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I'm not native english but want to read in it to learn more and enjoy the books in its original language, the problem is that there are a lot of advanced words that I don't know and I don't want to be checking the translator on the PC all the time while reading.
I know that ereaders have a dictionary incorporated that translates or gives a definition of a word when you highlight it, but I need to know if that works on pirated books or only on the books you buy from their shop, also I was thinking on buying Kobo Libra 2, is it good? I don't want to buy Amazon shit but if it's way better I will consider it

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I got a PocketBook and I've been content with it. Dictionaries work with any book. All they do is look up text.

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works on pirated

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Why not focus on your native discipline instead? You have an ability to connect with work that no Englishman can

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thanks bros I trust you then

I can do both dude

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Yeah you can search definitions with the internet browser on the Libra 2 but it doesn't have the fastest processing times. I have not used any others e-readers so I can't comment on how the speed compares to others.

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I like feet.

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Yes on kobo it works on any book just hold your finger on the word and it will show

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do you need to be connected to wi-fi? or the dictionary is downloaded on local?

also thanks for the responses

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If you can tolerate it, most popular books written today (especially popular romcoms and mainstream sci fi schlock) is written in near elementary school English to appeal to the illiterate masses.

Most mainstream modern works genuinely do not use many large or confusing words.

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