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How do I build self discipline and mindfulness (i.e. act with purpose instead of drifting off with my thoughts)?
I've come to believe that power over oneself is the highest good.
Please rec me books to help me. The more unusual the better.

Also self help lit general I guess.

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why do you need somebody else to tell you how to understand your own mind?

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>The more unusual the better.

Reality by Peter Kingsley.

Also, Journey to Ixtlan by Castaneda. Be careful with this book though. There's a lot of shit in it that would potentially send you insane if you believed it all. The important part is, for me, the explanation of the 'warrior mindset', which is just an allegory he uses to get you to tap into the present moment as though your life depends on it (which it does, because that is the only real life there is).

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>Reality by Peter Kingsley
Sounds very interesting. Is it schizo magic shit or just power of mind stuff?

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