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Which will it be, anon?

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i just cum on the pages

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Bookmark for current reading position, dog ear for favorite pages, with optional pen or highlighter markings for favorite passages.

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you monster

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I update my progress on Goodreads, so I just open that to check the page. This is the safest option.

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neither I only read public domain .txt files on my Acer laptop

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you're tranny

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I use a big bandage

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I read the whole thing before I destroy it.

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A transsexual would never EVER use a /fit/ Russian anime girl from a fitness anime as a reaction image. They don't have that level of self esteem.

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I rattle of a few rounds on the page I'm on, the Fresh cum stain lets me know where I last was.

Reading Lolita for the 100th Time currently.

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If I read a physical book, which happens rarely nowadays considering I have run out of space for books, I use the receipt that comes FOR FREE with the book
Nowadays my iPhone just opens up wherever I stopped reading

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Using highlighters is pretty much the only way I can focus on reading. It forces me to engage. I use a different color highlighter for every read which actually makes the rereads more interesting for me because I can see the evolution of what got my attention for every previous read.

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Memorise the page number.

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get a ribbon

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Why memorise a page number when you can simply open up at the correct page from the width of the book alone?

Nothing quite as satisfying as opening a book at exactly the page you were reading

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>closing your book

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Because - on the first go - I can find the page with my mind

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I’m not a grug and moved on to kindle, thanks Jeff!

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I received a bookmarker from a school project wich involved suicide prevention, you would write something in it, dedicate it to someone and give it to him, as i was very lonely i didnt write anything, but i received one, and i have been using it ever sinc

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I use an extremely rare holographic Magic the Gathering card worth thousands of dollars.

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>Needing to open a book to read it

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Jeff says you can't read that book anymore.

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Well that’s too fucking bad for him because my kindle is sideloaded and I use calibre

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What's written on it?

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>Dogear every highlight
>Remember current page

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I used to use bookmarks but I kept losing them and now I just read digital

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Neither. I just more or less remember where I left off, and if I don't, I backtrack. Bookmarks give me the false impression that I simply remember everything from where I left off. In addition, a second reading here and there goes a long way towards making everything connect better.

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Jeff still allows me to load whatever PDF I want on my Kindle so I don’t think he cares that much

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I do this with non fiction but not anything to do with fiction

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You niggas don't ever have a piece of paper around at all to just rip and use as a bookmaerk?

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>he had to shop the gigachad into a snownigger because there isn’t a real one
Medbvll wins again

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Image? Sounds like pure unfiltered kino

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jeff can't do shit. ereaders are for piracy.

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Dare I say based and redpilled

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I update my progress on Goodreads, so I just open that to check the page. This is the safest option.

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just remember the page number you stopped on

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>lawful neutral
receipt paper will damage your books due to the chemistry

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just remember the page number you stopped on

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>damaging books isn't neutral or lawful

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>people who can't start where they left off - at minimum to the paragraph - by memory alone, AND can't do this with any book they've read within the last year

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It's just paper

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