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The Christian era of /lit/ is over. Now begins the Nietzsche era of /lit/.

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See you faggots in your catatonic stupor from masturbating into the abyss too much

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Nietzsche spam is getting a little tiring.

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that happened like a decade ago and you missed it.

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Grow up

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There never was a Christian era on /lit/. There was just a larping era on /lit/, which we're still in, it's just that the type of larp will once again shift, probably into edgelord buddhism or something.

By the way, I predicted exactly this. They would be buddhist in two weeks, and they ended up as buddhists in two weeks. Hail me as your prophet

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I’m not larping, I’m sorry if that upsets you.

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time to get syphilis i guess

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If you don't volunteer in a foodbank, in a homeless shelter or in a third world country, you most certainly are

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What about a soup kitchen?

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>catatonic stupor
natural state of the overman

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time is a circle of retardation my brother in nietzdom

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What’s with all the Nietzsche threads lately? They don’t seem genuine?
t. Schizophrenic

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>The Christian era of /lit/ is over.
You mean the larpers?

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I love Nietzsche's philosophy but it seems to me like people have just realised all it takes is a photo of Nietzsche to make Christians seethe and so repeatedly make low effort threads that involve his name or photo just in order to start an argument.

I was on here a week ago. Someone posted a photo of Nietzsche and the word "based." What followed was 20 replies of Christians saying Nietzsche strawmanned Christianity.

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>a week
A century in internet time. There was a backlash to the meme Christians so now the meme atheists are spamming smugly. The backlash against them is starting which will lead to meme Christians being the ones spamming smugly again.

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What are the eras of /lit/

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>parents are Christian
>by this poster's logic, they must be larpers

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>probably into edgelord buddhism or something
Doesn't nazis pretending to be Hindus already fit that, we've had plenty of Evolaposting

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Hey, more power to you

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Okay, but we all know that 4chan Christianity is nothibg like your parents' Christianity

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The tranny philosopher? Makes sense

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And now some strong and brave janitor is deleting the threads because he doesn't like where they're going. As long as they serve bashing some imaginary boogeyman from /pol/ they're considered on topic but as soon as they diverge from that it's time to delete.

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>probably into edgelord buddhism or something.
god i fucking hope so, at least it will be the right religion for once.

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Finishing Nietzsche leads one back to Christ, albeit not in the way one normally leads a Christian life. The next Christian era will be a sight to behold.

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N posting happens in waves. In between there's always some cringe fad like Deleuze posting or christian larping but /lit/ always comes back to Nietzsche.

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if you have to proclaim it, then it doesnt come sincere

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Nietzsche was refuted by the pessimists cope more!!

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Uhhm chudsisters... ????

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We've already had a Nietzsche era. The Tradlarp era is definitely on the downswing though: it seems to have received a mortal blow from Guenonfag and now perennial Traditionalism is trendy.

Buddhism isn't politicised enough for 2022 4chan. I suspect there will be a revival of Gnosticism at some point, or possibly Islam.

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Finally. Christians should be on a religion board or something.

Haven't read the bible or anything by Nietzsche btw.

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I don't see their bible thread, have they finally moved to /his/?

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>Life Affirming
>Master/Slave Morality
>Fact/Value distinction
>Eternal Recurrence™
>Transvaluation of values
>Death of God

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I like Buddhism the more I read of it, but I haven't converted. It's very wholesome, but you could read into parts of it in an edgy way
>people deserve what happens to them, by their actions this life or in a past life
>the greatest teachers could have escaped reincarnation and be in Nirvana, but they choose to suffer in order to help others

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shhh don't ruin it

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Nietzche and the horse is basically a jataka story

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It's rejected by most sects, but there are sutras that teach you can gain merit by killing hedonists and slanderers of the Buddha because they can't achieve enlightenment anyway.

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