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Where do I start with her?

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Here you stupid faggot. Nobody knows who this is. I read “why I am a Pagan” in highschool us history and promptly forgot she existed. But here’s a hint: if you want to “start” with an author, they all have the same starting place, one of their fucking books. In order to learn about which book to read, GOOGLE THEM and then THINK FOR YOURSELF in order to MAKE A DECISION as to which book you want to read, based on perhaps the title or perhaps FUCKING ANY CRITERIA YOU WANT BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MATTER. JUST FUCKING READ SOMETHING THEY WROTE

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you were in another thread posting this exact same shit earlier today that's hilarious dude

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That wasnt me

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If it wasn’t you who was it then

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A lot of people know who this is

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would 100%

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