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Any book with the sense of wonder similar to outer wilds?

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Probably a direct inspiration, not so much for themes but for the "vibe".

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Nice i like julio verne

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I think this board hit the new low with this thread.
Shilling this mediocrity on /v/ isn't enough for you?

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It's a masterpiece, too bad you were filtered by it.

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this thread has been posted every few months since that game came out, newchud

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Yes /pol/tard this has always been a trans board.

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>It's a masterpiece
play more games, read more books, live more.

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The little prince

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I don't really understand this thread prompt. That game is unique because it uses the medium to tell a story across a unique gameplay loop that would be difficult to create with a book. You'd need a website or in print some sort of convoluted CYOA-esque structure to achieve anything similar. You can solve the mysteries in any order and see them unravel together. Maybe some sort of novelty printing that games with a chart you fill out with notes but I think that also pishes it into "game" territory.

I know you're trying to capture the sense of wonder but your link to literature just seems to weak. My argument is that that wonder is dependent on the structure of the game and you are better off looking for similar games.

Play Return of the Obra Dinn if you haven't already.

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Pale Fire: The Magic of Artistic Discovery by Brian Boyd actually treats Pale Fire in a way somewhat similar to this. I don't buy all his claims but you could get such a structure of discovery without going full CYOA I think. It does require a lot of investment from the reader.

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I don't care about time loop, just the sense of wonder.

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They didn't mention the time loop, "gameplay loop" is a very general concept.
Outer Wilds's sense comes from active participation, from forcing you to think. That's hard to replicate outside games.
Terra Ignota had me puzzling sometimes.
Alternatively you could try a math textbook.

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expecting a book be able to match the artistry of an INTERACTIVE video game?? yeah right

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pale fire really does feel "interactive" in a sense

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Damn I really liked that game but I stopped playing it for a while and kinda forgot what was happening in it plot-wise.

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I thought the ending, despite its cosmic significance in-game, was kind of underwhelming when it came to the moral of the story. So you're supposed to go around and find out how to recreate the universe. So what, you just cast the first domino again? Why do we care about what life is there, the only signs we get are the mostly skippable tutorial on your home planet and signs of a long dead civilization that got separated from a bigger one that never went looking for them. That's it, you're just supposed to kick off a new iteration of what was already there and do it all over again just because. From a gnostic standpoint you're doing the work of the demiurge for it. Why not try to escape the cycle of suffering instead?

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Many people you meet affirm the joy of experience. They think seeing the Nomai ruins (or meeting another species, or doing stunts, or brewing wine) is worth it for its own sake. Chert is bitter about it all, but in the very end still admits the stars were beautiful.
The DLC addresses it more explicitly. The strangers try to end death, oppose it so strenuously that they're unwilling to kill the prisoner. But they're so afraid of change that all they do is sit around and mourn their home world, and go through the same routines in a loop, an endless dream. Their history stopped when they moved into the simulation.
I think continuing the cycle (with a novel iteration, not a rerun, though it echoes what came before) is better than letting it all end, and there's no sign that real escape is possible. If something must end, can't be saved, then it's best to make peace with it and look forward.

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