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Now that the dust has finally settled, why did he do it?

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no thaumazein, he had no takes. so he shuffled around hollow concepts in loose associative chains in the hope that something original would happen. some call it "daring to think radically".
>when strangers visited hegel they asked him when professor hegel would return home

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Hegel was targeted by the mind parasites due to his massive brain power. They infected him with Boehmian and Plotinian dialectic and used his brain power to create a mental construction powerful enough to steer away people from the irrefutable Kantian philosophy.

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to get pussy. everything a man does, he does for pussy

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Did he succeed?

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i'm pretty sure he had a bastard son with some maid

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>why did he do it?
So what?

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>majority of people who talk about Hegel have their concept of Hegel from hearing other people talk about Hegel
>majority of people who talk about Hegel don't read Hegel
>the conversation and its basis have mostly nothing to do with anything Hegel ever wrote
>>people think "spirit" is divine
>>"thesis antithesis synthesis"

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Because he could.

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remind me of the babe

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By the end of the 18th century traditional Enlightenment rationalism had been discredited by a series of interlocking intellectual crises (scepticism, nihilism, Romanticism, the French Revolution and its disappointment), and the inadequacies of Kant's system were plain to everyone. Hegel was attempting to rescue the Enlightenment project with a system where Reason could justify philosophy, morality, religion and itself against radical criticism, without lapsing into the precritical dogma of a Leibniz, or the capitulation to irrationalism of a Schelling.

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Did he succeed?

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what babe?

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You know. From the movie. The baby. Are you some kind of zoomy or sumtin?

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>French Revolution and its disappointment

If the French Revolution was a disappointment then what were Hegels thoughts on the American Revolution?

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Is the babe in someway powerful or something that you esteem it?


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No it’s just a baby. The girl said she wished the goblin king would take him away so the goblin king did. Sad story.

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>>>"thesis antithesis synthesis"
I hear far more often that this is wrong than i do that this is an accurate representation of Hegel. This seems to be the true midwit take.

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Hegel is the goblin king

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Did she have some kind of voodoo power to do that?

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Nope just you know shit happens

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He was very ingenious, but IMO no. Basically Hegel's move was to resurrect Aristotelian teleology in a new garb, which has a number of problems of its own.

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second this question

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Wow that truly does remind me of the babe.

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Damn...back to the drawing board.

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There's an element of truth to the formulation, in that Hegel's dialectic is about reconciling opposites (because he hated Kant's antimonies). But the thesis-antithesis-synthesis is just a schematic way to put it.

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Because he was God

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Hegel was employed by the 19th century equivalent of a joint MKultra/manhattan project program.

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>why did he do it?
Obviously because it got him a cushy career, a bit of fame, and women. His philosophy itself is garbage that attracts people who don't have any principles and think that endless lines of verbiage and "historical dialectic" can make up for that. He's probably laughing in his grave.

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he did have affairs and was overall very popular among his peers

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Don't bother with him, both Hegel fans and haters rely on the work of others to understand what is going on.

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What is it with schopenhauerfags and their seething?

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Schopenhauer bastardized Kant, he just did it in a more subtle and therefore more subversive way than Hegel.

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Ok, what is this "dpirit" which supposedly is coming to understand itself through history and how is it not divine?

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>muh belief in Hegel

Hegel is dead.

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I didn't say I believed anything hegel wrote

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Sounds interesting, but i have no idea if you are right or not.

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Prove it

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Its incredible Schoppenhauer seethed so hard he even got weird nerds on a taiwanese tapestry forum 2 centuries later to seethe in the exact same pathetic manner.

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Mr. Brainlet, that anon is just pointing out that Hegel did not mean "spirit" in any divine sense and people who say this haven't read him. You don't need to have a knee jerk reaction everytime your fantasy universe is a wee bit challenged. This is the 21st century. Build some tolerance.

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It’s a school of thought, you need a brain to get it.

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Don't be silly. It has been and continues to be an extremely common way of representing Hegel. It's nice to hear you're beginning to see it be cleared up

There's nothing wrong with reading secondary literature. If you need to have your fuckin hand held I'll clarify to you that I am referring to people who make no effort to engage Hegel at all, and only repeat what they've heard in passing.

It is highly misleading. It paints an alternative picture and fails to shed any light on what Hegel is saying. The "dialectics" are varied, complex, and subtle, and where opposition plays a role, it's generally not a decisive role. Hegel's own use of the word "antithesis" - which is rare - never refers to anything resembling the so called "hegelian dialectic". Consider his definition of pure change - "antithesis within antithesis itself, or contradiction". Also, his definition of opposites proper, which is something that contains within itself a trace of its own opposite - it is opposite "of" something.

There's a limited set of things to which the terms may apply, arguably, and it's mainly just that there's a triadic pattern in his explanations. Not a claim about some special way that antitheses interact with their theses. The "thesis antithesis synthesis" mantra makes people think that there's some given metaphysical result from knocking contrary things together but it ain't really like that.

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Is anyone else upset that Phenomenology of Spirit was just hastily thrown together during the Napoleonic wars? Perhaps part of the reason why the work seems indecipherable to many is simply because Hegel never had the time to properly revise it.

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>Hegel is dead, and we killed him.

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Staring contest.

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Hegel is a sophist.

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>Now that the dust has finally settled, why did he do it?

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Why did he use such obscurantist language to describe relatively simple concepts? So much misunderstanding could have been avoided if he'd chosen a more accurate term than "geist" for the peculiar kind of self-awareness that he was trying to describe.

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Same reason as Heidegger.
Same point of failure.

Any attempt to freshly describe ontological terrain will result in the same feeble re-reading of the text as Platonic or Aristotelian by pathetic pseudo-Christians.

For a systematic attempt to destroy the possibility of a language to express the ontological without a realisation of the ontological examine your choice of ontological Daoism or Cha'an buddhism.

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He didn't cheat on his wife when he married her. What are you talking about?

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In Philosophy of History he says that Russia and America will be next candidates of the Weltgeist.

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