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Does anyone here make money writing online?
Do you know of any good places to write online and get paid for it? Substack is the only place I keep seeing. Is there any other way?

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If no one gives you a good answer it's because this board is full of shit. I don't make money writing bro so I don't know.

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Yeh you can shill for the CCP or Russia for 1¢ a posting on /pol/. Seems to be a good method of making money if you have a bot farm...oh you mean writing papers, news reports, and reviews on things, lmao no you need a brand that is known and trusted before anybody will pay you for your written opinions. Afraid with the invention of the internet it's a saturated market at this point since it has low capital costs and no material needs, just needed labor.

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See I heard that 17 years ago which is why I didn't try then and now I see all these other people with their brands built up. It's... kind of like... what's the point? If I did make a blog back then maybe it'd be where I want to be now?

All I want to do is write for a living instead of killing myself in manual labor.
All I get is discouragement but somehow, other people are making it work.

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There are copywriters and journalists on this board. They’ll tell you it’s tough to make money unless you’re on someone’s payroll.

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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I've got is willpower lately.

I was hoping that would be the case but 4channel is so dead now.

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There was a thread recently from a guy who was making some money on substack. Search the archive.

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so basically youre too lazy to build a following on substack and you want someone to spoonfeed you a get rich quick method?
dude, you're ngmi. not the right personality type. go back to your shovel.

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Okay I'll look for that. That's what I was hoping for.

No I'm anonymous user of 4chan who keeps getting told I'm not allowed to use other websites, because that's for normies, so I got used to posting everything I write on 4chan, just to have this whole website copy my words and watch as some youtube grifter gets money off them.

So I figured it was time to actually get over anonymous bullshit lies and gatekeeping and actually make money for myself.

>You can't gatekeep when the gate's wide open.

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I'm writing about you and how fucking stupid you are. I'm going to make lots and lots of money telling the world just how fucking retarded anonymous truly is.
It's going to be great.

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Not OP but I was curious and looked it up, but couldn't find it in the archives. Do you remember what the threads name was or something? Thanks you fren!

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Can you guys go one day without being anonymous assholes? It's got old in 2010.

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There's steemit and publish0x

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