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>Within the pages of this volume you will come upon three of the darkest creations of English nineteenth-century literature; three of the darkest in all of English and American literature, many would say...and not without justification...These three creatures, presented together for the first time, all have a great deal in common beyond their power to go on frightening generation after generation of readers...but that fact alone should be considered before all others.
>American literature
Literally all three books were written by Brits. What did he mean by this? If they had compiled The Turn of the Screw or something he may have been correct, but Stoker, Shelley, and Stevenson were Brits.

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>three of the darkest creations of English nineteenth-century literature
He is well-aware they were all written by Brits, what he was trying to say in a rather clumsy manner is that these three monsters are the darkest of all monsters known in English and American literature combined (reference to their popularity in culture).

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Stoker was Irish, not British. Poor Wales is the only one not represented on the list.

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He wasn’t high, he’s just a smug asshole who likes to pretend he’s far more intelligent than he actually is.

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Dracula > Frankenstein > Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (without knowing what it's about) > the invisible man

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second time i've seen this posted. is this a bot that made semantic sense of the thread and replied or just the same guy copy-pasting whenever he sees a vaguely related thread?

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Why would someone write a bot to shill 4 public domain books? It's also very difficult to write a bot, especially one to bypass the captchas.

No, nobody replied the last time I posted that. Should I start my own thread? I don't think if I do, it'll live long

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at the time it was part of britain.

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Learn to read and comprehend nitwit.

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Dracula starts off dull and as soon as it gets good, Jonathan's chapter ends.

Frankenstein >> Dracula > The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde = The Invisible Man

Neither of the last two are great. I haven't read all the gothic novels but the ones I have read have been disappointments based on their reputations, with dull plots and dull premises. Frankenstein is only as good as it is because the writing is highbrow; the plot isn't that good save for some segments.

The Portrait of Dorian Gray / The Picture of Dorian Gray also gets by more on how it's written along with an interesting premise than it does off a good plot.

All of these somehow just have "bad" plots.

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>English and American literature
he's saying that they're the best of English writers and better than the best American writers

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I ain't finna read that, is that you?

I wonder if Jekyll and Hyde would be the greatest book ever written if I had just my memory wiped and read it tabula raza

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I honestly liked Jekyll and Hyde more than Dracula.

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He should learn to write more clearly.

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oh it's quite alright, really. i'm even about to find out for myself if your tiering is decent and bought a copy of Frankenstein after being in that thread. just a little weary of bots lately

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Stephen King will sell his name to anybody who asks. Not even sure he reads the work half the time.

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>Was Stephen King high
I mean, probably.

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Frankenstein is about nature vs nurture and morality just because you were too stupid to see the deeper meaning doesn't mean it's a bad book dullard.

Quiet frankly I'd slap you in real life.

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That's not how that works

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Depends on what year it was written. has he relapsed? King is no intellectual juggernaut.

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>English surname
I'm claiming him. Simple as.

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>three of the darkest in all of English and American literature
It's not hard to understand what he means, unless you're an ESL numskull.

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That's all you took away from the book and you're calling me stupid. Only on 4chan.

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Dilate, tranny.

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