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Why do you think Alyosha marries Lise and leaves her for Grushenka? What of Dmitry’s circumstance? I haven’t read any official account on his fate, but speculation that he submits to the mines. What is Grushenka’s endgame?

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seeing as you most likely just finished the book you should have totally different questions right now.

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FD tells you what's going to happen, i.e. Alyosha & Ivan & Gruschenka are going to spring Dimitri from prison and then D. and G. are going to go and live in Canada or something.

Alyosha is not going to marry Lise. He fell for her in a moment of youthful folly and is going to try and forget it.

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Alyosha is going to marry me instead :)

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Alyosha becomes a groomer and he rapes the children he's friends with. Coincidentally he becomes a socialist.

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Wtf ?? Don’t speak ill of alyosha

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He got groomed in the monastery and he discovered his has foot fetish

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