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"Helvetica" edition.

There wouldn't be /lit/ at all if there weren't letters. Even before printing there were distinct and recognisable 'types' of writing, and now after 500 years of printing in Europe and about twice as much in China there are a whole lot more. You're looking at a typeface right now. Even if you don't notice typography, you are still noticing it.

In this thread, discuss typography and topics related to typography. What fonts do you like? Dislike? What fonts do you use in your everyday typing? What's an example of a particularly well-typeset book? Do you think sans-serif fonts for body text in printed books are hard to read? Does bad kerning make you grind your teeth? Is there a particular font you've seen somewhere but can't identify? Any and all questions are welcome.

——Books on Typography——
—Bringhurst, Robert. The Elements of Typographic Style
—Dowding, Geoffrey. Finer Points in the Spacing and Arrangement of the Printed Word.
—Gill, Eric. An Essay on Typography.
—Lawson, Alexander. Anatomy of a Typeface.
—Tschichold, Jan. The New Typography.
—McLean, Ruari. The Thames and Hudson Manual of Typography.
—Heller, Steven; Meggs, Philip B. Texts on Type: Critical Writings on Typography.

——Online Typography Resources——

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What's a good libre-font for writing a thesis statement?

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There's a board for this topic. Try

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That shit is more dead than the neko loli in my basement anon-kun-desu~

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1. What machine are you on?
2. Are you writing this in an academic context? They may have a formatting standard they want you to adhere to.
3. Do you need it to be web-usable?
I know that /gd/ exists. Like I said in the previous thread, this isn't a really design-oriented thread. If people want to design books and stuff they can go to /gd/ if they want. This here is just a place where /lit/izens can discuss aspects of typography - which they are, necessarily, involved in insofar as they are reading or writing at all - that they like or are interested in. Do you have a font that you like?

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If an Adobe black ops team threatened to waterboard you unless you could tell Arial from Microsoft Sans Serif, would you be able to?

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computer modern

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>helvetica mostly horizontal and vertical line endings
>arial they are kinda crooked
works everytime even if you don't have smth easy like a capital R or lowercase a.

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It's a tiny distinction yet somehow it makes all the difference. Arial is OK for body text but imagine using it for titles and headers - godawful.

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I have one font I use for the Latin alphabet-- LTC Goudy Modern by Lanston Type Co. Arion press used it in their 1979 printing of Moby Dick. It's a sophisticated and somewhat rustic, old fashioned font. The italics version has a subtle cursive like flourish to the capital letters, as well.

Let me ask you something: where do you put your page numbers? Bottom left, center, right, or top left, center, right? And what font do you use for Japanese typography?

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The length people on this board go to to not discuss literature

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Where are my Fraktur bros at?

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nice but i feel that proportions feel a little odd at times like on the lowercase z
page numbers bottom centre for something i'm just writing like a report, outer top corner for something bound like in penguins

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Garamond chads, where you at?

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thanks for sharing, goudy oldstyle is sexy

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for reference

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This thread is at least if not more /lit/-related than half the threads on the catalog right now.

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Page numbers at the top are acceptable only for journal articles. In a book, they belong at the bottom.
>And what font do you use for Japanese typography?
Fontworks Matisse (especially the ultrabold and extrabold weights) and Tsukushi Mincho are both hard to beat.

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cmr-12 > *

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Arial is the only one that resembles Akzidenz-Grotesk (which btw I love, together with Avenir... mmm), as they both have balls
quite amazing that they could get away with including Arial in a Microsoft product

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Use something monospaced or GTFO.

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>Japanese typography
like the other anon said, マティス is incredibly hard to beat in terms of being an iconic, yet safe, 明朝体.
For Latin glyphs I enjoy Merriweather and Neuton.

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anything better than Consolas?

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I mentioned this in the previous thread, but I'm quite a fan of Iosevka these days. See pic related for comparison.

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If we're gonna talk strictly monospace, you can't beat the classics. VN readers know.

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thanks; unfortunately consolas is still the most easy on my eyes from that list;
on my linux I use https://www.dafont.com/hack.font which looks surprisingly good even when small (default is Liberation Mono)

btw you could link the previous thread in each OP

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Whoops. I'll make sure to do it next time.

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There's a board for this topic. Try

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There's a board for your kind. Try

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