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*contradicts self*

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Life is contradiction

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A thread died for this.

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>you must be the Ubermensch!
>was a pussy ass nigga his whole life

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>begins with a wrong generalization
>continues with casuistry to explain why the obvious counterexamples prove that he is still right
>ends with some provocative aphorism that results from the inherent self-contradictions
brilliant neetche

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Retroactively refuted.
>There is a false saying, ‘Whoever cannot save himself - how can he save others?’ But if I have the key to your chains, why should your and my lock be the same.

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Niggers can only conceive of violence as power. He influenced the future more than Napoleon. He triggered you so much you make these seething threads every day.

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Jordan Peterson bros how do we cope with this?

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>He influenced the future more than Napoleon.


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He was just a lad who wrote some stuff, leave him alone.

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The worm mocks the eagle for arrogantly flying when he should be crawling on his belly as worm decency demands.

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Somehow it’s alright for the Bible but not a poet philosopher.

This is just a non reading blowjack poster. Stop responding to them.

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*liquidates the self*

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