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are there any books on the white male asian female romance phenomenon? not a coomer/shitpost/whatever thread, i'm genuinely interested. i want to see if anybody has explored it beyond the obviously false idea that white men fetishize asian females when it's quite obviously the other way around.

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Try google

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This but replace white male with nigger and asian female with white woman.

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>why do humans want to fuck each other? any books on this phenomenon

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This. Peepee goes in vagoo. Feels pretty good man.

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WMAF stands out as it will almost always be the most common pairing by far, even though asians will be a minority among minorities, and for example AMWF basically being non-existent at the same time. there is something very specific going on between white men and asian women even outside of stereotypical import brides.

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white men much prefer white women to asian women, the only other options are shitskins and asians and shitkins are the least attractice. this isn't rocket scientist.

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When they go interracial, white men go LatinX in greater numbers than Asian women.

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So does Mads have yellow fever or does he just provoke mad vanilla fever in Asian thots?

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east asian women grow up with white features as an aesthetic goal, both for themselves and for their potential partners. They know a stereotype of white men as financially successful but independent and wild, as opposed to the stereotypically reserved asian man. This neatly parallels the way white men grow up seeing a stereotype of asian women as submissive, ideal wife material. OP is wrong to suggest that white men fetishing asian women is false; the truth is that both fetishize each other and their conceptual relationship.

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statistically untrue, white men prefer white women, asian women in the west overwhelmingly prefer white men, if asked in asia, they will respond positively regarding white men aswell.

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The asian women are submissive is a fake stereotype that no one believes. As a kid growing up the only thing I can remember seeing with an asian woman/white man was some asian lady x Owen Wilson in a cowboy movie and she was being sexually dominant. The only stereotypes about asian women that anyone actually believes are that they age better, are more traditional, more intelligent, and skinnier. More traditional could be construed as sexually submissive I suppose but I can’t really think of any examples of asian women being specifically more submissive than any other type of woman in any media. America’s Geisha Ally could be fun to read but it seems like it’s another piece of schlock about minorities wanting bourgeois inclusion

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Women just have less in-group preference by and large and the rest is biological attraction. For men as well. On a pure biological feelz level AF are an acceptable second choice.

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I doubt that. Most white men prefer white women because white men tend to live around and mostly know white women. In places where there is equal amount of asian and white women white men tend to date asians more often.

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You watched a movie about a suicidal cuckold and then thought all white men were like that.
Eat the barrel of a gun chang.

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