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e-reader sisters... it's over.

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a great white broke into my fucking flat 2 weeks ago and stole almost half my physical books so nobody's safe desu.

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Im calling bullshit, sounds like a bull shark. Whites dont behave like that

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Coming to terms with the fact the sharks control the world is part of realizing were fucked.
They shot down Z-Library merely to remind of their power.

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>global internet
>google confirms
3 bullshit hits in one sentence

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Lmao Cumbeanus thinks it's a series of tubes.

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>sharks are neo-luddited
huh, who knew

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>>What is starlink

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that's probably what destroyed nordstream too

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The absolute state... Let me guess, you believe NASA really sent expeditions to the moon, and that Space X will colonize Mars? hahahah lmao

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e-reader sluts deserve this. Imagine being a bitch of some e-book renting corporation or a device manufacturer. Your faggy e-reader will last only until the next chip architecture, display and battery technology, that will make your current device obsolete, requiring you to consooom more and more expensive and needlessly complex devices for something as simple as reading text on a flat surface.

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Hey Gardner, how's it going?