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Like it or not, He's the contemporary Shakespeare, the master of dramatic intrigue and tragedy. Tolkien was just another good vs evil fairy tale writer.

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He does kind of have a good vs evil thing going with some of his works, particularly when the “eco” planet with surf gliding in one of his novels points towards utopia. There’s evil men, there’s evil women, there’s evil children in ASoIaF, but he tends to try make them “human” which only makes them ever more evil. His ideas of what’s morally justified, including peace and more scientific thinking, leads him to a new morality of the post-left 60s.

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Nah pretty smutty stuff

You think he's like Alan Moore to Tolkien or something

I think it's porn with dragons and did not follow the HBO program either

Take it or leave it, it sells well either way, feel free to disagree

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Based Varg

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Tolkien's stuff was a Christian allegory, on record, like many of the Russian greats

This is derivative of Tolkien, while Tolkien created something new from European folklore and Germanic mythology

It's like porn parodies of pop culture movies, I know that sounds pretentious as fuck but that's my honest take

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Reddit thread

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he's a fat retard

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>new from European folklore and Germanic mythology
In other words, He just copied whatever the fuck already existed

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He can buy any woman he wants, while forcing them to kiss his buttery lips underneath the pube hair. And you can’t.

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he feels empty afterwards, while I enjoy women making whole journeys to come and fuck me for free bc chad

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>contemporary Shakespeare
Hilarious how accurate this is, as long as you define "contemporary" as "can't write for shit."

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Why do people treat this as a groundbreaking accomplishment? Whores aren't expensive.
19 year old E-2s in the Marine Corps can buy any women they want and force them to kiss their pimpy lips under their terrible mustache.

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What we really need is someone a lot like GRRM but actually a good writer and not a geek sycophant. We are suffering from a severe drought of people who simply want to write good novels and admire the greats. Instead, we get the Sopranos with incest set in the 12th century from a TV studio butt kisser.

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The entire point of asoiaf is to turn good vs evil tropes on their head. That’s literally why it’s called a song of ice and fire. Ice and fire, evil and good. But ned stark’s sword was called ice, and the wall is ice, and then the targaryans are fire… nearly every chapter makes you reconsider ice and fire, or good and evil, or black and white. Ned Stark dies as the protagonist, then Robb dies as well as Jon’s love interest.

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How much stock do you guys put into the November 23 rumors?

And is it even worth starting this series if you've already watched the show?

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what rumors?

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GRRM is the only kind of "fantasy" author the modern world is capable of producing.
In that he doesn't actually write fantasy, he writes gritty, cynical, pornographic, "realist" fiction with a light fantasy dressing.
The modern world has no taste for allegory, myth or symbolism which is why it can never appreciate someone like Tolkien beyond the surface-level aesthetics of his works.

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>According to several online reports, The Winds Of Winter has an estimated publication date of November 2023. However, this date appears to have sprung from a joke on Reddit

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Stop believing random internet articles you low iq retarded subhuman.

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>allegory, myth or symbolism
asoiaf has all of this. You've never read it.

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One of my peculiar fears is that I will never be able to grow a better beard than GRRM. It is essentially a groomed neckbeard, and the last time I tried to grow out my beard in my early twenties, it became much like George's. I would be sad if I had such a thin beard on my cheeks, such a juvenile moustache, and such a weak soul patch after 30 - I mean look at it, the soul patch doesn't even connect to the chin. It's just a tiny tuft of impotent scrotum hair.

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Thanks for reading through all that shit so I wouldn't have to.

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>Tolkien was good vs evil fairy tale writer.
Good. Like me some fairy tales

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You don't even need to open the article to know it's complete bullshit

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GRRM sycophants need to bring forth Tolkien with their every breath

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Tolkien fought in war
Based grrm opposed veitnam war, refused to get drafted and spent two years in jail

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You just want children's stories cause you're still a manchild.

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When did he spend two years in jail?

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>GRRM wasn't a "good vs evil" fairy tale.
>the White Walkers didn't represent evil
>Rhllor didn't represent "good".
GRRM is actually pretty similar to Tolkien, just stripped of the poetic and the epic, and made to seem more realistic and "normal".
At times it also seems like he's taken the side of what Tolkien would consider to be the bad guys (i.e. taken the side of the orcs), and then portrayed Tolkien's "good guys" as the evil White Walkers/Children of the Forest.
Another example of this is how Rhllor requires human sacrifice in exchange for favors, which is also what Tolkien wrote that Melkor required of the orcs and humans in his service. Even the fact that the Elves (of Tolkien) crossed the Helcaraxe to reach Middle Earth has similarities to the White Walkers descending upon Westeros from the frozen wastes north of the Wall. Then there's the fact that the White Walkers are immortal/undying, much like Tolkien-elves are (even though elves in Tolkien can die, there isn't a way to completely kill them, their spirit lingers on and can acquire a new body if they so wish it, though most don't return to Middle Earth after dying; Glorfindel being a prime example of an elf who did return to M.E. after dying).

Even the style of GRRM's writing is rather "orcish" and smutty, written by a follower of Melkor, while Tolkien's is poetic and wants to preserve and create beauty.

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Tolkien sycophants need to bring forth GRRM with their every breath

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>contemporary Shakespeare
umm that guy was pretty decent for what he did but I for one would've liked to know more about Macbeth's tax policy, or Hamlets favorite food and shit. Like, to bring the world to life. And not a single fuckin sex scene, like they're all incels or something. Face it, your 'bard' ain't that great an artist

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t. Me when I was 6.

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No, OP is right. Shakespeare was violent entertainment for plebeians in his day, just like Martin is for our days. They both have an obsession with death and both create interesting, tragic characters, to be fair.

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Tolkien has better prose
This fatty has better plot and characters

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>another grrblartin vs tolkien thread
This some sort of concerted discord raid or are you just bored lately?