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>ebooks are bet-ACK

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Based. Now even non-humans are doing the jobs the white man refuses to do.

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You don't need the internet for ebooks

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made me laugh

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I can’t blame them. They probably make the ocean sound like the fish equivalent of dying fluorescent lights all the time.

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my ebooks are leaking into the ocean and making fish racist...

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Kek. Shark prefers physical books since trees have nothing to do with his ocean

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but also
>not already having hundreds of pirated ebooks at your disposal offline

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Is .ACK a reddit meme?

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They look pretty white to me.

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it's actually from queue aye though

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Fuck off to /g/ nerd

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you're misunderstanding something on a fundamental level: you don't need the internet to read an ebook once you have it

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A single cable being destroyed is not a big deal. There are tons of functional ones.

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>my shitposts about basketball americans and trannies are passing through the mouth of a shark at the speed of light

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volcano shark is real