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I want to be an atheist, be at home with myself, but so many things are left in darkness and the world just is not enough for me, since it sucks, bad people seem to have a lot more fun than good people, and even sleep the good can't get because it's so loud outside, a sort of final justice or whatever is needed, but this leads me back to God, whom I just can't accept, what do I do now? Am I forever fated to remain in this god forsaken god searching state? Apparently the word God comes from from ghut meaning "that which answers prayers" or "that which attends the sacrifice" what a joke...

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Get back to class, lunch is over

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Accept a notion of God that is basically atheistic because he doesn’t have omnipotence or omnibenevolence of any anthropomorphic traits like distinguishing between good and evil. Spinoza is an example of this.

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I want to stand outside of God, not be part of him, Spinoza's God is the exact opposite of atheistic, there is no room for atheism if God is all there is.

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It’s all a matter of perspective. It reminds me of the old joke:
>an elderly fish swims by a group of young fish, to whom he remarks: “the water sure is fine today.” They reply: “you know it old timer.” After he’s passed out of earshot, one of the younger fish asks: “what the fuck is water?”
Make of that what you will.

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Ironically Spinoza's metaphysics separate you from God making you a thought or a mode of God rather than God himself so it isn't "god is all there is". This is what allows Spinoza to say that God is free but you aren't.

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>how can I rid myself of God?
think for yourself

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>it may be, for instance, that at a passage in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony the Thinker feels himself floating above the earth in a starry dome with the dream of immortality in his heart; all the stars seem to shine round him, and the earth to sink farther and farther away.— If he becomes conscious of this state, he feels a deep pain at his heart, and sighs for the man who will lead back to him his lost darling, be it called religion or metaphysics. In such moments his "intellectual" character is put to the test.
go full bugmen and embrace hollywood goyslop and curated spotify playlists

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You never will. Nietzsche tried his whole life, and the best he got was to write a ton of things about Him

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I'm not sure belief in a god is all that malleable. I would prefer to believe in a god, but can't. I'm not sure it's possible for someone who wasn't taught to believe in a god in childhood to really believe in adulthood. Maybe the same is true; maybe if you're taught to believe in a god you can't entirely let it go later.

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its totally correlated to your intelligence. whatever brainwashing you experienced throughout your life should wash away the further you get from the brainwashing. even the desire to get away is related to some subtle understanding that "something is wrong"

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yeah, for most of my childhood i was made to believe in god, checks out, so what now? I can never be free of God? fuck me...

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everything leads back to our childhood, doesn't it? God could make himself at home there and walk and walk and still would not uncover half of it

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It's true. Raised atheist/agnostic I was almost a supreme being of higher intelligence during my childhood years. Now that I'm an adult and believe in more than what can be seen and measured I've reverted to a simple peasant

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>One ought to distinguish between that which is the Divine – which on one hand is and shall remain, by definition, unknowable to man – and how this principle manifests. The means, if you will. At the core of it, discussions regarding the existence or non-existence of divinity are about as irrelevant as Byzantine debates on the gender of angels. What matters is the conduit, man, and his biotope: this planet. At the very end of a superfluous process of vulgarisation, Satan is as undoubtedly real as man makes Him; an egregore, if you will, and its denomination is perfectly irrelevant so long as – after peeling layers and layers of dissimulation – the Accuser and the Adversary stare you in the eyes. The sceptic may want to keep in mind that it took the Red Khmers only a few years to give birth to an egregore, an entity called the Angkar, which possessed, at least in appearance, most traits of what we Westerners could call divinity. People lived and a fourth of all Cambodians died under the rule of the party’s spiritual emanation – a golden calf, perhaps, though no doubt deadly and real enough, should you ask the victims.

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Are you sure you know what concept the word "God" even refers to with absolute certainty? You should know a thing before rejecting a thing.

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Pic related, never been refuted. All arguments using math/logic collapse into nihilism


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Also, here's the disease Nietzsche and the other prominent philosophers experienced


It's literally a delusion making people believe they've died, or they believe their bodies are rotting corpses. It arises from a semantic paradox stating "I do not exist". This statement is obviously a performative contradiction but these people nonetheless experience a full blown horrifying delusional episode. Just look at Nietzsche's mental breakdown before his death. Also common in Alzheimers/Dementia patients

Sadly psychotic patients do not hallucinate about going to heaven. And the buddhists dissolve their sense of self through meditation to claim Anatta (no-self). Unfortunately I've heard this is supposed to be enlightenment or liberation

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he ascended by the end of his life

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>no reason to test people if you, the tester, already know the answer Lmao. The purpose of the test is to teach the testee, not help the tester glean an answer they already know. Shits not a science experiment. Such a hilariously retarded and worthless graphic due to this one simple mistake, good stuff

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Excuse the formatting bros

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You still can't refute the arguments. At most you're going to make an argument from your qualia or personal conscious experience, which I would deny because the "I" is just a narrative fiction. These good/bad qualia distinctions completely break down if the brain gets damaged, thus rendering your entire religious philosophy as meaningless as nihilism

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>narrative fiction

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Nice persona, do you ever get tired of faking your personality for religion?

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The entire argument falls apart with the piece that is obviously shoddy. A test is to teach others, not yourself. Simple really. I have little stake whether God exists or not but clearly the faggots who don't believe didn't think about it too hard in pic rels context

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Good/evil breaks down if the brain breaks down, anon.
>Simple really

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>I want to be an atheist, be at home with myself
You'd be surprised, but God willed it for himself first; so he got rid of everything that is not Himself and went chilling on His own. In his own.

You want to make it like God did which is honourable and God-pilled.
>Am I forever fated to remain in this god forsaken god searching state
Not at all. If you will be able to get rid of the lack of God and embrace the fullness of his absence, you will become ontologically wealthy.

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What 'personality'? What 'religion'? Don't know what are you talking about, sir.

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Sure thing monkey. Keep throwing shit and play stupid. I just explained how Nietzsche and all the other nihilists reached their conclusions, this is how you repay me

I hope you get dementia next, you proselytizer retards ruin any chance of decent discussion

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Plenty of concepts break down when the brain breaks down because you can't conceptualize them anymore. This does not mean they don't exist. God allows evil to exist in order to test mankind. This is irrefutable

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>reaching conclusions
Gased vol. 2

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As per usual, "no I can't be wrong, my feelings say otherwise!!"

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>evil exists
cite your sources please

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Scroll 1 post down after that

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>'Meaningless is the foundation upon which the Ubermensch is built', Fredrich Nietzsche

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I don't give a shit about Nietzsche, I just wanted to pat monkey on the head for his efforts

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Thanks for spelling out your argument. My point was this shit is neither provable nor disprovable with "muh logic." The retarded ones are the ones who try

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Nietzsche having a mental breakdown is not evil

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Your emotions and religion will collapse once your memory fails buddy
Best of luck!

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For what efforts exactly? You seem tense.

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But you see I'm not religious and I can smell your autism through the screen due to you not already having intuitively figured that fact out

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Relax anon. There's nothing to worry about, just remember me when you start getting older. Soon your memory will slip, heh you'll experience the same thing as ole Nietzsche

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>Le heckin' consciousness reside in the brain

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Considering all my oldest relatives were completely coherent at their ripe old ages of death I'm not worried about this apparently immutable law of going crazy you speak of. Already concerning for you though

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>This is irrefutable
Is it?

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Get back to class, lunch is over

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Read the Bible.

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>Good/evil breaks down if the brain breaks down, anon.

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oh hell na ya'll be wilin for real im done.

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Sounds like you still 'believe' in the abramic mental construct, christcuck.

I would suggest you read the graen of eden story and when younotice the obvious plot-holes in it, as to the character called 'god' in that story, realize that 'this' is the character that the christcuck and jerusalemite revels in the hollow worship of. It should be very easy to understand how this character is a fiction made-up by mentally retarded persons who hate intelligence, and so on, and that the religion, then, does not speak for God - whether 'a' God exists, is another matter entirely but if it does then it created us with a brain to easily figure out this sort of thing; whereas to follow man-made religions which proclaim evil nonsenses in the name of God is surely the single most offensive action to God.

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That not entirely true. I was raised religious but became an atheist later on. But its also true that certain inculcated thought patterns are hard to let go of.

This also. From a very young age I could see that something did not add up

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>I would prefer to believe in a god
Why is this? Genuinely curious. What is added to the 'god' that gives something any more or any less value or 'meaning' to the world? It can't just be the god itself, I mean, you mean the concepts like 'heaven' and stuff? Right?

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"is it not excessively strange that God should deny to the human beings whom he had fashioned the power to distinguish between good and evil? What could be more foolish than a being unable to distinguish good from bad? For it is evident that he would not avoid the latter, I mean things evil, nor would he strive after the former, I mean things good. And, in short, God refused to let man taste of wisdom, than which there could be nothing of more value for man. For that the power to distinguish between good and less good is the property of wisdom is evident surely even to the witless,"
Flavius Iulianos, Aug.
Against the Galileans

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You have to make yourself a god, and you can do this by reading Emerson, Nietzsche, and Freud.

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>You have to make yourself a god, and you can do this by r
Strongly disagree. Humans must submit to evidence, science and understand themselves as subordinate to a far greater 'entity' than merely a god.

i.e. if "no god" then it doesn't follow that all sciences are invalidated due to a theology, which contradicted reality, being shown to be a nonsense. Thus the sciences (truth itself) are elevated far greater as consequence.

Man "proclaiming" himself to be a "god" is what the theologies are in the first place; 'God' if it exists after this point only as a shorthand for total metaphysics, remains exactly as it did before; all that has happened is that Man is no longer able to excuse his laziness by pretending "god did it" instead of conducting scientific inquiry and discovery the process and workings of things in reality.

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>Humans must submit to evidence, science and understand themselves as subordinate to a far greater 'entity'
But you are this "entity." You literally are millions of years of evolution. You are earth. It's all contained within you. That's my point; as soon as you recognize the power within yourself, as soon as you deify yourself in other words, you can rid yourself of the dependency of something "greater." You are not separate from the cosmos. You do not suffer your body; you are your body.

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You, my Sir, is dumb. STOOPID.

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>Strongly disagree. Humans must submit to

And this is where youre wrong, kiddo.

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>But you are this "entity." You literally are millions of years of evolution. You are earth. It's all contained within you.
I suppose so, but even so simply because this is true it doesn't make us 'gods'; we're still entirely dependent on submitting to and understanding (in order to utilize) the natural world and the processes in it.

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>how can I rid myself of God?
Today while astral projecting I summoned allah to try and weaken him so our hexing spells would work better.
He is so fucking powerful. I’m not at a power level to do this alone. I barely escaped with my life and I’m spiritually injured to a great amount, but I think I’ll make it.
I can’t imagine what he would do to a new, unsuspecting witch. I’m scared that I will have to face him again soon if I ever want to continue astral projecting. I’m currently burning healing incense and drawing spiritual energy from my crystals to try and heal as quickly as possible.
Please be safe everyone. Allah is much stronger than I first imagined and we will have to do this together if we want to slay a god.

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Embarasing post. Vague rationalisation of your beliefs is of no value to op. And vice versa.

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>>If you cannot first tell 'good' from 'evil' then you don't know whether you're doing good or doing evil.
Yeah, and thankfully, there's no need to check.


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By god I mean seeing yourself as the authority of your domain. Your life is your domain and you are the author of it. There is no one and nothing with a greater influence over your life than yourself.

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step 1 avoid christian things. step 2 read atheist books. honestly hope ya enjoy those books.

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Embarrassing post. Pretending a surgical debunk of the basis of the god of that religion as "vague" is obviously a lie, which demonstrates your own vice, which demonstrates the satanic-like hypocrisy that your cult is forced to practice in order to remain proclaiming 'faith' in the cult.

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I still disagree with this, it's the same egoism of the theist; they pretend they're a mighty creature "in the image of their god", I do get your meaning but I don't see myself in the same way at all. I don't think any 'power' is derived from this, but rather from the continuity of being only the most recent in a long long line of ancestors - wherein the world, for the most part, belongs to them and wherein 'ability' comes only from understanding things as they did, e.g. the person who built this city built it here because of this this and this, e.g. question: what is a city...

...the 'theology' hijacks this original actual 'divinity' notion (whether the theology is alien and foreign or not) which, in the first place, we lent to our ancestors.

A christian, for example, worships the ancestors of the jews and keeps them alive with their focus; their own ancestors they do not even know very much about.

To recognize that the one theology is absurd and to get rid of it is intelligent, but, don't forget the immense vitality that the theology itself had stolen from. Recovering those stolen things is far more important.

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no,i don't mean "lent to"
>lent to
I mean, "which came from" in the first place.

There's your actual history and the long line of the experiences and memories and land, and then there's some weirdo foreigner demanding you worship some idol he calls 'god'.

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I really liked this book, as an atheist/agnostic philosophyfag. It's from a theologian who loves the idea of God, while stripping everything magical away from God and leaving the call of the divine as nothing more than a whisper. In his view, reading the Bible to understand how God really works rather than reading the Bible as an inspiring poem is like watching Star Trek and arguing about how the transporter works rather than paying attention to the actual episode.

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>Recovering those stolen things is far more important.
Not just recovering them, but preventing them from being stolen again, which can only be done by recognizing that you are them rather than something separate from them. They're inside you. The Abrahamic religions originally gained the upper hand through logic and reason, because these things diminish the ego, thus rendering it susceptible to manipulation.

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>I want to be an atheist
The be one, its not that hard.

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>>I want to be an atheist
>The(n) be one, its not that hard.
It's actually quite easy, if you're a so-called theist then to the society, e.g. the romans, with a very intensive religious culture you basically already are an atheist; this is how/why the christians were deemed to be atheistic for having essentially a doctrine of nothingness.

i.e. today is the 3rd day from the new moon of the tenth month, it's an important day in the calendar (one of about two-hundred important days) and it forces the practice of a specific action in the civil and family life which, when added to other actions, forms a "culture" by which the self and the home comprises a "state". It's a very important action, and one of about four of this month, the others being celebratory occasions; like the christmas holiday.

Now compare this two-hundred days of important lessons to the christian religion; there are a few feasts and lots of days of mourning for their prophet of which are unconcerned with the cultivation of a good self and family, thus they lack the power of state autonomy.

Compare also to Judaism, which is more similar but less-so at the same time, and compare to Islam which mirrors 'one' Roman month in its eid holiday.

The point being; if your 'theology' has little going on in the real world to actually form and cultivate a good character in a person then you are absent of a real theism; hence you 'are' an atheist and so are the people demanding that you don't eat a pie one day in the year to prove your devotion to their god.

>which can only be done by recognizing that you are them rather than something separate from them
This is true. It really develops upon the natural respect that we already have for the world around us, people are mostly good I think, but it's very easy for bad people to take advantage of their ignorance through the ways you describe (i would call it inferior sophistry rather than logic or rhetoric; since it relies on fallacies and vicefulness; "pride" in faith/egoism, rather than solid cases with proofs) - if, as think has largely been proven from various angles looking at the same question, the typical theist; ignorant of his own holy book, merely speaks his opinion and proclaims it to be the holy word of god; which is pure egoism, whereas logic relies upon studying the material world, without any egoism at all, and submitting the self to the science - only then is one capable of being 'right' about anything.


hail brother or sister, a gift from the ancestors for you on the kalends in honor of the memory of Mars Faunus :)

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Be your own god, you're the main character of your life, you're the writer, you're the forger of your destiny

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You don't actually want to be an atheist. It's fun for a while but eventually you'll start feeling empty.

This works until you make a mistake and realize you make a pretty lousy god.

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