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Love your enemies and turn the other cheek.

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i'm trans btw if it matters

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trans valuated?

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I've always thought that anti-nietzsche posts are just seething trannies, this confirms it

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Not like what? turning the other cheek and being a cuck doesn't have anything to do with becoming stronger by something that doesn't kill you
it's the opposite, if you are a cuck what doesn't kill you makes you weaker

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your reasoning is completely without fault

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"Dionysus versus "Christ"; here you have the contrast. It is not a difference in regard to the martyrdom, but the latter has a different meaning. Life itself, Life's eternal fruitfulness and recurrence caused anguish, destruction, and the will to annihilation. In the other case, the suffering of the "Christ as the Innocent One" stands as an objection against Life, it is the formula of Life's condemnation. Readers will guess that the problem concerns the meaning of suffering; whether a Christian or a tragic meaning be given to it. In the first case it is the road to a holy mode of existence; in the second case existence itself is regarded as sufficiently holy to justify an enormous amount of suffering. The tragic man says yea even to the most excruciating suffering: he is sufficiently strong, rich, and capable of deifying, to be able to do this; the Christian denies even the happy lots on earth: he is weak, poor, and disinherited enough to suffer from life in any form. God on the Cross is a curse upon Life, a signpost directing people to deliver themselves from it; Dionysus cut into pieces is a promise of Life: it will be for ever born anew, and rise afresh from destruction."

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Diony SUS.

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I know, thank you

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What was his deal with christianity anyway I dont get it. Ive heard enough to know what he actually means by slave morality but I feel like he’s missing the point, thats no fantastic revelation, thats the point of religion to begin with. To humble men into acting more virtuously in accordance with the religious writing because otherwise men will never recognize something higher than themselves to participate in society(Hence opiate of the masses). I understand his criticisms but I dont get why that makes him hate christianity, and a lot of his criticisms again like most sound like someone criticizing what christianity became at the time, not what it actually was. Maybe it hs to do with him reading the L*theran bible as his first exposure, Im trying to read him now but I rather not because Im personally not a fan of how he writes.

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>To humble men into acting more virtuously in accordance with the religious writing because otherwise men will never recognize something higher
"When the emphasis of life is put on the 'beyond' rather than on life itself when it is put *on nothingness* -, then the emphasis has been completely removed from life. The enormous lie of personal immortality destroys all reason, everything natural in the instincts, - everything beneficial and life-enhancing in the instincts, everything that guarantees the future, now arouses mistrust. To live *in this way*, so that there is no *point* to life any more, *this* now becomes the 'meaning' oflife ... What is the point of public spirit, of being grateful for your lineage or for your ancestors, what is the point of working together, of confidence, of working towards any sort of common goal or even keeping one in mind? ... These are all so many 'temptations', so many diversions from the 'proper path' - '*one thing* is necessary' ... That as immortal souls, everyone is on the same level as everyone else, that in the commonality of all beings, the 'salvation' of *each* individual lays claim to an eternal significance, that the small-minded and the half-mad can think well of themselves, that the laws of nature are constantly *broken* for their sake - you cannot heap enough contempt on this, every type of selfishness increasing *shamelessly* to the point of infinity. And yet Christianity owes its victory to *this* miserable flattery of personal vanity, - it is precisely the failures, the rebellion-prone, the badly developed, all the rejects and dejects of humanity, that Christianity has won over by these means. 'Salvation of the soul' - in plain language: 'the world revolves around *me*' ... The poisonous doctrine 'equal rights for everyone' "

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meant as a reply to this one >>20963842

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He had mixed feelings. The simplest way of putting it is that he liked Christ, and he even respects the truest follower of him in every sense of the word, but he hated the evolution of Christianity for reasons that are laid out quite well. Nietzsche is all over the place, but I think that my take is a good starting point for understanding what he wants to say.

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I laffed way too hard at this

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Wait, so I should just allow myself and others to be abused? Just be a giant pussy?

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His very last book is the Antichrist. Come on. This attempt at constructing a christian-compatible Nietzsche is pathetic.

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every single Nietzchean character I've come across in literature (Crime & Punishment, Temple of the Golden Pavilion) has been a tragic failure, almost like Nietzche himself. Why should I read this man if the overman keeps self-sabotaging and being routed by societal systems

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>literal simp
>claiming others have 'slave morality'

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Though not very surprising. Nietzsche should be impossible according to Christianity: someone who got multiple essential aspects of life completely right, while actively opposing Christianity. His very existence runs counter to their worldview, so rather than accepting that it can't be fully accurate, the christtard resorts to one of two things: violently attacking his philosophy (which has never worked without relying on namecalling and misrepresentations), or the even dumber option of trying to actually convince peoppe that Nietzsche was somehow a Christian, even though this makes no sense and is even less effective than violently attacking him.

In other words, this is just a massive cope

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