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Half way through this and have yet to find anything of value. Is it worth finishing? Why is this recommended so much?

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If you haven't found it useful you probably are a normie. It really helped me interact with people when I was a young autistic boy.

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You read a book halfway and you can't decide to either finish it or drop it?

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Same, my mom gifted me HTWF&IP when I was 11. It helped me a lot .

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it's basically a guide for someone who has never stepped foot outdoors ever in their entire life. if you spend 5 minutes in a crowded space you pick up on this shit in that timeframe. very much not worth the time, you need to be clinically diagnosed as autistic and even that is offensive to autistic people. I hate that this is recommended so often, this is not what most people mean when they're looking for a book on how to make friends.

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What are they looking for, then?

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It's common sense except if you were raised in the wood by actual Aspergers parents. Basically a waste of time and energy

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Yeah thats exactly how I feel. I'm no normie and probably have atleast a drop of autism and don't have many friends and picked this book up in hopes of learning to make more friends but everything so far is things I already know and haven't learned anything new yet.

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how to develop friends past acquaintanceships, how to deepen existing relationships, how to build and maintain a social life. not:
>today is my first day on earth and i've never interacted with a human before!
>i have experience in human life, my social life is lackluster though and i think i'm missing some skills needed to maintain this area of my life
it's like if you asked for books on dating and the top recommended book was like "look for people interested in romance. ask them if they are single. give them a gift. listen to them. express your desire." like holy shit obviously, we know that, that's not what we're asking.
wow shocking almost like your brains weren't cooked and you read this at the same time your brain was developing the ability to socialize. most kids are socially retarded, because most kids are retarded, because they literally do not have entire brains yet.

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No, put it down. You already know the thesis: genuinely care about the people you interact with.

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How? I don't give a fuck about anybody and I'm incredibly bad at pretending. Almost feel guilty about it.

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I was 17 when I read it and all others around me were far better developed socially. You underestimate how difficult it is for some people to understand the correct way to interact with others. Using methods in the book I was able to make friends.

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You are who the book is for.

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presumably a lot of people actually don't know the shit in there. Such as that people see themselves as reasonable and like to be liked.
It's surprising to me as well, but if it improves peoples' understanding of and good feelings toward one another, its influence is a good thing.

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Then you should read '7 Habits of Highly Effective People'.

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