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Do you respect religious writers? Why or why not?

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If someone's religion is what decides your 'respect' for them then you're unironically a retard.

Don't mean to sound like a reddit liberal.

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All writers are religious.

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Why do I care if the writer is religious?

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If religion emasculated you and you fought your way out, you hate it with all your guts. But if you were already emasculated and sought religion the you're the biggest shill and you live to emasculate other men. You want everyone to be as emasculated as you.

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Yes, I don't respect atheist writers actually, save for a token few

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>every religious person is emasculated
Def not projection of insecurities here.

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Religion means emasculation. It's a disease.

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On the contrary, atheists enjoy all sorts of hedonistic pleasures including injecting all sorts of drugs in their system and dying from alcohol poisoning, as well as engaging in bizarre sexual deviance which can go as far as shit play/Cleveland steamers and fucking animals

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Basically this. Religion is not only a belief system, even non-religious people are determined by religious cultural aspects. Nietzsche was closer to a priest than to a philosopher, even if he was an "atheist".

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>bizarre sexual deviance
Like the pedophile priests?

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Im not Catholic, im Gnostic

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The best philosopher ever. The only real man among deteriorating emasculates.

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You wish

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We get it, you want to suck cock and get fucked in the ass, take it to /sp/ or /lgbt/

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That's even worse. Stop coping, you're still a young "man".

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I have a very strong sense of right and wrong, I'm not a faggot like you guys.

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Im 40. Also "cope" isn't real, either. I already disproved it


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A 40 year old closet case?

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Ironically enough all of the tolerance for shit like gays and trannies we see today was just the final product of christian morality, practical sympathy for the botched and the weak.

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K so what ubermensch things are you doing right now? Are you leading an army? Are you forcing everyone to conform to your subjective reality?

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And the truth shall set us free!

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holy cringe

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Nah I'm straight. Im a Marcionite

That's ok, I don't want to have fans. No one exists except myself as far as I'm concerned

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Nah, Hellenism that Nietzsche exalts loved pederasty, homosexuality, and cross dressing before Christianity outlaws all of it. Even to this day the biggest bloc of opposition to it is Christianity.

Nietzsche though would probably be thrilled to dress up in skirts and make up like Dionysus and get fucked in the mouth like you unrestrained by our bigot slave morality

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It's all starts from you. First stop worshipping a dead Jew, that's a good start.

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You closet cases are hilarious.

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You’re the one fagging out about “emasculation” tranny

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you’re retarded, Nietzsche and homosexuality are closely linked.!

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Faggots. Only faggots care abut trannies.

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"Consider the periods in a nation in which the learned man comes into prominence; they are the periods of exhaustion, often of sunset, of decay—the effervescing strength, the confidence in life, the confidence in the future are no more. The preponderance of the mandarins never signifies any good, any more than does the advent of democracy, or arbitration instead of war, equal rights for women, the religion of pity, and all the other symptoms of declining life."

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Seems really gay to me. Why are rightoids so cock hungry?

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because they are powerless, just like nietzsche. 'Thirsty drunktards always dream about drinking water', people say...

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checking to save a soi thread

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>no u!
>n-no u!
>mom gay!

Real productive use of time there

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Except it's not a Christian at all though...

Durr, decadence will be influenced by the civilisation it came out of. That doesn't mean fags and trannies are literally Christian and that we should blame Christianity for them.

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I only respect religious writers, no pagan is worth reading.

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