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I have a strange feeling in 20 years this'll be mandatory public school reading

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I dont trust people to write anything whose parents couldn't even spell "Josh"

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thank god i'm a sexless virgin so my kids won't have to go through this shit

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>the noble savages lived in peace
>but then the evil white man came

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let me guess, more white hating barbarian fetishism?

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>white man bad
>(((joss Sheldon)))
Every fucking time

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>go back to /pol/

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I dont think that redditranny is online yet. Still has to finish cleaning up after his wife's cuck sesh

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>other worlds were possible
this is a major point of contention. stop trying to do utopia you fucking jews, you keep getting people killed.

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Post nose

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Other noses were possible

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Kinda based but these people inevitably want things like healthcare, heating, housing, safety, fast transportation, abundant/cheap food, mass suffrage, respect for native culture/roots, and diversity and all of those things can’t be separated from what they think of as the dark side of modernity (centralization, standardization, investment/capitalism, secularism, de-sacralization of nature). I do respect leftoids that turn into hippies and Hobbits to fight the man, but most of the rest are just modernists butthurt not at the bourgeois life itself, but at the fact that the bourgeois life is not accessible to all.

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>Europeans "invented" patriarchy and hierarchy
>Europeans invented money
>Europeans invented religion
>Europeans invented imperialism
>Modern military uniforms and pistols for assumedly colonial settlers in the 17th century
>Ignoring the giant empires formed by the Aztec, Mayans, and Inca in South/Central America which most definitely had money, taxation, marriage, religion, property, and so on
>The very Egyptian pyramids he draws for the deserts of America
Did he purpose design this video to piss me off in particular?

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The West invented equality

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"White" colonisation is nothing but the slaughter of old and weak by the new and strong, just as european tribes were destroyed by central Roman authority, or american ones by the Aztecs, so were natives slaughtered by europeans. It's a tale as old as time. Man kills and slaughters and burns and loots, the ultimate trade awaiting the ultimate practitioner. The history of all living things is war and excess and consumption.
>Just live peacefully in the woods
You'll get slaughtered by someone eventually.

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>White people, technology, progress and work are... LE BAD
It's all tiresome

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