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Are textbooks, as of 2023, obsolete?

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Textbooks don’t need a 42/month paycheck to work because too many Indians are using it.

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Textbooks can't be altered post-publication for propaganda like AI. They also don't surreptitiously report on what you have been learning.

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AI needs textbooks to feed on. All ChatGPT’s knowledge is sourced from text written by real people.
If less textbooks are written because AI has taken their place, then AI will be less useful as having been trained on less content.

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this is garbage. the mind is not distinct from the self or the body

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Textbooks in theory are consistently factual. Generative AI isn't. It bullshits a lot but ignorant people are too stupid to realize it.

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at best it's a fancy index on preexisting knowledge (which comes from textbooks), at worst it's a pathological liar. the OP is another fucking tardbaby who needs to be stuck in the oven and baked a few more months before coming out to play with the fully developed humans.

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>Are textbooks, as of 2023, humans?

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