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Philosophers you hate?

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Plato, Augustine, Plotinus, Philo of alexandria

I hate 'em

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Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Heidegger.

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All of them. They think they know the realities of existence n' shit and just spout their own personal biases down through the ages to inspire timid little incel NEET dweebs to make them feel like they're somehow "superior" instead of inferior for reading their drivel trash.

There is a GOOD REASON why a degree in philosophy is considered useless fucking TRASH in the real world lol.

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>personal bias
Very based
>useless in academia
Too based for this world

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Plato was wrong about everything. Literally everything.

Locke was retarded and had a kumbaya view of humanity that has been disastrous for the human race.

Berkeley's philosophy was beyond stupid, and Johnson's "I refute it this" is probably the best btfo in history.

Schopenhauer was a pathetic incel, and if he unironically just had sex, he would have thrown his work into the fire.

Nietzsche was right about everything, but reading him past 25 is very cringe, because you should be at the point in your life that you shouldn't need a book to tell you those things.

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Sartre, Beauvoir, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and everything else that is French.

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>They think they know the realities of existence n' shit and just spout their own personal biases down through the ages

You would unironically like "Beyond good and Evil" by nietzsche

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There are not philosophers, they're just g*rman """people"""

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Mostly cringe opinions, desu

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i hate karl popper so much it's unreal

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>listening to some AM radio station based out of Bethel Maine or something like that
>playing surf rock, all is good
>host drops some atrocious fedora tipping bertrand russel quote about how religion keeps people "satisfied with their current lot in life" and "easier to control"
day ruined. fuck bertrand russel that inbred anglo cretin
many atheists I can respect but not him, holy cringepocalypse

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No, fuck you. Neatcheese fags are the worst of the worst.

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>think they know the realities of existence n' shit and just spout their own personal biases

is literally what beyond good and evil is about

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>because you should be at the point in your life that you shouldn't need a book to tell you those things.
What the fuck

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I've hated Russell even when I was an atheist. Literally r*ddit incarnate. If I'm gonna listen to someone back then it was Ayn Rand, Hoppe or nothing

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Fuck off. I'm not reading your cookieduster incel hero trash.

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>Ayn Rand
This is a troll post

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It's true. Nietzsche is revelatory reading if you're a teen and early 20s trying to find your identity, but if you're like 27 or 28 and still need to read him, you're not gonna make it. Sorry.

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Dude you just mentioned the exact same thing Nietzsche shat on philosophers for.

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Only redditors get this knee-jerk reaction from Ayn Rand. Go back.

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Not him, but if he already has reached the conclusion that philosophy is retarded, why would he read a book with the same exact thesis that he already came to the conclusion of independently?

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I hate Plato so much that it is not even funny. Some dudes killed his waifu and he started seething nonstop making fanfics with her. So cringe, just accept Jesus in your life and move on.

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Not the quoted anons, but seriously? Are you not even joking? This is basically a "let's throw the baby and bath water away".

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Kant made philosophy unsalvageable. This dude probably deserves to live in the trash bin of History of Philosophy.

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Philosophy is the Love of Wisdom, and you can’t have wisdom without reason and logic. So if you are referring to the type of philosophy being taught today, then it is of little value.

Wisdom requires a knowledge of the natural sciences, how the universe works. Only then can you start to theorize why it was created.

Sir Issac Newton once stated that the universe is infinite and existed from infinite time. Our earth is part of the universe, so is sun and the space between them. Everything is part of the universe, the farther you go there is still farther you can go.

A philosopher objected with the argument that if the universe is infinite and it existed from infinite time, we would be receiving light from every possible point in the sky and since the universe existed from an infinite time, the light from every star no matter how far from us, have had enough time to reach us, so the sky should be uniformly illuminated.

Also logic was once part of philosophy which finds applications in computer science and is part of mathematics. Clearly, you can find lessons, concepts, and thoughts from philosophy useful in real life.

So, no. Philosophy is thing beyond the level of banal gossip and conceptualization. As such, it is the antithesis of opinion and BS (knowledge, facts, etc.). Is philosophy useful? It cannot be used to create conceptual models as these are always found wanting when subjected to philosophical thought (it cannot come up with myths and theories like science or religion), but it can show that any study that does offer theories have no basis and this provokes those studies to be dynamic rather than sink into scholasticism.

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Shut up faggot

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Foucault, Lacan, etc, for being Fr*nch p*dophiles

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You retards are really naming Heidegger Kant and Plato as poor thinkers? They are head and shoulders above freaks like Lagan.

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I fucking hate mostly everything after Hegel. The phenomenology of spirit is fucking fantastic. Nietzsche was also great. Every French Philosopher and all the “hurr everything is subjective, just like this dick in my ass” “””””” philosophers “””””” are fags

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i said karl popper you schizo
but for the record plato is based kant is cringe and i havent read heidegger

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>hurr everything is subjective, just like this dick in my ass
you couldn't have given a better description of nietzsche if you tried

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The answer's Hegel and it's not even close. His ideas were so astronomically terrible for the world that we still feel its consequences today. Also his supposed "fans" cannot summarize his own works tells you everything you need to know. He practically ruined philosophy.
Honorable mentions: Bertrand Russell (for pretty much having every single opinion that lacks nuance, also people that describe him as the first redditor are correct), Jean-Paul Sartre (embraced the virtue of selfishness, "his magnum opus is a breathtaking contribution to Marxist thought", really all you need to know about that faggot, it's no wonder redditors also like him), Frederich Nietzsche (other than his criticisms of Christianity and the idea of "Master Morality vs Slave Morality, he has been wrong about pretty much everything also), and Slavoj Žižek (I struggle to consider him to be a philosopher other than a "celebrity philosopher" , basically the Kim Kardashian of philosophy except people take him seriously, also his stances are not consistent at all).

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Underage poltard.

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>Nietzsche was great
>French Philosophy bad because "everything is subjective"
It's okay if you've never read any of the works by those thinkers this is /lit/ no one reads here

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Friedrich Nietzsche, Max Horkheimer, Theodor W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Friedrich Pollock, Erich Fromm, Otto Kirchheimer, Leo Löwenthal, Franz Leopold Neumann, Henryk Grossman, Siegfried Kracauer, Alfred Sohn-Rethel, Walter Benjamin, Ernst Bloch, Jürgen Habermas, Claus Offe, Axel Honneth, Oskar Negt, Alfred Schmidt, Albrecht Wellmer, Hans-Jürgen Krahl, Jean Baudrillard, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Pierre Bourdieu, Judith Butler, John Fiske, Rosalind Krauss, Avital Ronell, Hayden White, Michel Foucault, Pierre-Félix Guattari, Fredric Jameson, Douglas Kellner Emmanuel Lévinas, Jean-François Lyotard, Julia Kristeva, Hélène Cixous, Luce Irigaray, Richard Rorty, Slavoj Žižek.

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I read anti-oedipus and got brain damage

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I'd say Kant rather than Hegel, but otherwise agreed

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Nietzche. I despise this pseudo-intellectual lying Polish prick more than any other.

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don't care, didn't read, and you are still useless trash

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Anyone saying Kant should be shot.
Without Kant, philosophy would remain delegated to Facebook posts about "dude we are so tiny in the universe....the real thing that matters is like our friends dude.... "

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Good post anon. Forget the idiots.

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That would be Spinoza, this dude was so degenerate that even kikes tried to kill him.

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Any /lit/-approved philosopher.

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Aquinas and Hegel because their influence is responsible for so much stagnation.

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That would be PBUH (PUBG)

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I think you should read Deleuze's book on Nietzsche.

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Started doing a little digging on Karl Popper, dude does not seem that smart and seems like another enabler of NWO technocracy, i.e. cringe and bluepilled.

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Wrong board incel

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Lmao this board talks about Carroll Quigley who helped prove the historical existance of the nwo. So this is definitely not the wrong board.

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Absolute brainlet

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I agree with every pick except Nietzsche

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cope and seethe, other than rorty all of these people are based

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Hegel is the greatest thinker in history, reddit has melted your brain and made you unable to comprehend his genius.

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you don't even have to believe in god to see how much of a fag russell is, that angloid dumbass literally what would happen if the term "midwit" was given a soul

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All of em innit

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Every philosopher that came after the Greeks is a no in my book.

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all of them except nietzsche, heidegger, land and evola.
frenchies that are anti left are pretty based too like lyotard and baudrillard

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>First Redditor
That was Martin Luther

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Basically Thales, if that fucker didn't started this whole thing we would be living in a better world.

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What's wrong with Rorty?

>> No.20971128

He puts philosophy on its actual place. And I bet some spergs fucking hate his guts.

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Actually, Kant was the one who allowed for philosophy to veer off focusing on rational investigations of the human mind and the truth by revealing that it is impossible to know the validity of metaphysical statements a priori. His focus on a priori synthetic truths and transcendental ideas opened the way for high German Idealism, as represented by Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel, but after that, embracing the consequences of the first and third Critiques is what made philosophy turn into discussions about life, art, power, and meaning.

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I like him for his pragmatic/practical ethics

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All of them except for one

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Nietzsche, Marx, the stoics, Heidegger, Hegel, and Derrida.

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All of them except Heraclitus, Laozi and Shestov

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I dont hate them but I think 90% of analytic philosophy is garbage
I also think Derrida is a wanker and boring, but I probably just dont get it, idk
Nietzsche and Deleuze are geniuses, if you believe their philosophy is "all is subjective" you got it all wrong and backwards

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Based and Wittgensteinian

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This a Rand board

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I thought this was a Sam Hyde character for a second.

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Hegel and Nietzsche

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How can you form opinions about something if you’ve never given it a chance? I bet you’re a picky eater too

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It is. Debord was a cringe hylic who believed religion was the opiate of the masses much like his Jewish satanic master Karl Marx.

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Lacan didn't sign the petition and was very critical of '68 in general
Read a book, retard

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Thomas Bernhard was so fucking right

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I like Zizek’ old stuff, don’t have a clue what he’s been doing since he started pumping out a book a year. My sociology professor said something along the lines of what you said though, that he’s just repeating himself and saying shit for attention.

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everyone in this thread is a child

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Rousseau and Russell, WOAT

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Nah I'm 40

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Like what?

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Cocaine and pussy. Foucault at least had the good taste to detest women wiping their pussy all over him—he hadn’t fucked one of them. Also coke was too…Freudian.

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But that was merely accidental, since if Kant was right we would still have pĥilosophically grounded and systematic science and mathematics, with a phenomenology, an epistemology, and an ontology to boot. It was really the continued failure of philosophy that lead to German philosophers just saying "fuck it, I'm a coherentist now and am just gonna beg the question to fit in romantic ideas".

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Holy shit, someone finally said it. Thank god, tired of pretending of liking them.

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/lit/ will collectively start shilling philosophy again in a month and this cycle will continue forever.

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Every single one of them, but Hegel.

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Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

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Someone too narrow-minded to even comprehend what Spinoza has said, I don't say you have to agree with his opinion, I'm only stating obvious facts.

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I agree

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Yeah, all of them are straight shit except Heidegger. This board is retarded for constantly sucking these german zombie cocks.

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