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if i go and see Hamlet in a theatre, does it count as reading it?

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Just call it audio-visual book.

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Pretty much, but if the idea of actually reading it is so offensive to you you probably aren't cut out for the whole book thing

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It never ceases to baffle me how people think you can "read" Shakespeare. Sure bro, let me go read the script to pulp fiction.

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The two aren't comparable and you're retarded to think they are. Shakespeare is amongst the best verse stylists in history, Tarantino blathering about burgers doesn't compare in the slightest

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No, it counts as seeing it without reading it, which brings greater bragging rights than reading it would so long as one understands it.

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Would you brag about "seeing Hamlet and understanding it" without looking like a faggit? Any "dark academia" pretentious moron can go see Hamlet on the cheap, so long as they live in London or another major Anglo city. Reading it is a different commitment

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His point is obviously that Shakespeare’s intended audience was a theater crowd, not some /lit/ virgin being pedantic about Tarantino of all things.

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>Would you brag about "seeing Hamlet and understanding it" without looking like a faggit
You parsed my sentence incorrectly so I have doubts this is a potential concern for you unless you're planning on lying to yourself and other people.

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Depends on if it's faithful or not. A theatre near me is putting on a production where Hamlet is a non-bingary black woman.

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>Reading it is a different commitment
Reading a play, even a fairly long one like Hamlet, is not a particularly impressive achievement.

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That's better than reading it dipwad.

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>can't not read this as non bin Gary
I'd watch a play about a black woman who rejected becoming a bin man just because her parents named her Gary. I think it could give the Gary population hope in the current crisis.

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I stopped reading plays a decade ago after watching a couple Shakespeare plays at the theater with a cute Ukrainian girl
Make of that info what you will

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"Theatre-goers" likely have a greater understanding of literature than the everyman. However, anyone can pay a little and see Shakespeare performed. Reading the whole thing requires a different mindset and deeper appreciation for poetry than the "anyone" mentioned b4.
This is true of the Globe. Perhaps it's better to see a film or a more obscure production.
I parsed your sentence with perspicacity and a touch of genius. Fuck you, kill yourself.

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If you're cosmopolitan, reading Shakespeare is more legitimately impressive than seeing it performed.

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I'd advise you to always read the text first. Directors nowadays adapt plays texts to modern contexts as if it's a rule, and most of the time this chosen structure they are built around is quite stupid, especially when the timelessness of the play is completely misunderstood

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No, but you should do it anyway

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