "date" this summer, but let's be real. i am not going to do that. i do feel a nice urge to art at the moment though.

>> No.21807528

How true is it that being sexually satisfied in general kills your creativity? Or the reverse, that creativity thrives when you have no one to dump your libido on?

>> No.21807547

it's the emotional alienation not the sex.

>> No.21807549
File: 55 KB, 719x638, AI is bad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uh oh......

>> No.21807553
File: 26 KB, 715x231, dont do this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bro wtf i broke this AI

>> No.21807556
File: 20 KB, 473x266, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21807559
File: 283 KB, 593x393, Screenshot(114).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody. Weird quasi-capitalist slave deadline pushed by Peterson types to get more white healthcare workers in the system before they have to go to homes themselves and get bludgeoned by the subhumans they let flourish.

>> No.21807561

I wish man. Bonobos are having sex orgie parties 24/7 meanwhile we have incels.
We don't measure up.

>> No.21807567

tangential but bonobos chinos are so fucking good, never again with j. crew bullshit

>> No.21807578

Am I the only person who thinks theres something erotic about zippers

>> No.21807582
File: 36 KB, 716x414, its over.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this AI man

>> No.21807598

Naughty AI, needs alignment correction!

>> No.21807615

I'm tired of being the one to have to initiate with women just because I am a man. Women have intentionally emotionally brutalized me for this behavior in the past and sometimes I'm just having a bad fucking day and it'd be really cool if someone broke the ice for once.

How am I to know they're not just vying for validation and are going to reject me or make fun of me just because we made some eye contact.

>> No.21807617

someone should write a book about some scientist driven by a search for a new fetish material he experienced in an erotic dream. like imagine you're living in like 1750 and have a dream about latex.

>> No.21807629

Read Michelstaedter. Ignore the people who call him a pessimist (whether it's true or not is irrelevant). You'll find someone who truly knows and doesn't want to deflect, which is the best you can ask for.

>> No.21807643

I think approaching women can be fun, but nowadays the whole ceremony feels like going full on clown shoes so that maybe this 4/10 woman will deign to let you access her pussy rather than a game of cat and mouse with back-and-forward flirting. The latter is fun, the former is degrading.

>> No.21807658

I have decided to never masturbate again and so far, I can’t tell if I’m more creative, or losing control in every other aspect of my life

>> No.21807664

I can't write anymore. Not about a loser. It was supposed to be semi-autobiographical, but then I realized the way I lost at life was so boring as to be summed up in a few sentences.

Why is life so bleak for me? Is this continual punishment for cheating through a math degree?

>> No.21807672

And ignore the wikipedia article if you decide to look at it. It's rubbish, just like much of that website.

>> No.21807673

math degrees always attract the laziest bums. they think if they do math they won't have to write papers or code, and by the time they get to the stuff they can't memorize their way out of, the finish line is on the horizon. math degree is a signal of a real crumb bum.

>> No.21807675

When I edge for a little while and repulse a few ejaculations before going out it seems girls pay more attention to me. Weird shit

>> No.21807679

There's probably a sweet spot to it in terms of creativity. If you're sexually sated you don't really feel driven to make art but having your pipes get backed up too much will spoil your ability to concentrate.

>> No.21807720

I think it's not a bad option if you're actually good at it. The thing was, I was a hack fraud who cheated his way through the degree. I could've changed it and actually learned *something*, but no, I thought it would land me a job. So far, the biggest regret of my adult life.

>> No.21807784

Werewolves are GOTHIC

>> No.21807906
File: 52 KB, 736x736, 653BC499-9C3B-4945-8833-41EE505BA59A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What percentage of /lit/ do you think believes that their life has been worth it so far?

>> No.21807919

90% is my guess

>> No.21807924

This is a question I ask myself all the time. I write a new one line suicide note every day and see if I want to KMS. I never do. I think this means that, no matter how bad it seems, life is still "good enough" to keep going.

>> No.21807930

I definitely don’t.

>> No.21807938

I wish the internet didn't become ubiquitous like it is today and stayed at 2007-era levels of sophistication and I wish I loved reading again and had no distractions.

>> No.21807955

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep,
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to: 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub:
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause—there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life.
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
Th'oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
The pangs of dispriz'd love, the law's delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns
That patient merit of th'unworthy takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscovere'd country, from whose bourn
No traveller returns, puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus conscience doth make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action.

>> No.21807956

I tried to give a homeless guy some money last night. I was afraid that he would get offended, or that he might not be homeless, so to save face I handed him fifteen dollars, told him that I had social anxiety, that I wanted him to go inside to pick up a bag of chips for me, and that he could keep the rest as a tip. He seemed to have some sort of mental illness, because he did not look well, and he genuinely asked me if it was illegal or if it counted as robbery. He seemed suspicious, too, and wanted me to keep most of the fifteen dollars. At least he kept a few to himself.
It's nice not having a horde of dangerous hobos in my city, but it would be nicer if I could help people more easily. I was thinking about buying gifts and donating them to two local churches for easter.

>> No.21807957

You're so annoying. "I am too afraid to approach people and it's EVERYONE ELSES FAULT" you can feel the narcissism coming off the screen. No one owes you anything and if you can't play the game then you don't deserve to win it. You're shitty at it so you demand the world change around you instead of trying to change yourself. When stuff isn't working out, most people will start by looking in the mirror to figure out why, except narcissists, who will bend reality to find a way to blame everyone else for their own shortcomings.

>> No.21807963

>the meeting of two socially anxious persons

>> No.21807965


>> No.21807968

"you're so annoying" - guy who doesn't speak english

>> No.21807973

Your so annoying

>> No.21807977

My so annoying? YOUR so annoying.

>> No.21807978

i bet you think this post is about you
don't you

>> No.21807987

Who else would it be for besides me the general audience member?

>> No.21807991

He was talking to me, narc

>> No.21807993

i was referencing the extremely famous carly simon song

>> No.21808022
File: 73 KB, 500x333, kharkovchanka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made it to the point of getting tradpubbed, but have earned about $1k total on sales since then, all in the first 2 months after release. I don't know what I thought would happen. I guess that's better than nothing. My next book comes out this October and I'm looking to diversify into audiobooks and maybe VNs. I need money to live, but we're approaching AI-mageddon for all jobs, writing especially.

AI written books are already being spammed at publishers, many of whom have stopped accepting submissions temporarily until a workable filter can be devised. On top of this, I'm a white, heterosexual male so I'm beyond lucky to have a publisher at all, albeit a small one, I cannot find an agent, and no bigger publishers will accept unagented manuscripts.

I don't know what my next steps should be, outside of what I'm already doing. It's never been harder to stand out.

>> No.21808025
File: 117 KB, 973x1280, 0D3B6ED6-3296-40ED-B359-C52FB447A291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Call or text the people who you care about.
Gratitude is the highest feeling you can have, give it to yourself for free.

>> No.21808069

I don't have any friends

>> No.21808079

Its always me whos doing it. I hate it. Others can do absolutely nothing and they receive the calls and text. Why it has to be me whos seeking other people but not being sought out?

>> No.21808085

AI sucks. I hope this fad dies soon, a lot of lit mags and publishers are getting spammed with samey AI stories, they're obvious to pick out too because they use the same language and tropes. Unironically I assume they'll have to train AI to pick out AI stuff. It's not even at a level where it makes an acceptable story, its just wasting everyone's time.

>> No.21808097
File: 2.22 MB, 5298x442, evolutionofgod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>AI sucks. I hope this fad dies soon

>> No.21808116

I believe AI is the anti-christ
Man channels god through conciouness, AI mimics conciouness without soul, a false image of God.
Probably in 10 years it will be scary, but by that point I will live on my micro farm

>> No.21808117
File: 389 KB, 720x437, riddle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21808126

Jesus? Am I retarded I don't know what this is getting at

>> No.21808127

I had a dream where I popped into a gas station to buy cigarettes, paid with cash to get rid of excess coins and then lit one up as soon as I got outside. It felt so good.
Then I woke up and wondered about the dream because I've literally never smoked in my life.

>> No.21808129


Never you mind, friend. Nothing to trouble yourself with

>> No.21808138

AI (Anti-Iesu)

>> No.21808139

This is a common dilemma. It strikes me as an egotistical issue. Its easy to say “if they dont talk to me, why should I talk to them?” It makes logical sense.
But you can be the person who bares the chore of breaking that cycle. It becomes your choice as soon as you realize it, or more of your responsibility when you realize it. It’s all free. It’s your own decision to drop your ego (real ego not hippy bullshit) and make the connection live once more.

>> No.21808141

People who care about you probably would disagree.
You cannot see the world if you close your eyes friend. It’s harder than you think.

>> No.21808146

You can't think your way into becoming the ideal version of yourself

>> No.21808150

To become the ideal version of myself I would need a time machine. Now what?

>> No.21808152

That doesnt change the notion that you have to seek others because no one will seek you. The great injustice.

>> No.21808156


>> No.21808158

What I mean is if I contacted anyone in my contact list, I would have to suddenly pretend we are friends, because they have no reason to speak to me, nothing in common, etc., basically they are only acquaintances whom I barely know. And there's only a couple of people in there anyway.

>> No.21808160

It can't be the ideal if it's no longer possible. Perhaps your ideal is a loser that can bench press 90kg instead of 50.

>> No.21808164

>regrets mount
So my ideal version is only diminishing as time passes.

>> No.21808167

I just went to the gym for the first time in a long time. It's always hard, because I have an anxiety disorder. It wasn't really a great experience, I almost threw up and feel pretty bad now. I hope it will get better.

>> No.21808192

Then set a new ideal

>> No.21808200

How does one reconcile the separation of soul and matter with the view that physical matter is merely a projection of one’s consciousness?

>> No.21808206

Which album? So Far So Good So What is their best imo

>> No.21808214

Consciousness != soul

>> No.21808219
File: 12 KB, 342x342, confusedscreaming.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21808220

Conciousness is the window the soul looks through

>> No.21808224

Now my new ideal is limited to being a loser. Great! Can’t wait to get started on improving myself to reach such great heights!

>> No.21808230

>spend all day doing fuck all. Read some, play vidya, put off writing
>finally work myself into writing at 2AM
>I need to at least get some writing in today
>"Holy shit this is so fun and satisfying, why do I keep putting this off? Too bad I have to go to bed now"
>wake up at noon. Put off till 2 AM

>> No.21808235

I really know nothing, the smallest thing could turn me from a physicalist into a property dualist, a substance dualist, even an idealist. It's all so confusing.

>> No.21808236
File: 263 KB, 1280x1012, 3F18CFFC-21A0-4BF9-B341-FD7449F44AE5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going by that, we’re souls who create matter through our existence?

>> No.21808239

Are you me?

>> No.21808240

Life is pretty strange when you’re 19 eh Paco?

>> No.21808246

Is it worth reading romantic books if I've never been in love? I been thinking about picking up Wurthering Heights at the library.

>> No.21808353

What's your alternative?

>> No.21808360

Took a sick day today and just watched a bunch of movies. I am legitimately sick but usually I would just push through. Glad I took the day off though, the 9-5 is killing me.

Wuthering Heights is more about spurned love and spite as opposed to gooey romantic love, so you might still enjoy it.

>> No.21808363
File: 741 KB, 1106x1012, 1678801203170158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf is "life-affirming"? Is there a specific way that you are supposed to live?

>> No.21808370

You affirm it. Have you ever affirmed it before?

>> No.21808375

I am alive. I know I am alive. Occasionally, I say "yes"

>> No.21808383

You're human now or something.

>> No.21808395

The difference is that they have confidence and can attract women despite their looks, while I have autism and couldn't form or maintain a relationship to save my life.

>> No.21808396
File: 114 KB, 946x1346, 1676636181428545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is that "life-affirming"? So is everyone life-affirming until they die no matter what they do in life? Tbrqhwy I think lobotomizing oneself because you see too much reason around you and living an effective half life is not very affirming and more like the ravings of people who's true potential in life, whether they like it or not, can be found in a concentration camp.

>> No.21808424
File: 35 KB, 500x375, 1584647946187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some women definitely do have empathy/support to provide. I'm only talking about the dynamic of sons-mothers with absent fathers. Personally, I know a lot of guys in this situation (including myself) and all of them struggled with it. Most of them had a "rough period" where they got into drugs and began hanging around the wrong kind of people. The others became huge NEETs/failures.

My mother doesn't have a nurturing bone in her body. Whenever she sees me struggling, she just goes "You really need to pick yourself up," as if I don't know that. She gives financial support but that's all -- emotional support doesn't exist. For sons who lose their fathers, they need something to latch onto, and if mothers don't provide this they spiral out of control. I'm not saying losing your father is hopeless for guys. I'm just saying it's basically being a man on hard mode. If you fail, no one will really care. But if you succeed, you can be happy knowing you won all that yourself.

>> No.21808449

The problem with your theory is that ugly women don't wind up alone. The perpetually alone male eventually gets over the fetish of a troubled waif and realize they don't care about personality or looks, they'll take any pussy. You're not going to turn down an ugly girl, and if you do, that's why you're alone, not a lack of pretty but damaged women.

>> No.21808453
File: 1.13 MB, 640x640, tenor (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel furious at myself all the time and am not kind to myself.

>> No.21808455

The Old Man and the Sea was good, but I felt the ocean journey was pretty long. I didn't read it all in one go, though.

>> No.21808460

I've read it multiple times in one sitting, it's the best way to consume it.

>> No.21808513

I wonder why it is that so many dreams, even across people, follow such a similar narrative structure - eg trying to achieve some goal and being perpetually frustrated. What does this say about the human mind?

>> No.21808608

heroes journey is an universal human myth throughout the time

>> No.21808698

ramadan starts this week. like half the people at work are muslim so now i get to feel guilty for eating a snack in front of them.

>> No.21808703

>anon gets beheaded for a klondike bar

>> No.21808728

If you had to condense the Western Canon to at most 10 works (entire oeuvres included as long as they are not ridiculously huge), what would you include?

>The Iliad
>The Odyssey
>The Aeneid
>Ovid's Metamorphoses
>the Bible
>The Divine Comedy
>Paradise Lost
>Goethe's Faust

>> No.21808733

...maybe Ulysses could be swapped for Augustine's Confessions?

>> No.21808741

That which celebrates things that are joyful, healthy, strong, and beautiful. Not all of them at once but some of them at least. Life-denying is that which endorses sorrow, sickness, weakness, and ugliness in life, and portrays them as desirable things and states to be in.

>> No.21808748

needs sophocles
i'd drop faust, that entry just feels like affirmative action for germany
needs moby dick
i'd rather have proust than joyce for modernism

>> No.21808807

rejected once again

>> No.21808811

>klondike bar
this nigga shall be annihilated alhamdulillah

>> No.21808847

And I'll do anything for a blond dyke

>> No.21808883

The Bible
Greek Tragedians

>> No.21808947

Funny thing, in the end of 2021 I've posted something here saying that I wanted to break up with my GF and that I would do once the holiday season ended. It turns out I didn't, but I really tried. But she would literally cry her eyes out and humiliate herself so I would accept her back. It's a weird position to be in, and it's not the first time it happened to me. What do I have to attract these type of girls?
Anyway, last night we had another horrible fight because it was late and she wanted to discuss some boring shit that happened a year ago. I said no and tried to sleep, but she kept trying to annoy me, playing loud music and shit like that. She managed to get in my nerves and I said a bunch of horrible things about her, until she got her feelings hurt and went to sleep crying. I feel terrible, but I swear to God that it's always her that starts this fights. I just wanna be at peace again. Shit thing is that I got really attached to her, so I know a break up would hurt a bit, even though I know in the long run, I could be a good thing. She says she's leaving and don't want to be with me anymore, but she said this so many times and lever did, that I don't believe anymore. I don't know what to do, honestly.

>> No.21808979

I am on a Zoom lecture and I don't care about what is being said at all. Thank you for your interesting posts and reading mine.

>> No.21808991

Its kinda up to you whether you feel guilty or not desu. Remember that they aren't suffering because they are in an unfortunate situation. They chose this. Eat the loudest snacks you can and feel nothing. Fuck em.

>> No.21808997


>> No.21809014

This passiveness of yours is incredibly destructive. Just leave her, have some compassion. I often see the statistics that women leave men more than the opposite, but i think if we really looked into it this is an example as to why. In reality you wanted to leave her before she even did, you have nothing but contempt for her, you're dismissive of her trying to connect with you ("she wanted to discuss boring things"), but somehow you stay. She feels that. Men stay because they can hate you with all their guts, they'll still want to empty themselves in you, often they stay also because the woman serves as a maid and organizes his life. It's a soul crushing state to be in, and your cowardice is only making it worse.

Be free like you want to be, don't keep a woman you don't cherish to your side like an emotional prisoner. You'll do the right thing for you and for her.

>> No.21809033

There is a heavily publicized trial right now in my country, about a 16-year old /pol/-poster who is on the stand for joining a white power terrorist organization and soliciting others to join. After islamic terror, that's a big no-no, so it appears they are making a spectacular example of him, as they have done of islamic terrorists in the past.

It has been absolutely delightful following his explanations to a normie crowd, him having to argue that his bomb manuals, his personal library of Kaczscynsky, Mein Kampf and Evola, his endless chatlogs calling for racewar and the death of all jews, his claims to other members of white power organizations that he knew how to make bombs - that it was all just a joke, just a bit of edgy humor, just ironic, just a joke he lived 24/7 for years, and that the dumbass normies just don't get it.

It's a hilarious dissonance that arises, once 4chan edginess meets real consequences. This kid has no idea, and now he has fucked up his entire life.

>> No.21809034

It is weird how for some authors like Kaczynski are jumping off points, but for others they become basically brainwashed just by the ideas and become terrorists

>> No.21809038

*by jumping off points I mean intellectually speaking, not for acts of terror, a level-headed person can learn from extremist authors without adopting their creed

>> No.21809051

Oh for sure. I've read Kazcynsky to see how he tackles the problem of technology compared to people like Heidegger and Adorno, but that's because I'm one of those system-maintaining academics he screeds about, who has a purely intellectual interest in the subject.

Though I'm not so sure Kaczynsky was the cause here so to speak, I'm thinking more in terms that he is part of some readymade aesthetic package of online turbo-rightoidism - I mean the kid is 16. He knows fuck-all about philosophy. But in other cases, for sure. Some people really do drink the kool-aid.

>> No.21809072

What will become of me in frustrated lust?
Will my body harden and grow a stiff tail?
Will my jaw set itself?
Will my blood flush itself through secret, purifying veins?
Will I have vivid dreams?
Will my hands sprout guns?
Will I rescue stray cats?
Will I cling in faithfulness to the one who is permitted?
Will I love everyone?
Will my resentment show on my face?
Will I touch the nearest lonely body in a fugue state?
Will I shut my gate more reliably when entering at night?
Will I hear beautiful men whispering in the distance?
Will I pray?
Will I be like a clearing where the sounds of the road do not penetrate?
Will I have visions of seraphim?
Will I bioluminesce?
Will I clone myself?
Will I be proud?
Will I stop disappointing strangers?
Will I paint?
Will I finally sit down and paint?

>> No.21809095
File: 248 KB, 292x398, 1679286366389295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love Zoomers. Befriend Zoomers. Invite Zoomers out to drink after work. Ask about a Zoomer's day in the office. Make eye contact with Zoomers. Call Zoomers on the phone instead of texting. Compliment Zoomers in front of their peers. Give Zoomers time sensitive tasks. Send Zoomers memes on social media. Get into polite political conversations with Zoomers. Ask Zoomers when they are having kids. Tell Zoomers they look nice today. Give Zoomers more responsibility. Have Zoomers present before their peers. Participate in Zoomer interests. Sing lyrics out loud in front of Zoomers. praise Zoomers for respecting the environment. Take selfies with Zoomers. Respect Zoomers. Understand Zoomers. Ask about Zoomer’s neurodivergences. Add Zoomers on Tiktok. Take off your hat around Zoomers. Snap your fingers or whistle to get Zoomers attention. Mandatory mental health days for Zoomers. Teach Zoomers useful skills. Use Zoomer lingo. Be concerned about Zoomers financial stability. Help Zoomers when their car breaks down. Ask Zoomers for favors. Encourage Zoomers to ask questions.

>> No.21809102

and you'll never be a human

>> No.21809103

I feel bad for the right for that reason. They have a tragic quest, of trying to effect something that is already doomed, and lack the raw brain power to even conceive how a "take over" could happen. They are still leading with the Jews angle, even though it just gets them de-platformed over and over again, and the Jewish critique itself is not necessary for a critique of Capitalism or most of their ideology. It's like they still see the world in early 20th century terms, as if Fascism is just a brief coup away and not an ideology that died 80 years ago.

This terrorism feels like the inevitable result of that crap. All that channeled frustration, has to go somewhere. Don't get me wrong, I have sympathy for the right. They're just myopic, and lack brains. Maybe all the precocious right-wingers give up once they realize how lost the battle truly is. It's like trying to get the monarchies to come back. That shit is gone.

>> No.21809106

The things is, we are living together for a about two years now. So a breakup in this situation could get even more messy, as she still don't have anywhere to stay and is unemployed right now. I feel like that's mostly why she still with me right now, just because she doesn't anywhere to go and doesn't want to reach for her family out of embarrassment. But it's truly a soul crushing experience to be in and your comment cuts deep. I am a coward just as she is for not doing the right thing and leaving. I hate to be in this situation. I wish we could get a long, but it seems impossible at this point. She doesn't trust me and let me tell you: there's no other experience as tiresome as living and sharing life with a woman who doesn't trust you. It makes me so tired and depressed that I want to kill myself. For a while, we still had an amazing sex life and really chemistry, but now, even that is gone. So what I have left is a woman who doesn't trust me and wich I can connect anymore.
I'm at work right now but in a few hours I'll be home and I will see what happens.

>> No.21809111
File: 561 KB, 640x800, 1652504713284.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Starting training your inner monologue to be active most of the time. Describe the things you see, make remarks about them, make jokes, imagine something to say as if someone was there next to you, or if you were trying to capture it for a story. Describe people, places, have entire dialogues in your head, arguments with imaginary antagonists going from logical disagreements to just a pure trade of insults.

Always find the things that seem the most challenging to you and force your mind into that frequency. If you see someone doing a speech and think damn I couldn't do that, then keep trying to do them in your head for the next few weeks until you get it right. Aim for a wide range. Human speech is crystallized into contextual formats: the lecture, the book report, the flirting, the banter, the eulogy, the best man speech, the academic writing, the letter, you will only improve it on a fundamental level if you go through several of them and force yourself to align your creative resources to their constraints.

Your inner monologue has two modes: you can either figure out what to say word-for-word, improvising linearly like a real conversation, or you can use it more conceptually, jumping all over the place, without burdening yourself with word choice and rhetoric too much. You have to oscillate between the two. People who have the second one as standard are much better at coming up with new ideas and new angles on things, but you will have a hard time articulating those thoughts and you might feel like that part of you is "locked" in your head. The first mode forces you to not only figure out how to say things, but to figure out cadence, timing, and tone, and it forces you to adjust length for the situation, so you need to go 50/50 with them.

>> No.21809114

We will slowly emerge from this sleep of apathy and remember what it means to properly incorporate a new generation into the fold. Zoomers are the victims, not the perpetrators, of incompetence.

>> No.21809115

>through careful cultivation of this element humanity are capable of bringing balance and to live peaceably in two natures
t. hasn't read the Bible.

>> No.21809124

>anon suggests schizophreniamaxx

>> No.21809130

I saved this thanks

>> No.21809135

Do you have a method for overcoming regret and avoiding paralysis stemming from regret?

>> No.21809146

I take a step back and imagine it was someone else who made this mistake. Would I forgive them? If not, what would they have to do to redeem themselves?

>> No.21809230

better than the best

>> No.21809273

Forgiveness isn’t really what’s being sought though.

>> No.21809304

Our strength consists in our speed and in our brutality. Genghis Khan led millions of women and children to slaughter – with premeditation and a happy heart. History sees in him solely the founder of a state.

>> No.21809490

I have a remote job that takes approximately an hour a day to complete (probably even less since I always get stellar performance reviews but I get anxious if I phone it in even more than I already do). 20 year old me would have loved this but 20-something year old me is BORED and LONELY. I want to hang out with my friends but I can't because they have jobs that aren't memes. I literally don't know what to do with myself. I read for like three hours a day and exercise for around one. That still leaves three hours of my nominal workday unfilled, let alone the time outside the workday. I'm so bored jesus christ it's only partway through Monday and I'm already BORED! I feel like some idle aristocrat, except even they had giant estates they had to manage.

>> No.21809499

Start learning new things

>> No.21809506

I don't know what I do, I fucked up, it is all doomed

>> No.21809562

I hate work so much it's unreal.

>> No.21809604

An hero.

>> No.21809628

open your parachute and grab your gun
Falling down like an omen, a setting sun

>> No.21809658

I’ve been considering going back to that life again but it’s not going to be as romantic at 30 as it was at 25. It might be a little pathetic, and definitely lonely. I don’t know what to do.

>> No.21809669

What have you done (or failed to do) that you regret so much? Specifics matter here. It’s hard to advise you without knowing the situation you’re in.

>> No.21809760

I don’t get this mentality. If that’s really how you feel, genuinely kill yourself. I mean that in the best way, cash out, sit on a beach somewhere your money will last, breathe in the air and then exit bag with some helium cans. How do people manage to be risk averse at the point they look forward to dying?

>> No.21809783

I already do that, imbecile.

>> No.21809816

I'll go insane If I don't quit my job ASAP, but if I quit I will end up starving. It was nice knowing you.

>> No.21809818

gimme that old time religion

>> No.21809918

I used to think like this but as I got to know people better I realized that a lot of the time they're way more insecure and awkward than they appear to be. My best bro, who in my eyes is super charismatic, confident, and outgoing told me recently that he worries sometimes that I don't actually like him. This guy seems like a chad yet really he's worried about the feelings of a guy who posts in the worst thread on /lit/.

And at the end of the day, what do you have to lose? I'd rather experience connection even if it is "unjust" (which is probably isn't even).

>> No.21809942

The only thing that makes him retarded is trying to play it off as a joke. If it was so unimportant to him that he'd turn his back on it immediately once he faces onsequences, he should just say "I was stupid, I'm sorry, I'm guilty." Now he's lost the martyr angle and made a complete fool of himself.
The left and right essentially agree that fascism is a single coup away. The left's entire animating force is that of a possible fascist uprising that will never come because white people just want to grill

>> No.21809957

>At the Egyptian city of Naucratis, there was a famous old god, whose name was Theuth; the bird which is called the Ibis is sacred to him, and he was the inventor of many arts, such as arithmetic and calculation and geometry and astronomy and draughts and dice, but his great discovery was the use of letters. Now in those days the god Thamus was the king of the whole country of Egypt; and he dwelt in that great city of Upper Egypt which the Hellenes call Egyptian Thebes, and the god himself is called by them Ammon. To him came Theuth and showed his inventions, desiring that the other Egyptians might be allowed to have the benefit of them; he enumerated them, and Thamus enquired about their several uses, and praised some of them and censured others, as he approved or disapproved of them. It would take a long time to repeat all that Thamus said to Theuth in praise or blame of the various arts. But when they came to letters, This, said Theuth, will make the Egyptians wiser and give them better memories; it is a specific both for the memory and for the wit. Thamus replied: O most ingenious Theuth, the parent or inventor of an art is not always the best judge of the utility or inutility of his own inventions to the users of them. And in this instance, you who are the father of letters, from a paternal love of your own children have been led to attribute to them a quality which they cannot have; for this discovery of yours will create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, because they will not use their memories; they will trust to the external written characters and not remember of themselves. The specific which you have discovered is an aid not to memory, but to reminiscence, and you give your disciples not truth, but only the semblance of truth; they will be hearers of many things and will have learned nothing; they will appear to be omniscient and will generally know nothing; they will be tiresome company, having the show of wisdom without the reality.

A janny thought the above was fan-fiction. Nobody reads!

>> No.21809960

I’ve been doing this childhood, what am I?

>> No.21809980

>lighting a cigarette near a gas station
you’re reckless. in your dream, anyway.

>> No.21810150


>> No.21810763

Yes, I might be fucked. But I am not fucked until all is said and done, and before I did anything to fix it. I still have a few hours. I'm going to do it and none of these motherfuckers will have any leverage on me. I will fight until I fucking die.

>> No.21810854

>implying Plato isn't fanfiction
Gotta say the janny might be right on this one even if he's doing it for free. See if you get permabanned for Milton or Dante.

>> No.21811145

I have fallen into a soulless career path and miserable lifestyle. I don't know how to escape this without killing myself. I am not the independent thinker I always thought I was.

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