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I was in a philosophy class and professor was talking about Nietzsche. He said Friedrich was a Darwinian and the Übermensch was a concept that means men must evolve into masters (master morality). Which makes me doubt cause Nietzsche criticizes that fella Darwin in Genealogy of Morals. Was this accurate or was he wrong?

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did this really happen? it's a frog post so i doubt it. why would men need to evolve into a master morality when the master morality is from pre-christian antiquity?

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>did this really happen?
Op is a stupid frogposter, so no.

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>He said Friedrich was a Darwinian
Your professor is a retarded whose opinions don't come from a direct interaction with Nietzsche but common opinion and cultural osmosis.

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Transvaluation of values? In Geneaology of Morals he said thanks to jews what used to be good (aristocrat values) is now considered bad. It kinda makes sense the whole Ubermensch thing linked to master morality. A new transvaluation of values (from slave morality to master morality)

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There are any number of anti-Darwin passages in Nietzsche's works. Prof is a shitlib, lying, or hasn't read all of it.

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The Ubermensch (or as I prefer to discuss, the 'Higher Men') is something entirely distinct to the slave/master morality. Or to put it another way, the transvaluation of all values is to transcend the master/slave dichotomy.

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Didn't he reference and read a bunch of anti-darwinian stuff?

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Übermensch and Higher Man are NOT the same thing in Nietzschean philosophy. Read Zarathustra.

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