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>steals his most famous phrase "God is dead" from Mainländer
>only argument he does against Mainländer is call him a virgin and not a real German
Tell me why is this guy somehow considered a respectable philosopher. Why do people who act all elitist about muh real philosophy still rate this guy? And btw he also stole the horse story from Crime & Punishment, like wtf.

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Cobson will never be a gem

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Is German philosophy the most toxic and destructive to the human race?

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that's not GODson and HWABAG

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The irony of this post is that Mainlander was clearly the manchild. Adult men agree with Nietzsche (the real Nietzsche, not your Wikipedia/Peterson derived caricature of him)

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Who drew this and why does it give me doujin vibes

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idk i think stealing a concept from a philosopher while only engaging with him to say "lmao virgin" is pretty childish. But I guess this is the meaning of brilliancy for the gullible.

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>not a real German
If you understand Nietzsche, that sounds like praise. Often he both praises and insults the same person or idea.

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nothing you said is true
so why did you say it?

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Calling philosophers losers and cucks is the most Chad thing you can do next to breaking their nose.

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>>steals his most famous phrase "God is dead" from Mainländer
>>only argument he does against Mainländer is call him a virgin and not a real German
if true it does explain why he has such a following amongst 4chan.

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nice turbocope from a nietzschefag in denial, why dont you stop reading while youre at it

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Second only to Polish-Lithuanians. Triggered the Bolsehvik Revolution and both World Wars. Home of the infamous Holocaust Theme Park. Directly guilty for the Holocaust, unfairly blamed this on the Germans.

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this is literally what happened. nietzsche way too afraid to lose his "high german intelectual" reputation

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>b-b-but youre a virgin
doesnt have quite the same force in the context of autistic writings as when some chad is shoving someones head to the toilet, making at least some attempt of proving the point. in fact in the realm of writing using virgin insults signals defeat.

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>Or would it be proper to count such dilettanti and old maids as the mawkish apostle of virginity, Mainlander, among the genuine Germans? After all he was probably a Jew (all Jews become mawkish when they moralise).

called him a gay weeping kike

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so epic, such philosophy

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see: Chuck Schumer

not 'weeping' but pretending to be upset or pretending to care.

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French is worse.

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Pessimism isn't something you make arguments against because it isn't itself an argument or a rational position. When you are writing about ethics calling someone a virgin is a valid criticism. When it comes to ethics you don't convince someone to believe you, you just make them realize what they already believe.

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>Nietzsche calling anyone else dilettanti

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no such thing slave. go serve somewhere else


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Death of god is not a concept from a philosopher you braindead retard. It has been theme of many different religions in many different ways.

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so why is it even attributed to nietzsche then? because retards overestimate his importance while they would laugh at anyone trying to do philosophy now with his style. Basically, nobody who likes Nietzsche is permitted to even criticize the reasoning of anyone else, lest they want to be totally inconsistent and openly display the quality of masterworship

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>steals his most famous phrase "God is dead" from Mainländer
>only argument he does against Mainländer is call him a virgin
My respect for Nietzsche just increased 100-fold. Mainländer irrevocably, irredeemably, irreparably blown the fuck out.
Just for this, my next read is going to be Nietzsche, I'm two or three books away from having finished his entire oeuvre in these last ten years. You having made me aware of how fucking based he was at blowing out sadfagging retards like Mainländer is a very good occasion to pick up his works again.

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>not knowing Nietzsche is tsundere af
awkward implications for this thread

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>so why is it even attributed to nietzsche then?
Because he popularized the notion in modern society

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You're a virgin. There, I hope I have now earned your respect for brutally owning you.

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Who’s saying anything about reasoning? Ah the retardation of “if you’re not a rationalist systematizer you can’t reason out a critique”. with Even in Ancient Greece the purely rational debates were much more than being rationally correct.

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Thus Spake What's-His-Face

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Not even the worst of the French enlightenment philosophers were even a tenth as toxic as, say, Hegel.

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Why don’t shills want us reading Nietzsche? Why do they want us reading defeatists pessimists instead? Really makes you think

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What is the translation?

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>>only argument he does against Mainländer is call him a virgin and not a real German
fuck man why do little things like this on this site make me laugh so hard

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It’s not that funny.

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yeah well fuck off nigger i thought it was funny

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>triggers all life-denying thinkers alike

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