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Where should I start in order to understand Freud? Schopenhauer?

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Schopenhauer, yes.

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Start. With. The. Greeks

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I loved Aristotle's critique of Freud

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You are like a children. Is your cum white yet?

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Freud is self-contained, and he's not as deep as you imagine him to be.

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My cum is translucent white with streaks of red

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Schopenhauer and Wagner.

>Many of Wagner's concepts, including his speculation about dreams, predated their investigation by Sigmund Freud. Wagner had publicly analysed the Oedipus myth before Freud was born in terms of its psychological significance, insisting that incestuous desires are natural and normal, and perceptively exhibiting the relationship between sexuality and anxiety. Georg Groddeck considered the Ring as the first manual of psychoanalysis.
>What Wagner calls the "ur-myth" reveals, in Oper und Drama, a recurrent conflict of individual and social wills. In order to explain this conflict Wagner uses two terms found elsewhere in his writings of this period, the words "Will- kür" and "Unwillkür." "Unwillkür" means "not consciously willed" or "instinctive"; and "Willkür," its antithesis, signifies conscious choice with pejorative overtones of despotism, caprice, and irrationality. The Mythos embodies the conflict of the instinctive-unconscious and the arbitrary-conscious in terms of the incompatibility of the individual will as immediate response to sensible reality with the social will as codified abstract. The story of ancient Thebes is cited to illustrate the political basis of the Mythos.

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Was Freud a reader of Wagner?

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you must first look within yourself


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the only book on freud you need to read is the ordeal of civility

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Throw Freud in the trash and read Jung

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how can you even understand anything that has no predictive power? since it has no predictive power, its all pseudointellectual buzzwords with zero scientific methods
you can argue you already understand everything there is about it since your predictive power remains the same before and after reading such a thing, you can just go around inventing unrelated buzzwords, thats essentially what mr baby anal personality aka fraud aka freud guy did anyway, the only reason he got big was probably because of extreme nepotism among the jews

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Freud was a Jewish pseudo scientist who sexually abused women.
His sociological commentary is based neither in empirical fact, or in reason. He is commenting on western society from a Jewish perspective, and his works never been persistently used by Jews to commit a slew of abuses against venurable people within administrative settings.

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Take the Adler pill, it's the most wholesome.

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read lacan if you don't get it read freud and then read lacan.

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Not him but I dont really see therapeutic value in Lacan

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he said he wants to understand. freud gets shit on a lot because he wrote some bullshit. that said it wasn't all useless. lacan has good insights into ideology based on freuds work

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THIS, he built on top of what Freud found. Just pick up Man and his Symbols

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jealously will ruin what little character you still have

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Schopenhauer, yes.

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the culture of critique

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Jung is definitely cooler but its still exhausting how he tells you some made up bullshit story about a patient constantly. Just stick to the fucking concepts dude nobody believes this "and then I helped the patient see all their problems in an instant revalation because i am so smart" shit

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This but just dive into freud bro it's not that complex

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Jung is infinitely less interesting than Freud. A false attempt to regress to the naive superstition Freud had utterly destroyed or at least irrevocably troubled/complicated

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introductory lectures on psychoanalysis

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Freud is a jew who understood that after the atheist bourgeois revolutions, men and bourgeois women were sex and drug addicts just like him and since women who dont work but love to gossip about sex, he figured he could have a little cult around him, composed of whores and bourgeois desperate to hear how sex addiction is the nature of the human psyche framed into a self made and self aggrandizing myth disguised as science to surf on the atheist hype of positivism lol.
100 years later atheists still consider him their guru, since they are still lobotomized sex and drug addicts...

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whyte's overview of pre-freud thinkers who anticipated him in various ways, with some less obvious suggestions like home-kames, carus.

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just admit that youre sex obsessed so you need a sex obsessed psychologist instead of a symbol obsessed one