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>Blames mental breakdown, subsequent benzo addiction and needing to be placed in an induced coma in Russia from drinking cider
>Pretends to care about young men but really just wants to convert them to right wing, Christian politics
>Peddles pseudoscience like lobsters and serotonin (literal falsity) and claims he is an expert in multiple fields he has no qualifications in
>Denies climate change because "climate is everything and you can't change everything"
>Misunderstands the Pareto Principle but uses it in many of his arguments
>Claims certain things are natural laws but are really his political and cultural opinions
>Writes shitty self-help books
>Helps his daughter write shitty self-help books
>Loves free-market capitalism but takes money from taxpayers
>Regularly has emotional breakdowns over seemingly minor things

This guy sucks.

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youre soundin like a real bottom lobster there bud

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Why are you so motivated to discredit Peterson? His advice for young, naive or lost men is sound, or at least better than anything else readily available to the average person. You sound like a kike.

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Peterson is doing something right to have trannies constantly shitting on his bland advice and lectures.

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>>Pretends to care about young men but really just wants to convert them to right wing, Christian politics
There is no necessary contradiction here.

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How is it bland?

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you're sounding like a real bottom lobster there bud

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He's a cargo cult Christian, I cannot imagine anything more bland than this.

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the funniest thing about peterson fans is they genuinely seem incapable of understanding how other people view peterson

like they can't imagine that the fake dad who says 'clean your room' seems like a clown to adults who have their lives together

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lol everyone in this thread shitting on peterson is literally retarded, have never read anything by him or listened to a lecture and just parrot what they hear their cool friends say

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>lowercasefag trying to appear aloof and above it all

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shut up cuck, you got tricked by a literal shill

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sounds like you need to go with pinocchio down into the belly of the whale and then slay the dragon and then rescue your father

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>peterfag clinging to any rebuttal he can dig up, no matter how spurious

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I dont like Peterson albeitmorehowever. He has many qualities which annoy me
>promoting psychiatric medication
>ridiculous meat diet
>claims to be free speech guy, wont touch the actual taboo topics
>"christianity as social/psychological tool" misses the entire point of Christianity
>jung is very silly in general
>he acts like fascism and communism are equally bad(communism is infinitely worse)
>generally incoherent sociology and view of history. "Individualism" is not a real thing and what he means are "natural rights" but he is uneducated in right wing thought.

I will say for him that cleaning your room is ok advice. This does make one feel better if they're in a bad state, doing anything constructive does. This sort of "order vs chaos" thing is not really entirely sufficient as a worldview but I guess you could do worse.

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>I will say for him that cleaning your room is ok advice.
Again the reason peterfags don't get it is because this is THE FIRST ADVICE ANY HUMAN WOULD GIVE YOU

Like you spent 25 years saying 'fuck you, mom!' when she told you to clean your room, then benzo jesus tells you to do it and throws on a dose of mysticism and suddenly it's profound advice?

it's fucking comical, 99% of peterfags are the way they are because they rejected all of the advice society gave them, not because they're victims of some jew conspiracy or such nonsense.

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The advice is profound to people who are suffering and see themselves as victims. Hardly exclusive to /pol/acks, many leftist types also see themselves as victims of oppression(race, gender, class, etc).

It is telling you that you have control over at least some things and can improve your situation. This is not obvious to people who are in very deep pits of despair.

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There are plentitude sources that tell you the exact same shit that don't have all the dumbass woo woo shit peterson does. That's all I'm saying. You're crediting him like he's doing something special, but he's not.

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peterson is obvs a psyop, he doesnt want to convert them to right wing christianity, but into being faggy neocon moderates

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I didn't say he was doing anything special at all. I massively criticized him. I said that it wasn't bad advice, meaning there are is a lot of much worse advice floating around ("rage against the world, you're powerless, nothing means anything or can change, etc")

Its obvious that Peterson only focuses on this stuff because he himself is extremely damaged psychologically and it's a lifeline for him.

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you saw that horrible some more news video and parrot the talking points
jbp is a retard but not because he's too far right and too dishonest but because he's too far left and not unscrupulous enough. also he flat out refuses to name the jew and associates with despicable kikes like ben shapiro, sam harris, the weinsteins and other such subhumans

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>claims to be free speech guy, wont touch the actual taboo topics
Genuinely asking, when you guys say this do you mean anything besides naming the Jew? The fact that nigs here think that talking about Jews is even remotely inside the Overton window, and is anything but an immediate character suicide, just shows how hilariously out of of touch this place is.

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refute it

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Jews are probably the biggest one but there are a couple others. Why do you think I think talking about them is within the Overton window? The entire point of a "free speech" guy is not caring about the Overton window.

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why is it horrible then?

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because i say so. also because it's not radical

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Autists do tend to be better at looking at ideas forbidden by taboo. Taboo scares most humans so much their minds literally just shut down when they get near the forbidden thoughts

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You forgot:
>Take the jab, bucko! There is no reason tp mistrust the pharmaceutical industry. Didn't you see that I had such a good time by taking a product of them? So no worries, you should inject a mysterious, experimental fluid in your body. Do it, NOW! I'm your father figure, bucko, and you to get that darn jab!!!

Are you gonna cry now, faggot?

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The point is he isn't talking to adults. Hos core message is motivated to young men. You should excuse older generations from flocking to the first person in a long time who will openly come out and criticize the transgender and race mobs. Oh no, he talks about Traditional families in a positive light too? Oy vey!

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Do leftard freaks suddenly worship him now? Like they do Dr Fauci

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Peterstein shills for big oil now, retard.

>> No.21030276

Do you legitimately have fucking brain damage or do you honestly think le big oil is the problem? Please, enlighten me.

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I wonder who could be behind this post

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Being pro free speech =/= schizo ranting about Jews

>> No.21030424

Yes yes, it must be the BIG OIL! Dude have you ever seen michael moore?

>> No.21030429

Wow, so merely mentioning them means you're a schizo? Let me guess, anisemitic too, right? The kind of people who question covid lockdowns and forced experimental vaccines. White people.

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If I had Peterson when I was 16 it would have been very helpful and all the Jungian stuff would have sold cleaning my room to me. It would have definitely been more helpful than all the BRO FREE WILL DOESNT REAL BRO UNIVERSE IS A SIMULATION Rick and Morty shit. And at 16 I was too dumb to know bad advice from good; all I knew was cool and not cool advice.

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All I said was that free speech doesn’t mean you have to be a conspiracytard you lunatic

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Just trolling mate

>> No.21030448

we all know he would've loved Peterson

>> No.21030460

ITT: Dragon of Chaos

>> No.21030462

I like him, no matter how many times you come here to shill about him.

>> No.21030487

Here's your champion for free speech and individuality bro (you don't need to watch the redditor video, just the Peterson quote at the timestamp)

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What's that?

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It's simple, really.

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Why does he seem to be in the eye of storm?

I'ma a fan btw. But I wish to understand why this person seems to be so divisive.

inb4 he's not divisive he's only the devil

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young men =/= not adults?

alot of the criticism seems to like lump him in with poor young men and I'm like??? thats a bad thing???

and now ur conflating traditional family values with jews??

lol see every conversation around this man is lowest common denominator deranged. Its a confusing phenomenon.

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Because he first started angering trannies/leftards, then angering rightoids by exposing himself as a shill.

>> No.21030581


lol this basedcuck

he's telling young men it would enrich their lives to volunteer at churches. He's probably correct. It's not a wierd authoritarian rant and it's not confusing at all lol.

He's basically saying give it a try.

I'm so glad I could clear this up for you.

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ya hes a psued with middling IQ. theres a lot of far more interesting people around him though

>> No.21030589


a shill for jews?? a shill for what?

seriously interested.

>> No.21030592


This is vapid internet intelligence signaling. Like virtue signaling with intelligence
it's basically

>opens door
>closes door

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A shill for the pharmaceutical industry.

>> No.21030607

Seems like a stupid metaphor to use for Peterson because the only reason why so many young men and even older men are listening to him in the first place is because they are deeply unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives. He's not disrupting anyone's paradise, he's trying to help those who society doesn't give a shit about to get out of their personal hell. I've never listened to a single one of his lectures by the way, so I can't say anything about his message and method. This is just my rudimentary understanding of what I've picked up from seeing discussion about this person online.

>> No.21030611

>really just wants to convert
He's just a loser academic in a nowhere uni who suddenly gets attention and has all his closeted narcissist tendencies bloom into megalomania when all the rightoids starts going "Look someone read a book and still takes me serusli Mum. Muuuum. I good boy get tendies nao?"

It's just funny, retards have always been good comedy
But it doesn't go on /lit/

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> He's not disrupting anyone's paradise, he's trying to help those who society doesn't give a shit about
The intention is not the problem, turning them I to a mindless mob that pisses away their lifes with Twitter shitflinging >muh sjw boogeyman, doubling down on the worthless partisanship of American politics is what makes him a worthless grifter

>> No.21030616

dilate tranny

>> No.21030617


I know literally nothing about him

that's like 70% of his critics online lol

why do you hate young men so much? what does this have to do with tendies?

ahahahaha holding /lit/ up as some paragon of intellect

I could argue with you retards all day about this man but there's a seething resentment towards him I can't quite fathom. I literally cannot get my head around.

>> No.21030621


This might be dumb of me but when people over 50 talk about pharmaceuticals or israel I just give them a pass.

>> No.21030622

Continue wasting your life over optics, I don’t care

>> No.21030623


His career was going pretty well actually.

Who hurt you?

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>advises people with depression to take antidepressants, although so many doctors shifted from that and there are many other things one could try before doing before doing something as toxic as antidepressants
>puts his own daughter on medication which completely wrecked her health
>takes medication himself which completely wrecks his own health
>makes diet change and it magically cures illnesses medication was not able to
>comes out of hospital and first thing he does is promote le experimental jab
I don't think he's that stupid and unable to learn, so it has to be willful ignorance or he's literally bought by a big pharma company

>> No.21030630


you blaming the messenger and the spokesperson when you should be blaming the cultural zeitgiest.

you think cultural shitflinging is Jordan Petersons fault?

That must be incredibly convenient for you lmao

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He already got btfo'd by the based ugly bastard.

>> No.21030637


I don't think that's likely.

Who know though. He's just like a 55 year old.

I don't know a single 55 year old irl who mistrusts their doctor or argues about their perscription.

>> No.21030640

I concur.

>> No.21030642

But he's not an ordinary guy, I thought he's supposed to be an intellectual

>> No.21030643

Your spacing reflects your acute ability to understand what you read. And of course you think it's others who're the retards. Sad.
One response was enough for me to know to ignore you, no need to try so hard. Didn't you get your bigboi tendies today?

>> No.21030648

Sniff is the only intelligent guy in the Modern academic circlejerk, and all he does is shitpost
A true hero for the times

>> No.21030654

Imagine going into a debate about Marxism and being forced to admit that you barely read the communist manifesto (which was probably a lie as well)

>> No.21030705

Isn't Peterson the one saying to stop wasting your life with mindless shitflinging and start doing things that will lead to positive change in one's life? At the very least I can't imagine him ever actively advocating for such a lifestyle choice.

>> No.21030713

I mean, I would feel comfortable debating against fascism and I have never read mein kampf either. A lot of atheists seem perfectly fine to debate against Christianity and have never read the Bible.

>> No.21030718

juden peterstein

>> No.21030721

Retards "debating" like you do online is not the same thing as participating in an actual debate, where people expect you to know your shit and come prepared

>> No.21030734

That’s what make you an idiot as well as those who debate Christianity without having read the Bible. This is precisely the reason why no one is able to argue without strawmen anymore. Liberals immediately think you want to gas Jews when you say you’re conservative, while /pol/tards here make thread after thread with Facebook boomer level discussion on why the commies are trannies/feelsoverreals/muh human nature etc etc
This all leads to absolutely nothing productive. Just idling slowly towards the heat deaths of the universe in the calming certainty that your side was right, you were the smartest of them all and all of your opponents were just bumbling idiots
Without ever having actually read a fucking book

>> No.21030735

the point is, when debating against a failed ideology that lead to the deaths of millions upon millions of people, such as fascism and communism, you can refer to factual, historical data to make a pretty good argument against it, without having actually read the ramblings of their ideological leaders.

>> No.21030746

Zizek is not a communist und was debating for communism. He was making fun of Peterson

>> No.21030747

*was not debating

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and what do you have that is better to offer young men?

>> No.21030769

Uhh, I think you got things a bit wrong, buddy. The dragon of chaos is not a metaphor for Peterson, it's his fabrication and the incomprehensible graphic I posted is taken from Maps of Meaning.

>> No.21030789

Going to school, finishing college with a useful degree, be a productive member of society, not spending every waking hour of your day online discussing meme ideologies

>> No.21030801

cringe neolib

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Deep down you know he's right. Despite all your autistic flailing, you have no choice but to bow to retarded neolib NPC's, and live by their rules. You are simply outnumbered.

Go to college. Get a good degree. Get a job. Have friends. You might even manage to squeeze some enjoyment out of the whole process.

>> No.21030845

Oh it's just basic self help shit imbibed with some of his own personal views. It's not harmful, it's far from substantial.

>> No.21030849

>Pretends to care about young men but really just wants to convert them to """right wing""", Christian politics
No contradiction found. If he cared about them, he'd ask them to form brotherhoods against the forces that seek to destroy them, instead of being radically "individual" (alone and powerless)

>> No.21030856

Is it really in any party, no matter how subservsive and malicious, to destroy young men? Or do you mean jews or whatever subverting the white race?

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>> No.21030928

Petey, go too bed, you've had too much cider

>> No.21030949

/// Such controversies have waxed and waned /// International support has given rise to a new optimism in the company /// Further analysis showed the absence of pathogenic bacteria /// The septuagenarian brothers are still heavily involved in the running of the business and they have no desire to relinquish control /// Later on, she would prevail on somebody else to chauffeur her home /// Was the newspaper report bylined or was it anonymous? /// A proper and contrite apology is needed /// This is daytime television at its most anodyne /// He hurriedly had several wooden castles built on mountains and in dales /// Her behaviour towards her employees is completely beyond the pale /// The chips, fried in dripping, were better than the cemented fish they accompanied /// Only a complete nincompoop would believe a story like that /// What exactly are you driving at with a critical statement like that? If you have a problem with my work, just tell me /// Up-country traders and porters were makers of their own destiny, and were not hapless casualties of change /// Her second movie followed close on the heels of her successful film debut /// The analysis needs to be more granular /// These shops are offering the physical accoutrements of polite manners - lace, gloves, linen underclothing, snuff, and gentleman's powdered wigs /// That lawsuit was just a blip compared with what was to come /// There are still a few kinks to be worked out of the plan before we start production /// When one strained oneself to listen to the speaker one could make out that some important male writers were speaking in generalities /// She started gabbling away at me in Spanish and I didn't understand a word /// I find many aspects of your proposal to be inadequate. For one thing, you don't specify where you'll get the money /// She had the calloused hands of someone who had always worked hard for a living /// I like to swirl in a pat or two of butter off heat to add sheen and give the sauce a velvety texture /// I could hear my roommate plodding up the steps to our apartment /// He tried to fob off an inferior brand on us /// His main shtick is delivering one-liner jokes, of which he claims to have 200 of /// I want nothing to do with that bunch of nitwits /// The Cyclopes, too, were gigantic, towering up like mighty mountain crags and devastating in their power /// The burglar used a jimmy to open the window /// There's a motley assortment of old furniture in the house we're renting now /// How is this attractive aphorism to be converted into constructive policies? /// It's like one of those tinkly bells that you get with Buddhism or one of those religions, a little dry bell /// We refute this scurrilous allegation /// Criminy, what is this world coming to? /// /// That's the spot where Sara and I used to while away the hours between lectures /// She scrawled her signature on the receipt /// The car pulled up too fast and skidded on the dusty shoulder of the road ///

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I bet my entire life savings that the person who wrote this is a virgin

>> No.21031000

What is the advices?

>> No.21031008

The trouble is his philosophies sound like someone on drugs and it turns out he was on drugs when he thought them up

>> No.21031030

Make yourself indispensable and document why. Lay out 10 reasons why both sides would profit from raising your salary. Give two negative consequences in case you don't get a raise. Transcend your ego for the good that could be done between two humans. That's the kind of advice he gives. Political parties betting on identiy politics try to shut him down because he demands humility and that students don't try to tweak an existing system after reading about it for two weeks.

>> No.21031039

>King of Pseuds
>popular on /lit/
What exactly upsets you?

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I am an atheist and oppose fascism, but I would D E S T R O Y you in any debate on Christianity and/or fascism from their positions, because I have read Mein Kampf and Bible, I am willing and capable to engage in the vilest demagogy and I am extremely motivated because humiliating pseuds like (you) is way more based and important than opposing Christianity or fascism.
>Verification not required.

>> No.21031069

Good post, except calling yourself based is the opposite of based. But the thing is, both with fascists and Christians, that the worst thing you can do to them is not disagreeing with them or even refuting anything, but showing them how utterly irrelevant their believes are today. I don’t fear fascist, I just laugh at them like one would laugh at the kid that Naruto-runs through the halls in Highschool

>> No.21031084

Someone who mentions Naruto is very likely to be an effeminate keyboard warrior whose opinion is worthless. The world doesn't even think about you or "Naruto"

>> No.21031095

How can you say this when christofascism is the biggest threat to our democracy. There are literal Nazis on the supreme court and they rule half the country.

>> No.21031099

Stop watching msnbc dude. It’s literally all just different flavors of neoliberalism

>> No.21031106

Not him, but I think everyone bullied the autists who believed in Naruto running too late in life.

>> No.21031112

I don’t get why people hate this dude so much. He’s just a “society would be great if we froze time in the 1990s!” liberal promoting new age christianity and self help, boring stuff on ground already treaded. I think leftoids seethe because despite their institutional power and his general banality, this dude is without a doubt the biggest public intellectual in the west. I guess they’re afraid of grassroots adoration of someone because it threatens the relevance of their gatekeeping and shaming abilities to control discourse

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Not a single person in academia is either pro nor anti Peterson, it’s literally just Twitter

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>But the thing is, both with fascists and Christians
I don't think you understood my post. You are a pseud. You are way worse than fascists and Christians put together. I do concede that it was foolish of me to expect a pseud to actually understand anything instead of immediately shifting to aggressive posturing, so I'll just stick to insulting you from now on. You faggot gay nigger.

>> No.21031134

he pushed me to read carl jung, which pushed me to research ego development on a scientific level, which has borne fruit for me

so theres that

>> No.21031172

Oh no, you have obviously misread my post, which is to be expected by a lowly commoner such as you are, but since this thread as well as this entire board and website is completely irrelevant, I’m more than happy to play a funny little game of „throw the insult“ with you pisse-mires cunt

>> No.21031176

luv me jordan but you cannot overlook how bad his daughter turned out

>> No.21031192

>his bland advice
that's kind of the point though.

hahaha you tell him, fuck him up!

>> No.21031195
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>You are way worse than fascists and Christians put together. I
Oh T.S, T.S Eliot, still whining? *turns to audience* have you heard enough?I've had to listen to that for centuries!

>> No.21031212
File: 2.78 MB, 1218x1305, jung und junger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he pushed me to read carl jung
he did fucking WHAT!?

Jung, holy jesus, so he got you to take seriously the musings and ravings of a fellow unhinged drug addict. Predictable.

> to research ego development on a scientific level, which has borne fruit for me
hrm well, there are better people on that subject. I don't recall Jung having anything interesting to say about it, other than - from what i recall - advocating a kind of progressive splurging of repression, rather than remedy of repression as Freud and Reich were doing. Jung isn't too far from LaVeyan Satanism (in the worst sense) in that the pernicious behaviors of people are observed but deemed to be 'good' and not remedied when they are obviously pernicious self-harming acts born out of abuse at the hands of a 2nd or 3rd party.

I might be conflating LaVey with Jung a little too much there but I have no respect for Jung to bother to reread the little chap.

>> No.21031241


>> No.21031271

JP is such a weak excuse for a man, I could literally kill him with a single punch
That’s all you homos need to know

>> No.21031298

>being pro free speech doesnt mean you'll talk about [taboo topic]
You are endearingly normie-brained

>> No.21031310

Agreed with everything but the first one, he had an autoimmune response which does do that people, I would be taking benzos too if my body got that wrecked

>> No.21031326

Yes, if you're brainlet statistician or an ignorant rhetorician. Real grown ups need actual facts and concrete knowledge of the things they are debating. People kill people, ideologies do not. And people have used every possible excuse for doing things that lead to mass deaths or even to perpetrate genocide.
And anyone who isn't a complete brainlet, which is obviously not you, nor most posters on the site, still need actual concrete knowledge of what they are talking about and not just some gut feeling about muh mass murder to handwave away things you somehow got a prejudice against. And it if was not just a prejudice, you would know that generalities is the death of meaning
And as always, I am not defending Communism, I am pointing out to you that you are a smug ignorant brainlet. Better yourself

>> No.21031344

Based. This guy is a total fraud pseud that has his audience of young white men wrapped around his finger.

>> No.21031359

As for myself, I will take any opportunity to shit on Peterson because he so violently misuses the notion of Heideggerian Being in one of his very first footnotes in his self-help book.

>> No.21031360

>handwave away things you somehow got a prejudice against. And it if was not just a prejudice,
I'm confused. Are you saying all this justify Nazism or Communism lol you're replying to a guy who ... oh nvm, you're filibustering.

>> No.21031371

>his audience of young white men wrapped around his finger.
There is something coincidentally feminine about how he does this; essentially he says very little but a lot and he peppers it with hysterical breakdowns to arouse sympathy. When we who recognize this say that she's a slut her simps come out, accusing us of jealousy and hate.

Is Peterson an intentional homosexual gateway? The 'daddy figure' ...
fucking hell

>> No.21031515

>Pretends to care about young men but really just wants to convert them to right wing, Christian politics
The left is explicitly feminist and therefore anti-male, if you care about men you are necessarily right wing.

>> No.21032153

It's a fun pasttime, whether the OP is hostile or not I know I can click onto /lit/ with my morning espresso mug and find Petersons face.

cos i get to come up with more reasons why he's goofy each time i play

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I generally disregard "advice" given by public persons. Their message always serves the public persona they are building. The "advice" is also very general, and therefore inapplicable to many people. It amounts to empty posturing and at worst we get to, dare I say, idolatry?
Only personal mentorship can get you to listen to advice that is unique and applicable to you.

>> No.21032267

Who the hell name his daughter Analia

>> No.21032312

His advice is toxic patriarchal bs, what young men need is exactly the opposite

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