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>The Babylonian religion vanished
at that time — which means that its adherents became in part Jews and in part Persians — but emerging from it there is a new religion, inwardly alien to both Jewish and Persian, an astral religion, which bears the name of the Chaldees
and whose adherents constituted a genuine Aramaic-speaking nation. From this Aramaean population of Chaldean-Jewish-Persian nationality came, firstly the Babylonian Talmud, the Gnosis, and the religion of Mani, and secondly, in Islamic times, Sufism and the Shia.

Shia literally made up by Jews hahahah how do they cope?

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Didn't know Crowley could write this clearly.

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Didn't know Crowley could write this clearly.

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No offense, but it sounds like some fucking molochian gobbledygook.

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Haha ok norm.

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Didn't know Crowley could write this clearly.

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sex gifs

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