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ITT coomer philosophers

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Freud never wanted his theories to be turned into a philosophy. He was a clinician at most. He insists that he is "scientific" because he avoids the naive mysticism of previous theories of the mind. His theories aren't scientific by today's standards, but he definitely wasn't a philosopher. Later philosophers dialectically subsumed his theories into their own pet philosophies.

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Ha, bad
weather befalleth the sons of men
new moses leads back to the land of sands
dreary and dim is the twentieth age
Christ crucified & his soul in a cage
Brothers shed blood in remorseless trance
Whose plan it is they so keen to advance
Writing on the wall is written with blood
Honour and virtue trampled down in mud
Calculated and weighted you weighterer
Nails go deep and the blinded fate
Hands down to the walking dead
'Psychoanalysis —
'That is your map o' hell.'

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Freud was a fraud and a pseud. Yes, his books are well written and are fun to read. But his assertion of being scientific is outright fraudulent. And his methodology is not only unfit to treat patients, its often harmful to them.

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all of them

philosophy is mental masturbation

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All psychology is philosophy, no exceptions. Freud was a dumb, perverted, kike with delusions of grandeur.

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he stood on shoulders of philosophical giants whether he wanted or not
>Freud explained that he avoided reading Shopenhauer and Nietzsche until late in life, "i was less concerned with priority than with preserving my impartiality." In a letter to Fliess, written on august 31 1898, freud shows some disappointment at discovering that Theodor Lipps had expressed some of his own basic assumptions in a work pulished in 1883. this shows that when Freud was forty-two he was unaware that at least fifty writers (probably many more) had been developing similar assumptions for over two hundred years. finally in 1925, at the age of sixty-nine, Freud wrote: "the overwhelming majority of philosophers regard as mental only the phenomena of consciousness. for them the world of consciousness coincides with the sphere of what is mental." this curious mistake shows how narrow his reading had been, and how wrong a conception he must then have had of his own originality.
t. lancelot whyte