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Is it a bad idea to get into poetry for the sole purpose of writing poems for a waifu so I can cement her place in my psych and lucid dream of her more often? I have on and off been interested in lucid dreaming and also poetry and writing in general but never stuck with it long enough to learn anything proper. If this is what it takes to find inspiration, am I too autistic to exist?

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All creative pursuits are inherently homosexual.

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What a fag

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wow, congrats, I thought my post would be the most autistic thing in this thread, partially because I did not expect it to get any replies and partially because it may be the most autistic thing I have ever done. But no, you saved it. I will bear no shame, because you managed to say something that not only suggests you have a developmental issue, but it's also entirely wrong and unproductive. Imagine calling John Moses Browning homosexual for making guns. Imagine calling Nikola Tesla a faggot for his work. You fucking cretin. You numbskull.
>All creative pursuits are inherently homosexual.
fucks sake man

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Nikola Tesla? My like NikoYAAAAS TesSub

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alright, that just about settles it. I'm going to lucid dream my waifu and tell her how mean you guys were.

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>creating a long stick that ejects something out the top with an explosion if you touch it in the right way
>erecting a big tower that shoots electric sparks out the top
>not inherently homosexual
anon I...

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