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>Dude...Dude... DUDE! It's called heckin STOICISM!!! It doesn't matter whether you're homeless or have cancer or your wife's bull beats you up or anything! Just heckin DON'T be sad and then life will magically feel fine!!!

No. Fuck you. I will continue feeling jealousy at everyone, bitterness at everything, worry when I think bad thoughts, and feel hope about people I dislike getting in to car accidents or developing cancer. I don't feel lucky for being born in a first world country. I don't feel gratitude. I want more than I currently have.

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Stop feeling so sorry for yourself bro. Life's good. Everyone's got problems. Watch some cheech and chong.

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We didn't have anything nice until we returned to everything roman, anon

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I will give you one piece of advice anon: of all these things you list, don't give in to bitterness. Fight it with all you've got. It's not worth indulging in. You'll feel worse for it.

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Stoicism isn't about denying yourself those emotions, it's about learning to accept them and react accordingly.

Please continue to be a hysterical child, since you've mastered a major philosphical school, obviously.

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>Last three digits
Even the board recognizes you're a pseud that doesn't read

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>it's about learning to accept them and react accordingly

it's also long screeds by nobles about how their ownership of slaves is le good so you shouldn't take it too seriously

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The soiboy sits in jealousy and bitterness, the stoic shrugs it off and puts an axe through the problem.
The stoic just isn't a faggy complainer.

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Show who is basedjack here, I don get it.

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It also talks about spirits and gods, but I think every philosophy has it's issues.

Whole religions ignore the bad shit in their own sacres texts. Fuck, the christian bible has been revised with content exised and they still kept a bunch of bad shit in.

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>>Dude...Dude... DUDE! It's called heckin STOICISM!!! It doesn't matter whether you're homeless or have cancer or your wife's bull beats you up or anything! Just heckin DON'T be sad and then life will magically feel fine!!!

I read Marcus Aurelius' 'Meditations' twice -- once when I was 16~ and the topic interested me, as I was a disturbed young man full of nervousness and anxiety. Many things said in it resonated with me, but I was not an analytical reader nor could I intelectually dive deeper into what the book was talking about. But I mostly agreed with its message -- man needed to be steadfast, calm and not give in to passions. I already act somewhat like that, so it was good, yes?

Few years later, at 20, I read the book again as I was working in a warehouse, 6 AM to 2 PM, after which I was too tired to do anything, but I still learned for University to not be behind. The warehouse wasn't a nice place, I operated old german sewing machines, I regularly pricked my fingers on hooks for material. My fingers went through 2-3 small adhesives tapes per day. They didn't even give us that, I had to buy the tapes for myself. I had minimal training and was the only man in that place, as everyone else were 35+ years old women. My employment there was an anomaly, but I needed money for university. So I worked there for almos two months.

The work was hard and very stressful. As I said, I had minimal training, because the woman that was supposed to train me got sick. So they just told me to do everything myself. Extremely stressful job. Plus the wounds to my fingers I took every day. I used to walk around my bed in my sleep, thinking I'm at the warehouse, operating the machine.

I'm talking about this, because it led me to reading 'Meditations' once again. And you know what?

I realized it was bullshit. It didn't help me at all, even when I reflected on Marcus' wisdom as I worked through the days, and it didn't help at all. It was difficult for me to understand why it didn't calm me at all, until I finally realized: One cannot force himself to feel diferently. I was already as stoic as I could, but that was mostly due to my rough upbringing and personality. I was already almost a saint, as close to a stoic ideal as person my age had any right to be. But I didn't work for it. Because 'stoics' aren't people who decided to be them. It's all backwards, people who are stoics think that's how you are supposed to deal with life, not understanding that it's already life that made them so.

It's basically just experience in action, a consequence of exposure to the less enjoyable moments in life. No book can made you stoic, if you are stoic you were already fucked up.
And then some normie idiot sees a stoic, how a man like that can go through hardships seemingly without problem and wants to be like that too, so he idealizes stoicism, not understanding one cannot force himself to feel in a certain way.

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alright then

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One last thing, to finish it off because I ran out of text.

So the book didn't help me, but the work itself was an improtant experience. I realized how bad work can be to a spirit, how degrading it made me feel, how it degraded people who worked there and turned them on one another. I'm so glad I don't there anymore and went on to study on an University.

But there's one think that keeps me at night, sometimes. One event at the end of my emplyment there. When at the last day I went to change my work clothes, there was a young man, just the same as me. He just got hired. So, as I was changing my clothes, elated that it's finally over even though it was just two months, I heard the conversation between him and an older worker. He asked him, "You here for a temporary job?"

And the young man, my mirror in anything but looks, said "No, I'm here to work permanently."
I would go on to study at the University. He would remain there, in that low hell of minimum wage and being trated like biological machine. Forever.

That could be me. I always shiver when thinking about that. I hope he left, at some point. I hope.

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Stoicism is literally NPC tier. It's for people who live in the pod and eat the bugs.

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>Dude...Dude... DUDE! It's called heckin NIHILISM!!! It doesn't matter whether you're homeless or have cancer or your wife's bull beats you up or anything! Just heckin BE sad and then life will magically feel fine!!!

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internet stoicism has been the worst meme in recent history

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It's true, the World Economic Forum are really promoting this shit https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/08/research-good-life-happy-meaningful/

A guillotine would be too quick and painless.

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>Crucially, an experience doesn’t have to be fun in order to qualify as psychologically enriching. It might even be a hardship. Living through war or a natural disaster might make it hard to feel as though you’re living a particularly happy or purposeful life, but you can still come out of the experience with psychological richness. Or you might encounter less dramatic but nonetheless painful events: infertility, chronic illness, unemployment.
What did they mean by this?

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interesting tale, and it really does just seem to be a chicken and egg scenario with a lot of moralists. they probably can be changed in theory, but only by something more horrifying than themselves probably, like being a victim of a war crime so the last seconds of their lives are an epiphany but that's hardly useful.

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