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Books like this, but for algebra, geometry, and trigonometry?

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>Martin Gardner
Any relation to world famous author F. Gardner?

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Start with the Greeks for geometry, Euclid in particular.

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start with the greeks.

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Just use pic related

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>brainlets need a book for geometry
What does it feel like to be a retard.

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F. Gardner, Martin Gardner, and Gardner Dozois walk into a bar...

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I’m dead serious. Why wouldn’t you go to the original source?

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He's not good for trig but Plane Trigonometry by S. L. Loney is a good book on the topic. It, however, does assume a familiarity with Euclid and does, from time to time, cite Euclid, as students of Geometry of that time were taught to be able to do and allowed to do on tests in lieu of giving a proof of some theorem already proved by Euclid some 2 millennia ago (a familiarity with Euclid was a given).

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