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“That the philosophy of materialism is pessimistic, none can deny; but much may be said in favor of a calm, courageous facing of the infinite by the resigned, disillusioned, unhoping, unemotional atom as contrasted with the feverish, pathological struggle and agony of the Christian mind, coping desperately with the mythical shadows and problems it has invented, and agitated by emotions which idealism has overstimulated instead of repressing as emotions should be repressed. The materialist has nothing to lose; the idealist is eternally suffering the pains of disillusionment” - H.P. Lovecraft.

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holy word salad, Batman!

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Holy illiteracy, reddit

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>unemotional atom
What if atoms are #joyous

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emotions are a chemical response, they don't exist at an atomic level

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Not actually proven #though. Also there is no real distinction between physics and chemistry

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>facing of the infinite
>coping desperately with the mythical shadows and problems it has invented
So does this nigga think everything he philosophised about primordial monsters was pure fiction?

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emotions are a chemical response, they don't exist at an atomic level

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Do I look like an atom to you?

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It's always been hilarious to me how atomism is constantly touted as a "major discovery" of modern science, as though we've solved the nature of matter, when not a single scientist actually treats it as anything more than a useful provisional hypothesis at a certain scale, and that it is basically conclusively refuted as a metaphysical level by dozens of independent critical philosophers beginning more than 2000 years ago. It is simultaneously the hubris and ironically the absolute folly of the modern prejudices, the relative importance placed on atomism could not be more symbolic of the general character of this type of prejudice. And ultimately it is honestly hilarious when viewed from this broader perspective.

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The more Lovecraft quotes I read the more he comes across as the biggest fucking midwit. This is even gayer than the one where he frets about Franco.

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>It's those stupid xtians that are afraid!
>*Has a nervous breakdown trying to do algebra*

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I like the way you criticised him for saying something he didn't say, very inventive.

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I like how you suck my dick, faggot.

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Your imagination is very active (though also very gay).

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How am I gay? You're the one doing the sucking.

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It is up to you to prove your assertion, or to view it as false until you do. The notion that atoms have emotions is absurd and makes you sound like a retard to people who aren't complete retards themselves.
Which is why this fact is sensible to keep in mind if you ever actually interact with anyone outside of anonymous shitposting sites

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>I'll take some handwaving "proofs" against things I disagree with but don't actually understand for... 50, plz
So many words and yet so little to say

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Never met a god believer who wasn't scared shitless.

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Then why do atheists have higher suicide rates and more problems with mental illness?

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They don't, they're just more open about it since they don't have a cult waiting to ostracize them

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>four adjectives in a row
lit told me he was a good writer

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The entire scenario is playing out in YOUR imagination anon.

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>they don't
Let's run those numbers.

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Stop talking, you'll dribble on the carpet.

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Wooooow, dude, did you seriously just post INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE in the form of a meme picture
Much brains so wow

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Did you cum already?

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>Much brains so wow
Why do you type like a faggot? Can why explain the higher rates of suicide among atheists?

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I already told you. There is bias, because atheists naturally tend to be secularists, so they go to the doctor or seek help if they feel down. Relitards do not, because they can't feel bad without feeling guilty, since if they feel bad they obviously must have done something wrong, or Dog just doesn't care about them any more
>Why do you type like a faggot?
I'm caricaturing you, obvs

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got a kek out of me, thanks anon

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Meh, I he himself was just trying to cope with emotionlessness and depression surrounding him by saying that it's doesn't matter in the end since God isn't real.

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You're just retarded.

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